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Inside the hall in a typical WAEC or NECO examination centre, young men and women are seated with rapt attention as they listen to a middle aged, well built man, clutching a folder containing some sheets of paper. He is surrounded by other ladies and gentlemen, numbering about five, who apparently are waiting for him to give them the go ahead to start distributing the examination question papers and the OMR sheets (or answer booklets). 

He clears his throat, pointing his fingers at nobody in particular, as if sounding a warning to a recalcitrant child who has refused to heed his mother’s scolding, “If you like, go ahead and cheat in this examination!” He blurts out, “Remember that whosoever is caught in examination malpractice will face a 21-year prison sentence. It is the law.” From the crowd of seated candidates waiting to take the WAEC or NECO paper for the day, someone retorts sarcastically “Na today?” implying that the threat is brutum fulmen, an empty threat. The others giggle while the examination official that has been addressing the candidates tries to resist a frown. This is the kind of ceremony that precedes external (WAEC, NECO, NABTEB, JAMB) examinations nowadays. Examination officials, invigilators, school authorities, as the case may be, fill the ears of candidates with sermons against exam malpractice. All the time, candidates pay attention, except for the occasional side conversations and ensuing giggling. As the examination commences, candidates are seen making frantic efforts to outsmart each other in exam malpractice. Sadly, most of the times, the so called officials who have just finished sermonizing facilitate the easy flow of the malpractice because it is a very lucrative venture for them. The candidates contribute thousands of Naira to settle the invigilators and even the external supervisors who roam about the exam hall for ceremonial purposes while aiding the candidates to cheat. It’s so bad that many WAEC and NECO supervisors now refer the exam period as project season — a time to raise enough capital to execute major projects.

Examination malpractice in Nigeria has attained frighteningly sophisticated proportions. It is a little short of being institutionalized. It is saddening to note that examination bodies, government functionaries, school authorities, invigilators, parents and students all now participate in the iniquitous exam malpractice.

Exam malpractice has long graduated from the normal giraffing at neighbors’ work, using key points, notes or textbooks or copying on sheets of papers referred to as ‘microchips’, or copying on desks or laps also known as ‘desktop publishing’ and ‘laptop publishing’ respectively to a more advanced and more organized system of buying questions from examination bodies or corrupt bank officials entrusted with the safekeeping of the examination question papers.
Today parents buy “smart phones” for their dull children in exam classes and still go ahead to fund their data subscription. All the children do with their Android phones is search for the best exam expo sites and of course, watch pornography every now and then.
If you ever take time to search the internet, you’d get to see advertisements like this (quoted without edition):

“We are working on how to assist jambite 2021 candidates by sending them questions and answer that will aid there success in examination. This is going to be for all department like science, commercial and art therefore some of the jamb questions and answer you will receive include the following: MATHEMATICS, ENGLISH, PHYSICS, CHEMISTY, BIOLOGY,ECONOMIC , ACCOUNT, GOVERNMENT E.T.C If you are one of jamb candidates or you still want to register for jamb then call (phone number withheld) to reserve ur subjects. Having proved ourselves to candidates that sending questions or answer is not difficult for us….the aim of doing this is to make sure that all candidates comes out with an excellent result in there examination.

HOW TO RECEIVE JAMB 2021 QUESTIONS AND ANSWER To receive jamb 2021 question and answer simply send an email with the subject “I NEED JAMB 2021 QUESTIONS AND ANSWER” then write…PLS SEND ME ALL NECESSARY STEPS THAT I WILL NEED to the email address. make sure you include your phone number in your email.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Getting jamb questions or answer is not easy as most candidate think. We passed through alot of things and also pay before getting. This is to make sure that all candidates all excel. There are some that charge as high as N25,000 for this jamb alone and still send you rubbish but we don’t tolerate such things here. Candidates will only pay a little amount which is N4800. You may decide to pay it earlier to make things easier for you…… Call for account number and necessary details. After payment text your jamb subject, email, phone number and teller no.”

Causes of Examination Malpractice

Examination malpractices have consistently remained a bane of Nigerian educational system. It is a cankerworm that portends grave dangers for the nation. Most foreigners say that the academic certificates being issued to graduates in Nigeria are no more valuable than the pieces of paper on which they are printed. Some of the major causes of examination malpractices are:
  • Laziness of students: the virtues of Seriousness and Hard work have been thrown to the wind by many students. Most of them have little time for their studies. They spend their time watching football and seasonal movies, socializing, attending parties and forming gangs who engage in untoward behaviors.
  • Another cause of examination malpractice is inadequate preparation for exams.
  • Corrupt invigilators and supervisors: the students know that if they offer bribe to the invigilators, they will be allowed to cheat in the examination hall.
  • Over-dependence on certificate as the key to employment has led to a crazy rush by most people to try and acquire certificates either legitimately or illegitimately.
  • Lastly, there is a general trend in our society towards cheating and this is encouraged by ALMOST all members of the population.


The evil effects of examination malpractices cannot be overemphasized. The following are quite revealing:
  1. Inability to defend the certificate (failure in job performance or professional inefficiency).
  2. Perpetual condemnation of conscience (the conscience keeps reminding you that the certificate does not belong to you).
  3. There could be the possibility of unfulfilled dreams and visions, if the student is rusticated from school or dismissed from the working place.
  4. Spillover effects borne by parents and other relatives of culprits.
  5. The culprit may be initiated into a system of dishonesty and corrupt practices by which he/she becomes hardened.
  6. It makes nonsense of the educational system and it militates against the country’s goal of technological advancement through creativity and resourcefulness.
  7. It discredits certificates issued by national examination bodies and institutions of higher learning and the nation as a whole. 
  8. It makes the students to lose the interest and ability to study or work hard in studies.

Since examination malpractice is a sub-set of corruption, it means that the fight against corruption cannot succeed if examination malpractice continues to be endemic in the educational system. As leaders of tomorrow who have gone through the school system characterized by academic fraud and dishonesty, the youths of the country will sow and nurture this fraudulent behavior in any organization they find themselves. They will be destined to a life of crime, fraud, and corrupt practices.

Written by Saintmoses Eromosele with modifications by yours sincerely, HENRY DIVINE.

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