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6 Categories of Students you will See in a Medical School

6 Categories of Students you will See in a Medical School

Here is a comprehensive list of the types of students you will have an encounter with in a typical Nigerian medical school:
1. Geniuses: This category of students display super human ability. They read guyton, ganong, Robbins’ once and they do not forget. They are rare and their ability to retain much information is amazing. They top the class in every In course assessments and MBBS exam. They are not chronic readers but their study schedule for a short time is bulky.
2. Bookworms: These type of guys read from dawn to dusk. They read consistently. You will find them in Library reading, their study desk at home is not void of their presence. They carry their big textbooks while walking and frivolity is an enemy to them. They are more concerned with stuffs.
3. The religious: They are executives in their respective fellowships. They do not miss religious meetings and never cease to invite friends.
4. Lecturers’ kids: Please get close to them! they have information that is useful to your career. They hardly fail (they don’t have leaked question paper). They know how to navigate through the stormy sea of medical school ‘wahala’. They know the correct text to read, have right link and they obtain favour from the colleagues of their parents.
5. The revellers: They have info on the next party and social functions. Some of them drop partying when in course draws nigh. They are frivolous, flirtatious and brilliant.
6. The selfish: They hoard past questions and useful information to themselves. Probably, they want to be the best student, that remains a mystery. Such category of students do not know that success is achieved through teamwork and healthy competition.

by Ebuka Ugwu

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