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Teen School Sex Video Tapes

Teen School Sex Video Tapes, pictures and stories. Crazy things teen girls and boys are learning and doing in high schools. Secondary school students caught doing stuffs in classrooms. See also what happens within the four walls of the hostels and dorms in high schools and colleges.

Teen School Sex Video Tapes

Teen School Sex Video Tapes, Pictures and Stories

Looking through the pictures on this page, you already have an idea of the shocking extent school sex has gone. Our teens in school have become so bold and daring that they can afford to throw caution to the winds and do crazy adult stuffs.

Teen students kissing and fondling each other

It’s so bad that school boys and girls now go to school and fondle each other right inside the classroom. As you can see in the pictures, some have the audacity to have sex even in their school uniforms. And to show you that they are not afraid of anybody or anything, they video it.

What’s really incredible in most of the videos is the fact that other students would be present and cheering those making love. No one disagrees or disapproves the madness. None threatens to report or expose them. So their is unity of mind, corrupt and depraved as they are.

Teen School Sex Video Tapes

From the ones filming the act, to the ones carrying it out, no one dares to be different. None dares to say this thing we are doing is not good. Each one is caught up in the frenzy of school sex.

Teen School Sex Video Tapes

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What’s Disturbing about School Sex Videos

Another thing that is really very disturbing is the sexual skills these school children normally display. Each time they want to shock us, they film themselves doing stuffs that many adults can’t imagine.

Look at the ones in the picture below. Whoever taught this teenage girl how to give blow job to a guy? But she is seen in the video doing it like a pro.

female student giving blow job to her boyfriend

Now look at these ones. Teens having threesome right in their school uniform. The girl is giving the guy in front blow job while the guy behind is penetrating her. All happening right inside the school premises.

So tell me. How did these children come to know these adult stuffs? How come they are doing it very perfectly?

Teen School Sex Video Tapes

Some group of students video themselves masturbating silently at the back seat while a teacher is in front teaching.

More so, we have seen videos of girls giving guys blowjob right in class while a teacher is sweating it out on the board.

Some do it in the hostels, while others help themselves behind the classroom blocks. You also see videos of students having sex along bush paths after school.

And you hardly hear stories of students caught doing these dirty stuffs. You only see the videos and pictures at the end of the day.

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Lesbian School Sex Video

Talking about what is disturbing about school sex, this is one of them.

Lesbian School Sex Video

You see teen girls in their school uniform kissing, caressing and fondling each other’s breasts. These ones have become sexually active but don’t have interest in guys. So they maintain sexual relations among their gender. Most times, no one ever suspects them and they do even worse things.

Lesbian School Sex Video

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Videos of School Sex with Teachers

This is even more disturbing and worrisome. Parents send their teenagers to school so that the teachers would teach, guide and instruct them about the right path to success. Alas! It is the same teachers that are now destroying the destinies of young girls. Many school girls have been ‘disvirgined’ by their teachers.

School sex with teacher

You also see videos of teachers having sex with girls even in their school uniforms. Some do it in the classroom while others use their offices.

This one defies every form of reasonable judgement – how the shepherds have turned into wolves. How the people entrusted with the dignified job of guiding the young ones have stooped so low to mislead and defile them. All for their selfish sexual gains.

School sex with teacher

Shouldn’t parents send their boys and girls to school with the confidence that they are in safe hands? What’s really going on?

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What’s the Cause of the High Rate of Sexual Activities in Schools?

Teen School Sex Video Tapes

Even if you were not aware before, reading this article has brought you to terms with the current realities. The truth of the matter is that there is now a very high rate of sexual activities going on in high schools. And by high schools I mean both Junior High Schools (JHS) and Senior High Schools (SHS). It’s even worse with high schools that have boarding facilities. Immorality is now the order of the day in schools.

But the question is, “Why is that so?”

Here are some of the reasons that come to mind:

1. Children are becoming ‘sexualized’ too early

I think the major reason is that most children are becoming ‘sexualized’ too early. They are exposed to sexual materials and contents all too early in life.

This happens through the nudity they see in the streets on a daily basis. Breasts now dangle bare everywhere you look and buttocks flap up and down. Most mature ladies don’t wear bra and panties anymore. Thereby feeding the eyes and minds of these young ones with erotic materials.

Almost all our bill boards and adverts have sexual undertone regardless of what is apparently promoted.

Girls of school age learn nudity from the older ones and more from the celebrities, TV, bill boards and Internet. So they begin to get consumed with their looks. Their skirts become shorter and tighter with each passing day.

The boys get seduced everywhere they look and everything ends in school sex!

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2. Early Exposure to Pornography

More so, another fact is that very young persons now have access to smart phones and cheap data. Of course, that translates to instant access to the Internet. Furthermore, teens are aware that porn is no longer about blue films on CDs and tapes. It’s now on the Internet and just a click away!

So when they are alone, they wallow in dirty videos thereby getting their sex education from online porn. Sadly, porn confuses our young children who don’t realize that it is everything but real. That most of the actors are on drugs portraying rough sex without commitment. Using women as mere objects for sexual satisfaction.

Howbeit, our young people watch these pornographic videos to the point that they can’t help acting out what they see.

The very shy ones just begin to masturbate heavily and addictively. But the bold ones go beyond frequent masturbation, they have sex with fellow students.

How to Curb School Sex

In order to bring this menace of school sex under control, all hands must be on deck.

Therefore, the leaders of society, management of schools, teachers and parents must assume their responsibilities.

Pornography is infiltrating everything – the bill boards, adverts, TV shows, Cartoons – just about everything. Therefore, parents need to protect the young ones. They shouldn’t get their early idea of sex from pornography.

More so, parents should be mindful of the privileges they give their children. No matter how wealthy you are, don’t give your children ownership of smart phones with Internet access until they are mature enough. Don’t expose them too early.

In addition to the above, management of secondary or high schools should sit up. I mean, what are secondary school students doing with Smart Phones within the school premises? You must do your best to ensure that no student smuggles such devices into the school.

Employ only teachers with evidence of high moral standards. And do not hesitate to sack any found with traces of immoral or amoral tendencies.

Finally, whether you are a parent, teacher or school manager, let’s educate the children about sex. Teach them about true love as it differs from mere infatuation. Let them learn about the possible devastating consequences of premarital sex. Let them learn that sex is worth waiting for until it could be backed up by commitment in marriage.


So here’s where we end this very soul-searching article. I trust that it triggered some reactions within you.

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