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Top 4 Money Drainers in Every University Campus

Top 4 Money Drainers in Every University Campus

Below are things that keep you perpetually broke in school despite the money your parents sweat their association off to make and send to you.

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This practice has produced more broke people than rich people. It sounds very cool to many people but, can you calculate how much you’ve actually lost in it? OK about the one you have won, what can you brag about that you’ve used it to do?
Quit the practice now and stop running round the circle of; Get Money >> Gamble>> Stay Hungry >> Lose money >> Go broke >> Get money >> Gamble>>…

You want the latest foot wear, latest iPhone, latest this and latest that but what’s wrong with using the normal one?
If it must interest some trend freaks out there to know, you throw a lot cash on trends that don’t trend up to 6 months because you are now faced with either selling it out or abandoning it. And that’s a lot of cash you know.

Why spend money on something that is a threat to your life?
Now imagine how much you spend on these things daily, weekly or monthly. Imagine how much you would save or even gain if you invest the same money into other profit-making ventures?
Well a quick advice to the freshers, if you have any plan to start these habits, please abort it. Save your Money and Your Health.

It’s easy to start but you will need God, discipline and time to stop.
Don’t waste your money on this one because the money is not your sweat but your parents’. Even if you are doing one or two things to earn your money, clubbing and womanizing are still not worth it.

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I have tried my best to bring to you just 4 obvious money drainers in the university… There are lots of them and i wouldn’t mind if you will share your ideas in the comment section.

Written by
Nguakor Chukwuebuka Paul


About Henry Divine

HENRY DIVINE is a dynamic young man with a vision and passion to affect his generation, especially the youth. He is an author, a psychologist, a blogger and the Initiator/Coordinator of The Sure Success Project.

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    I attended a branding class that instructed we search our name on Google then i found this…

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