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UNN ADMISSIONS: Before You Apply For Any of the Advertised Courses for Supplementary Admission, Read This.

I want to begin this article by saying a BIG CONGRATS to all my people who made it in the recently-released UNN primary admission list. Many have called to say “thank you” for the diverse help and moral support they received from MY UNN DREAMS and the SureSuccess Project during the days of admission struggle. I want to thank you all for thanking me but don’t ever forget that the Almighty God is the One who deserves your greatest thanks. Yes, because He is the giver of success. Don’t fail to show your profound gratitude to Him.

For those who scored above the stipulated school cut-off mark but are yet to be admitted, just know that it is not over till the current UNN admission window is closed. Merit or primary admission is over but a few more opportunities are still available: shopping, staff request, etc. More will still be admitted through those windows. So don’t just sit passively and wait or hope to see your name in the 2nd or 3rd batch supplementary admission lists (it MAY not be there). Buy your supplementary form any time between now and Monday, 10th September and fill it wisely. Some have called to ask whether they can buy more than one form to boost their admission chances. Please note that you can’t and it is not even advisable.
If you scored above the stipulated school cut-off mark and were not offered admission in the primary list, you can get in touch with a UNN staff if you are very closely related to one. See if you can get in through his/her official admission quota or staff request.


UNN has a carrying capacity of well over 7000. Only about 3,965 candidates have been admitted so far. You can still strive to fill in the remaining spaces. 

If you are hoping to shop and be admitted through supplementary application, please be very careful. Bear in mind that the UNN supplementary admission (gained through application for Advertized Courses) is not given on first-come-first-serve basis. It is not the first set of candidates to fill the form that gets admitted. There are several factors that determine whether or not you will be admitted despite the N10, 000 you paid. So don’t rush it. Take your time to do your homework well so you don’t engage in a futile venture:
  • Don’t bother applying if you did not score up to 180 in your UNN post UTME screening. (Please note that the 180 here is only your post UTME score. Your average must be up to 200 also).
  • Don’t apply for a course you don’t have the right JAMB UTME subject combination for.
  • Don’t apply for a course with very low shortfall except you think your average score is high enough to guarantee your being admitted. Click here to view the advertized courses and their shortfalls.
  • Don’t apply for a course you don’t have the minimum entry requirement for. This point has to do with your O’level subjects/qualification.
  • Don’t…….
  • Don’t…….
A lot of don’ts to consider before filling the supplementary form for advertised courses. Do your best to avoid the pitfalls. I will be here to address whatever issues you may be having and to answer your questions. So you can use the comment section below to interact with me. Remember that there are a host of other aspirants in your shoes and everyone of them is currently strategizing for Admission Success. You can afford to be left out.
Remember that application for advertised courses commenced on Friday, 20 September and would close on Friday 04 October, 2019. 

……Do what you need to do fast….

Best wishes from yours sincerely, HD.

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About Henry Divine

HENRY DIVINE is a dynamic young man with a vision and passion to affect his generation, especially the youth. He is an author, a psychologist, a blogger and the Initiator/Coordinator of The Sure Success Project.

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  1. Sir , is it possible to get physics and astronomy with the combination of english , physics , biolgy n chenistry

  2. Pls the person that filled my shopping form didn’t put d faculty it is necessary

  3. I put in for LAW but my name was not on the primary list. My aggregate is 256.
    I tried to login to the school portal to go about shopping to study philosophy but I don’t understand the process. I logged in as a new student, my reg no. and application remita no. too but a pop up appears that says my reg no. is not on the admission database. Please HD what do I do?

    • But you are not a new student brother. I mean you are not yet a UNN student. So the correct way to go about it is to Click on


      . Under that, click on ONLINE APPLICATION FORMS… then 2019/2020 Online Applications… then Apply for shopping/Advert form

      • Application is closed for the session obviously I’m late but my AGGR is 256 and I can’t help thinking my name may come out on the supplementary list for any course even without putting in a little effort. I don’t know for sure if that’s possible but is there anything I can do to be on the supplementary list or any list after? Thanks for the support.

        • Because your score is fairly high, you may get supplementary admission without putting in any more efforts. Though you will still be made to pay the money for shopping if you happen to gain admission in any of the supplementary lists.

  4. Sir… Please concerning the shopping list.
    When you apply for this advertised courses.. Does that automatically remove your name from those to be admitted from the subsequent lists(2nd batch….) assuming there was a chance of your name appearing….
    And Also when does UNN release the 2nd ND 3rd admission list?
    Thanks sir

    • Please don’t get it all muddled up. Once the primary or merit admission list has been published, other subsequent lists are SUPPLEMENTARY.

  5. Sir I want to study mass communication in unn ,wat are the subject I need to offer in my waec.pls list them for me sir.

    • Do bear in mind that at least Five ‘O’ level credit passes are required for admission in any course in the university.
      For Mass Comm. you need to offer: English Language, Mathematics, Literature in English, Government, Economics. Other subjects you can add CRS, Igbo, Biology, Civic.

  6. Sir, my jamb caps is showing me not admitted. Does it means my name is not in d list? My aggregate is 307, med surg

    • But, is your name on the list? Are you not supposed to have checked?

      • No sir. I didn’t shop cus no money.
        people are saying I should prepare for next year jamb..
        That d supplementary list contains only those that did runs
        please sir should I start to prepare for another jamb?

        • Seriously, you should have shopped.
          The “no money” gist doesn’t make much sense because if you got primary admission, you would have paid your acceptance fee (almost 3x shopping fee) by now.

          Just wait for the supplementary list. it’s almost impossible for you not to be admitted with an average of 307.

  7. Sir i scored 302 for medicine buh wasnt taken,wat should i do

    • When you checked the primary admission list and discovered that you were not taken, you should have shopped when the offer was still open. You will still be admitted into a course that would be decided by the school because your score is very high.
      Best wishes.

  8. Mr henry,I got 240 as average and applied for theatre and film studies,buh I wasn’t on merit,I shopped for combined art,am I legitimate to get combined art or even Tfs…need ur comment sir

  9. Onyia Chukwuemeka livinus

    Thank you very much sir, are you saying getting admission is not possible with the subject combination? What should I do next should I wait for the other list or what should I do next sir?

    • Maybe we should go this way. Are there some advertised courses you are interested in shopping? If you let me know, we can compare their subject combinations with yours and see if you can go for any of them.

  10. Onyia chukwuemeka livinus

    Sir HD I got an average of 201, applied for Banking and finance which subject combination is Eng. Prince of Acc, Govt, and commerce I don’t know if I should shop or not please sir I need you to guide me with the decision to take. Thanks!

    • You were not properly guided in choosing your utme subjects. The implication is that even if you had an average of, say, 300, you may not have been admitted in the merit list. For Banking and Finance, English, Mathematics and Economics are three compulsory subjects. The fourth could have been Government.

      On the decision to shop, considering your current subject combination and score, my advise is that you should not bother shopping except you can easily forgo 10k without losing sleep.

      Best wishes.

  11. hello plz my Sister got an average score of 234 and apply for mass com but didn’t get it what are the best chances of her admission between Business Management and Marketing.

    • Well, I don’t know the UTME subject combination she originally used for Mass Comm but the subject combination for Mass Comm. is not likely to be right for either of Business Management and Marketing. So the two options are not very advisable….

  12. Hello Mr Henry,am Anita.I made jamb 235 and 260 in utme with average of 248 and was not admitted.Can i get nursing without shopping in 2nd batch??And if i do shop for biochemistry and was admitted into school,will i be permitted to do change of course from biochemistry to Nursing??

    • @Anita, your average score is way below the cut-off mark for Nursing and as such, you wouldn’t be admitted into Nursing in the supplementary list. If you shop for BCH and God helps you to get admitted, you can apply for Change of Degree program after your 100 level if you meet all the requirements.

  13. please do DE also share in the same 180 screening cut off?

    • You know that the general cut-off mark is an average of 200 for utme candidates. DE candidates don’t have averages. Your score is judged against the departmental cut-off mark…

  14. Good day Sir Henry.
    I got 236 in my JAMB
    but due to some circumstances, I was unfortunate to get 213 as my PUTME score.
    the course I’m looking for is Nursing.
    Seeing that my aggregate score us now 224 which is way far from Nursing cut off mark. I now want to shop for Biology education.
    I’m just scared cause their fall out us so small.
    pls what do you advice I do?

    • From your comment, you already said you want to shop for biology education and I believe your subject combination is okay for the course. Now, your problem is the low shortfall.

      Generally speaking, shopping is a risky venture. That’s a simple truth that you must come to terms with. Those courses that have relatively high shortfalls will definitely have thousands of candidates going for them and those with the highest scores will still be taken. So, it’s competition all the way.

      If you have the money, pray, shop and hope for the best.

  15. Thank u very much Mr HenryDivine for the help u have been given to the Unn aspirants, please I need advice for my younger sister who applied for pharmacy in Unn but got an average of 236 what do u advice us to do please

    • My advice is in line with the school’s. Since her name is not on the merit list, shop for supplementary admission. Find a course with high shortfall in the biological science faculty and apply.

      Best wishes to her.

  16. Pls what is staff list or vc list about

  17. thank u sir for always being there for us aspirants. pls sir i have a question. i scored 289 average but wasn;t admitted and someone told me that i can still without shopping. sir, how true is that?

    • Some people who don’t shop actually see their names on the supplementary lists, but this is not so common (I must tell you the truth). And if that ever happens for you, you will still be required to pay the shopping fee. So, it’s advisable to shop once your name didn’t appear on the primary list.

      • Hello Mr Henry,I made 235 in jamb and 260 in utme with average of 248 for nursing..Can i really get nursing without shopping???And if i do shop for biochemistry and am admitted into school,will it be possible for me to do change of course to nursing??

  18. anichukwu chukwuemeka

    so,i have an average of 272,and applied for law,sir which of the courses should i shop for please

    • Considering your subject combination, you can shop for any of
      1. Combined Arts
      2. History and International Studies
      3. Linguistics and Nigerian Languages **

      **especially, No 1 and 2.

  19. Okpara Chizaram Happiness

    Please What is the right subject combination for combined social science?

    • I don’t know the course you initially applied for and your current subject combination. You can go for CSS with English and any other 3 social science subjects.

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