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Latest Update on 1st Supplementary Admission List, Direct Entry and JUPEB Admission

Latest Update on 1st Supplementary Admission List, Direct Entry and JUPEB Admission

Few weeks ago, UNN released her primary admission list (merit list) and as we all know, after the release of the primary admission list, the other lists to be expected are the supplementary lists.

Since the sale of the shopping form closed, many aspirants have been asking when the school will release the supplementary lists. The truth is that the 1st Supplementary admission list has been been fully compiled and will soon be released. The soon-to-be-released supplementary list would contain names of successfully admitted candidates who applied through the Advert Shopping Form, Staff Request Form, Direct Entry Candidates and UNN JUPEB Students. Others whose names would appear on the list are those admitted based on special recommendation and VC’s discretion.

Concerning the perceived delay in the release of the supplementary admission list, candidates need to bear in mind that all admissions into Nigerian Universities must be approved and sanctioned by JAMB via CAPS for them to be valid. So the compiled list need to be sent to JAMB for approval before it will be uploaded on the school website. As soon as the necessary processes are completed, the list would be published. So you have to patiently wait for it.

While you are waiting, always remember to be prayerful. Thousands of candidates are awaiting the supplementary list and everyone will not be admitted. Just like the merit list, about 3,000 candidates will also be admitted this time. If your name does not show up on the list, it’s not the end of the world. You can wait for the 3rd supplementary list as the case may be.

For those already admitted, information on clearance, resumption date and fees will soon be released also. So just stick around for that.

If you’ve got pressing questions and need me to attend to them, do use the comment box below.

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  1. In supplementary lists,is it really your initial course that you will admitted to sir.if you did not shop?

    • If the merit/primary admission list is released and your name is not there, the only explanation for that is that your average score is not up to the departmental cutoff mark for the course you applied for (all things being equal). It means you did not qualify to be admitted into the course.

      When that is the case, the school advises you to buy the shopping form for supplementary admission into any of the advertised courses with short falls.

      If your aggregate score is good enough, you might be admitted into the course you shopped for.

  2. When is purchasing of shopping list for Unn commencing sir.

    • Shopping is done for supplementary admission in UNN.

      It commences immediately after the primary/merit admission list is released.

  3. I was one of those that you helped you helped to shop. Please will my name be in this upcoming list

  4. Plz sir i applied for history/int’l studies with average of 269 bt waznt admitted via merit list, i also shopped for edu & history. any hope of getting bck my initial course.

    • Naturally, you wouldn’t get back your initial course. If you were qualified to get it, you would have been admitted on the merit list. Now that you have shopped, you may be given the course you shopped for.
      If you get admitted, you can buy the change of degree program form after your first year and change your course back to History/International relations.

  5. Ernest tochukwu eze.

    Please sir. I was told that people are asked to upload their O level. Is it applicable to everyone or those awaiting result owners?

  6. Emeghalu Mmesoma

    Please, will there be 3 supplementary lists

  7. pls sir i generated the invoice for jamb admission letter and original slip . After paying for both and going back to the cafe for print out i was unable to print either after trying it for a few times the computer said both invoice has already been used.please what could be wrong and how do i go about it? Thanks in advance.

    • It’s possible that there was an issue with network or their server when you were trying it. You should have stopped and given it some time before trying again.

      Sorry, after you made the payment, did you receive an SMS/email containing your unique Transaction Identification and payment status?

  8. What about futo supplementary list

  9. I’m a DE aspirant but recently did change of institution though they have not updated it yet on my CAPS. Just yesterday my friend told me that I was recommended for admission by my department. Will this change of institution affect my admission?

    • Ok. See what you can do.
      First of all, you need to confirm whether what your friend told you is true. Once you verify the veracity of his claim, you can go back to JAMB portal and change your institution back to the initial school. When it reflects on CAPS, everything will fall in place.

      Otherwise, you will not be able to accept your admission on CAPS and that would mess up things for you.

  10. Thank you sir for this timely info. Please sir. I am already a lioness but i did change of course. Should i also check my name inthe supp list?

    • If what you mean is that you applied for Change of Degree Program, please note that if you are successful, your name will not be published in the supplementary admission list. Your name (and other necessary details) will be forwarded to your new department/faculty at the appropriate time. You can check the new course/department office at resumption.

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