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See the NYSC Calendar for the year 2018

This is for those graduating and going for Youth Service in 2018. The calendar is as shown below
1. 2018 batch A Orientation course 19th April, 2018 to 9th May, 2018
2. 2018 Batch B Orientation course 24th July, 2018 to 13rd August, 2018
3. 2018 Batch C Orientation course 20th November, 2018 to 10th December, 2018
1. 2017 Batch A stream 1 winding up/passing out ceremony 3rd May, 2018
2. 2017 Batch A Stream 2 winding/ passing out ceremony 5th June, 2018
3. 2017 Batch B stream 1 winding/ passing out ceremony 19th November, 2018.
Do bear in mind that there is no such thing as stream 1 and stream 2. What we have is Batch A, B, and C. 
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