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In as much as we are not here to scare you…. We still advice that you follow not only your passion and heart but make sure your Academic Capacity/strength is greater or is in Average with your Passion as regard to the course you are applying or You want to apply for…
Don’t Apply for a particular course, all because your friends are Applying…
Oga, You don’t know the Basics in chemistry, you don’t even know how to balance chemical equation, what about the knowledge of inOrganic elements, compounds and transition Metals….No way…..
Organic Chemistry nko??? No go Area…..
Yet you went to Jamb office and applied for UNN Pharmacy……U are just abusing yourself bc even if you End up gaining admission by any means, U will later End up being frustrated…
Madam slay Queen…..U want to answer Doctor by all means, Your mum want to start answering Mama Doctor, yet U don’t know Shingbai in Biology and Chemistry, u don’t know how the body functions or the organization of Life….. You cannot infer one or 2 things about at least 5 Organ Systems in the Body, yet you slayed to Jamb website and Applied for Medicine and Surgery, or perhaps they told you that the easier route to becoming a doctor is by applying for Dentistry/Dental Surgery…… Heehehhehehe……. Satan just invited u for a feast, and u are trying to honour the invitation……
If you doubt it, ask any Medical or Dental student especially University of Nig college of Med, that have written MB exams before, I guess he will tell you better…. I saw them writing M.B exams yesterday, u need to see the goose pimples that ran through my body as I watch them struggle to harness their future…. it was nice but not funny…..
You don’t know Anything in Mathematics and u don’t want to know, I wonder what you are looking for in Engineering or Mathematics departments…..
One thing about UNN is that its the University of No Nonsense……it will show you way in, but u get to find the Way out yourself……
No department is really Easy, But Some departments Need more time and Commitment than the other……..u can’t equate the level of Commitment in Biochemistry to that of Dentistry/Dental Surgery, Medsurg, Pharmacy or Veterinary Medicine, even though the former is not really easy…..
Hence, that’s why some courses spend more years than the other in terms of studying, showing that they are not exactly the same….
they might tell you that when u get to the Bridge, that you will cross over……This is the Bridge Now…….Anything you don’t know Now won’t be easier for you to capture in future……
Read your Books… yourselves Approved…..And I believe, the Sky Will be your Starting Point….
My UNN dreams…..Your Unn Dreams….
A Reality!!!!
Wisdom Okereke


About Henry Divine

HENRY DIVINE is a dynamic young man with a vision and passion to affect his generation, especially the youth. He is an author, a psychologist, a blogger and the Initiator/Coordinator of The Sure Success Project.

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