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How You Can Gain Admission With Low JAMB Score – 2021/22

It’s a natural thing to feel disappointed and frustrated when we do not get the intended results after putting in a lot of hard work. This is exactly the feeling of some candidates who took part in the recently-concluded 2020 JAMB’s UTME Examinations. A lot of them, for one reason or the other, performed below their own expectations. The essence of this post is to rekindle hope and show you some other possible ways to turn your admission dreams to reality even with your low score.

How to Gain Admission with Low JAMB Score

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Of course, we know that neither JAMB cut-off marks nor departmental cut-off marks have been released by any school. But you can judge from previous years and make decisions that will end up in your favour. So keep reading if you think

  • that your JAMB score is low.
  • that your JAMB score would not give you the required aggregate for departmental cut-off mark after post utme.
  • you need a guide on how to go about it.

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If you make the right decisions, you can still be admitted into a University, Polytechnic or Colleges of Education (depending on your Jamb Score anyway).

We are going to analyze different cases depending on the JAMB and the course or school the individual applied for.

Case 1: Those that scored Less than 250 and applied for Medicine and Surgery.

This one is for those who applied to study medicine in the University but on checking their Jamb result, they scored lower than 250.

Fact: Any score less than 250 in this year’s  Jamb is very unlikely to get you admission to study medicine because of the competitive nature of the course.

Advice: Do a change of course or a change of course and institution into a less-competitive course and possibly a less competitive University where you can have more chances of getting admission.

Case 2: Those that scored more than 180 but less than 200.

This is for those who applied for a course in the University but their Jamb score is less than 200; but they at least scored more than 180.

Advice: If you have the range of score above and you applied for a highly competitive course in the University; please do a change of institution. Change to a University that accepts 180 and to a less competitive course. Depending on the competition, it may be very hard to  get admission into a University with a Jamb score of 180. But with that score, you have a high chance of getting admission into a Polytechnic of your choice. So you may increase your chances of getting admission by just doing a change of institution into a Polytechnic and forget about University.

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Case 3: Those that scored less than 180 but more than 160.

This is for those whose jamb score could not meet up with the 180 requirement for Universities.

Advice: You can’t get admission into any University with a Jamb score that is less than 180 but you can still get admission into a Polytechnic or a College of Education with that score. So, do a Change of Institution and course into a Polytechnic.

Case 4: Those that scored Lower Than 160 in Jamb but initially or currently applied to study in a University.

Fact: No University or even Polytechnic (depending on the Competition) in Nigeria can admit any candidate who has a Jamb score that is less than 160. This is because of the high score that a lot of people are getting lately.

Please do a change of course and Institution to a College of education. Or perhaps just buy their form when it’s out on sale.

But if you don’t want to attend a college of education, you can wait till next Year. Or Perhaps go for a Private University.

That’s it guys on the advice concerning Jamb score breakdown. I do hope this will be very helpful. Please share this with others and help them as well.

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Edited by Henry Divine.

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  1. What can i study with 112 in poly

  2. I score 131 which university or poly will give a chance to study civil engineering

  3. I scored 127 in jamb which uni or poly will give a chance to study Technical Education

  4. I got 132 in jamb score can I get admission

    • Of course, you can get admission in a college of education, polytechnic or private university that accept such low score.

  5. I did a change of e-mail during the jamb registration and my score didn’t reach the cut off mark for pharmacy. Can I still change my course?

    • Yes, you can still change your course on JAMB website. Just go back to the registration centre and have it done. The necessary costs will apply.

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