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Is Re-Uploading of O’level [WAEC/NECO] Results to JAMB CAPS Portal Compulsory for Everyone?

Is Re-Uploading of O’level Results to JAMB CAPS Portal Compulsory for Everyone?

It is not unusual to hear admission seekers asking series of questions in their perplexity. In recent times, the questions have revolved around the uploading of WAEC, NECO, NABTEB and GCE results to JAMB portal. Many are asking whether they have to re-upload their SSCE results even though they already did that during UTME registration. Even others who have once gone back to a JAMB CBT centre to upload still want to know whether they still need to do that again.

The goal behind this post is to clear your confusion and help you to guard against a dangerous admission pitfall. So you must endeavor to read carefully to the end and be kind enough to pass it across to help someone.

Now I must be honest enough to caution you on how you source your information on the internet. Many admission seekers call me (sometimes in tears) over one or two irreparable mistakes they made based on information sourced from a random blog. I’ve read quite a lot of the misleading information bloggers share out there even on this matter. Some websites insist that you have to go for re-uploading of your SSCE results even if you did that during UTME registration. By that, they are asking all admission seekers (whether they used awaiting result during UTME registration or not) to return to JAMB CBT centres and re-upload their O’level results.

But that’s not true. So in your admission search, you need to always ensure that you get your information from trusted sources.

Here’s the truth.

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All Candidates Who Used Awaiting SSCE Results Must Upload their Results to JAMB Portal 

The warning issued by JAMB and schools that their candidates should quickly go and upload their O’level results to the JAMB portal is meant for only applicants who used awaiting results.

For example, UNN sent the following message:

All candidates that applied for admission into the University of Nigeria through JAMB are to, as a matter of urgency, upload their O’level SSCE results to JAMB. The new system introduced by JAMB DOESN’T allow Universities to admit students who failed to upload their results into the JAMB portal. The upload can be done at any JAMB CBT CENTRE. The system rejects any student without SSCE results as fake.

So we see that those who fail to upload or those without SSCE results imply aspirants who have not uploaded their result before i.e. awaiting results candidates. Hence, they are the only ones concerned.

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The Ongoing SCAM

Many aspirants who already uploaded their WAEC or NECO results during UTME registration, in their confusion, go back to a CBT centre to re-upload. Some CBT centre operators exploit their ignorance, collect N500 or so from them, do whatever and claim they have now uploaded the result. Meanwhile the result has been on the JAMB Portal all along.

Well, this is Nigeria. There is hunger in the land and that reality has turned more and more people into opportunists. But there are still people with integrity. If you find them, always go to them to seek clarification.

Now hear this before I conclude.

If you already “uploaded” your SSCE result during UTME registration, you still have need to confirm if your result is really in your JAMB profile. The reason is because some CBT centres failed to upload results for some candidates during UTME registration. They did that because of some technical issues they faced while the registration was going on. So please check and confirm your O’level result on JAMB portal. Click the link below to do that (It’s in your best interest).

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If your O’level result is already uploaded, the only reason you may want to replace it is if you had used a different result for your Post-UTME screening registration other than the one used for UTME registration. If it’s the same, don’t bother.

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  1. I reuploaded my results twice but a subject is still showing a/r on my jamb capsand I have not been giving admission but the person that upload the result for me said jamb already have my full result but it’ll not reflect on my caps. I’m actually confused

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