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Reasons Why Candidates Lose Admission from JAMB Online Application to Post-UTME Examination

Reasons Why Candidates Lose Admission from JAMB Online Application to Post-UTME Examination

It is said and has been proven that admission success/failure start from application. Many prospective students fumble their way through application for JAMB without considering the factors that contribute to success in admission. For instance, in the choice of universities, there are several factors to consider. These factors, when put into consideration, are supposed to affect the candidate’s mode of preparation. But because most candidates do not consider them, they lose the admission even before writing the JAMB examination. These factors include cut-off marks, NUC admission policies, state of origin and catchment area, university/departmental carrying capacity, ELDS, and so on.

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Besides choice of university, choice of course is another factor that has denied millions of candidates admission over the years. From experience, I noticed that candidates make the same mistakes every year with respect to choice of course when applying for JAMB UTME and post-UTME. There are certain factors to consider when choosing the course to apply for. These factors can determine whether you will be in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd batch of admission or whether you will not be admitted at all. Failure to put these factors into consideration means you have lost the admission during application.
Talking about the issue of choice of course, some courses are very competitive owing to the high number of candidates that apply for them. Yet some candidates ignorantly fill two of such courses as their first and second choices. Imagine someone filling Pharmacy as first choice and Medicine & Surgery as second choice. What such a candidate is telling the university is, “It’s either you give me Pharmacy or don’t give me admission at all.” It’s even foolish to choose Pharmacy as first choice and Medicine & Surgery as second choice because the cut-off mark of Medicine is always higher than that of Pharmacy. If you happen not to meet Pharmacy cut-off mark, how can they give you Medicine?

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Those who choose wisely will consider all the technicalities and their chances of getting what they choose. They first of all tell the school what they want in their first choice. Then they look for a “less competitive” course as second choice. In this case, if the person fails to meet the cut-off mark of his first choice course, it will be easier for the university to fix him in his second choice course.
Some other candidates choose the same course as their first and second choice thinking that that will make the school aware of how badly they need the course. Choosing the same course as your first and second choice does not give you any advantage over someone who chooses it as first choice and chooses another course as second choice. What it simply means is that you throw away your second chance of admission. The truth is that if you meet the cut-off mark for your first choice, the school will not even look at your second choice. But if you don’t meet the cut-off mark for your first choice course, they will consider your second choice. Imagine the disappointment when they check and see that you chose the same course as second choice!

Another reason why candidates lose admission from JAMB application is wrong combination of UTME subjects. This is especially painful because in most cases, such candidates would have been admitted already. There are also certain factors to consider when choosing UTME subjects. These factors give you an edge over others especially when you do not fall in the merit list.

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In order to help candidates gain the right admission orientation and make necessary changes to their on-line application before and after JAMB exam and hence boost their chances of admission, we have introduced a new and exciting section into your favorite UNN POST-UTME/ADMISSION PREPARATORY HANDBOOK: SURE SUCCESS.
The aforementioned issues and many more are addressed in the sections on Admission success Tips in the book SURE SUCCESS.
The book now addresses the factors that contribute to admission failure/success into the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) and other Nigerian universities from JAMB UTME application to post-UTME Screening examinations. The Admission Success Tips sections of SURE SUCCESS identifies and analyzes solutions to the major causes of admission failure into the UNN and other Nigerian Universities. Very important information on post-UTME that you need to consider when applying and preparing for JAMB are also given in the book. The book, SURE SUCCESS is a must buy for all candidates seeking admission into the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) and other schools in the 2019/2020 session.



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