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  1. Can I study med lab in ESUT with 218 in jamb 2022?

    • Yes, you can study Med Lab in ESUT with a UTME score of 218.

      But it depends on whether or not ESUT will conduct her Post UTME exercise this year. Your O’level grades is also a factor.

  2. Good day sir please what’s pharmacy cut off Mark for Enugu state

  3. Good day sir please what’s pharmacy cut off Mark for Enugu state

  4. Good day sir. Sir please I applied for nursing and wrote jamb and scored 269 and I want to change to medicine and surgery in unn . is it possible to get admission with my score ?

    • Your JAMB score is very good.

      If you change your course to medicine and surgery, it is possible to get admission with your score. But you stand a much higher chance of getting admission into nursing with that score.

      It’s obvious that you are very studious and hard working. If you are sure that you can double your efforts towards UNN Post-UTME screening examination, you can go ahead and change your course to medicine. Otherwise, just continue with Nursing (it’s also a good course).

  5. Good day sir. Sir please in JAMB I applied nursing and scored 269 in Jamb . And now I want to buy a CHANGE OF COURSE FORM for medicine and surgery. Sir please is it possible to get admission with the score despite the fact that their merit cut off mark for medicine and surgery is 314

    • The merit cut off marks you referred to is based on average score.

      That is, the average of JAMB score and post-utme score.

      If you can score 359 in the forthcoming post utme, your average will still hit 314.

      And bear in mind that departmental cutoff marks vary every year. This year’s cutoff mark for medicine and surgery in UNN may be higher or lower than 314 depending on the general performance of all the candidates vying for the course this year.

      I hope you got my point?

  6. Good day sir. Sir please in JAMB I applied nursing and scored 269 in Jamb . And now I want to buy a CHANGE OF COURSE FORM for medicine and surgery. Sir please is it possible to get admission with the score despite the fact that their merit cut off mark for medicine and surgery is 314

  7. Sir I reused my previous email for jamb and now whenever I log into my portal it’s showing me last year… will it affect me getting admission later on

  8. Pls can I study medicine and surgery after am through with julep or ijmb. And in any uno of my choice an direct to 200level

    • If you are properly guided to choose the right subject combination and pass very well, you can be admitted into any school of your choice provided that the school recognises JUPEB certificate. Almost the same goes for IJMB though there are several schools that don’t accept candidates with IJMB certificate.

  9. Wisdom Kc Phoenix

    Please do you know the law cut-off mark for UNILAG last year?

  10. Amaka uchennamba

    UNN cutt off mark for medicine and surgery Nsukka 2022

    • UNN merit cut-off mark for Medicine and surgery is 314

    • Sir does unn grade 50:50 for jamb and post utme, I scored 207 in my jamb I applied for pharmacy .sir do you think I should apply for post utme or should I change my school to anambra state University for that same course .I need your advise

      • Yes, UNN grades 50:50 for JAMB and Post UTME.

        Frankly speaking, your score of 207 is very low for Pharmacy regardless of the school you want to go to (except you want to go to a private University).

        Even if you will change your institution, I suggest you also change your course to something less competitive in order to stand a good chance.

  11. Amaka uchennamba

    Curt off mark for medicine and surgery in UNN Nsukka

  12. My qualification was not added to the aggregate. Still there are no chances.

    • The aggregate is entirely based on performance in the screening examination. That’s what is used to judge the departmental cut off mark.

  13. I’m a direct entry law aspirant. Please do I stand a chance for admission with a 266.67 aggregate. (Direct entry).

  14. Plz, I Neva uploaded a result to unn portal, I used awaiting but my acknowledge slip is showing

    • It means that the school has not opened your profile for uploading of O’level result. So you keep checking back.

      Meanwhile, you need to upload your O’level result on JAMB portal if you haven’t done so already.

  15. I paid my acceptance fee in full at the bank and I even received my invoice printout bearing the full amount. The problem is, when we went back to the school portal they said to here was a shortfall of 5000 and my acceptance fee is under paid but I’m sure I paid the full amount. Please what should i do?

  16. Please ,my sister could not make it into the merit list of unn med and surg with an average of 304 ,from Abia.what is their cutoff mark and when will the supplementary admission list be released ?

    • I’m very sorry about your sister’s experience.

      We don’t have the UNN catchment area cut off mark for Abia state aspirants for medicine. We only got the merit cut off mark.

      We will start talking about the release of the first supplementary list when the application is over. If you haven’t applied, make sure you are properly guided before applying.

      Best wishes to your sister.

  17. Please, what are the catchment cutoff marks for medicine this year?

  18. Can someone with weighed average of 256.20 gain admission
    To study medicine in ESUT ?

    • The school has not released official cut off marks for 2021/2022 session.

      • Good morning, I’m a direct entry UNN aspirant I studied business admin for my OND my question is, is it possible to change my course from business admin to public administration or sociology

        Secondly, when is UNN direct entry post utme registration starting

        Thirdly, if i can go for public administration… can i use this subject combo(English,govt,econs and commerce)

        Thank you.

        • It’s possible to change your course on JAMB portal but it’s not advisable now that registration for UNN Post UTME has started. The online registration started on Wednesday, August 02, 2023 and would end on midnight, Friday, September 15, 2023 FOR BOTH UTME AND DIRECT ENTRY CANDIDATES.

          I suggest you don’t tamper with your registration data now.

  19. If I scored 160 in jamb and I wrote UNN as my second choice will i still gain to read nursing or what if it’s my first choice but i scored 160 in jamb

    • If you made UNN your second choice, you will not be considered for admission.

      If you scored 160 in JAMB, what did you score in Post-UTME?

  20. HI, please what I’m a science student and I want to study psychology, what are my jamb subjects combination

    • The general requirement is Use of English, and any three subjects from Arts or Social Science i.e. for most schools.

      Some schools insist that you must write Biology as one of your 4 UTME subjects. So the right thing to do is to check the specific requirement for your prospective school.

  21. 8i got 219.5 as aggregate any hope for accounting

  22. Sir , please what are the reccomended PDFs for Chem 171, gs 201, phy 191 and how can I get them.

  23. Thank you Sir

  24. Sir please do u have any suggestion on when this our set 2021/2022 will resume studies🙏,I want to know where to choose as my jamb exam venue once the registration starts 🙏

  25. Sir please is it possible for me to switch to mbbs from my MLS🙏🙏 please how does it work

  26. Sir my Jamb score was 284…I got 320 in post UTME… aggregrate of 302 and am from Delta State…what are my chances of gaining admission to study medicine in UNN ?

    • You did very well in both exams and deserve to be commended.

      Your state is one of the ELDS and candidates from there enjoy the privilege of reduced cut off marks for most courses in UNN.

      You may wish to remain hopeful as we await the release of the departmental cutoff marks and the primary admission list bearing in mind that the overall performance of candidates is a major determining factor.

      Best wishes

  27. Pls sir a friend of mine got an aggregate of 313 what are the chances of gaining admission in medicine and surgery………………..he is from Anambra state

    • Your friend did very well, very very well and I believe his chances are high.

      However, if medicine and surgery is the prospective course, we have to wait for the cutoff mark to determine. This is because medicine and surgery is very competitive in UNN and there has been a year that the merit cut-off mark was as high as 320.

      Best wishes to your friend.

  28. Ezema Oluchi Clara

    Pls sir I got 260 as my aggregate what are my chances of gaining admission in medical rehabilitation……..I’m from Enugu state

    • UNN merit cut-off mark for Medical Rehabilitation was 258 last year. If we should judge by that, you’ve got a good chance.

      The only challenge is that many candidates had very high scores in this year’s Post UTME and that is likely to drive the departmental cut-off marks up.

      Stay hopeful and prayerful.

  29. Sir please,,I got an aggregate of 270 ,,am going for medical laboratory science,,do I have any chance 🙏🙏,…what was the cut off mark last year🙏

  30. Sir please with the aggregate of 270 hope am good for medical laboratory science 🙏🙏.

  31. Please sir, is it possible to go for the UNN screening examination without your JAMB result slip?

    • Your 2021 JAMB Result Slip and your UNN Online Acknowledgement Slip are the two required documents for accessing the UNN Screening examination hall.

      You are required to go with both to avoid being bounced out.

  32. Please Sir Is this year’s supplementary form for UNIZIK out?

  33. Pls Sir /madam please how can link my email to jamb portal, thanks

  34. Please sir, when is the date for UNN post utme exams

    • According to the memo released today, the UNN Post UTME Screening Exercise would now start on Tuesday, 25 January 2022 and end on Saturday, 29th.

      I believe they had to reschedule the exercise to exclude Monday which is supposed to be Sit-at-home in the south east.

      This is obviously for security reasons.

  35. sir, i scored 226 in jamb, will i be admitted to study pharmacy in unn

    • You will still partake in the forthcoming UNN post UTME exercise.

      After the examination, the average of your Post UTME score and JAMB score would be taken to determine your aggregate score.

      It is your aggregate score that will be used to determine if you will be admitted to study pharmacy in UNN.

      Focus on your preparations. If you can get a very high post UTME score, you will increase your chances of getting admitted.

  36. Sir please can someone purchase jamb form in Anambra and choose Nsukka as his exam venue

  37. Sir if I should score 200 in jamb can I study architecture in futo?

    • If you score 200 in JAMB, whether or not you can study Architecture in FUTO would depend on your score in their Post UTME Screening.

      But why would you have such a low target? Why aim at 200 when 400 is possible?

      Aim for the moon 🌕, if you miss it, you will land among the stars.

  38. Please sir can someone who scored 250 in jamb able to get nursing with the help of sure success

  39. And also again,is there any University dat is offering Radiography form to obtain? Pls, I mistakenly type wrong email to u for my first question I ask (it is not it is u can send my first question answer to

  40. Christopher Danlami

    Sir, in regards to the submission of the essay, the portal given isn’t working. Although mine already submitted, I and my mate used this instead for the submission. thanks for your time.

  41. Please sir is it the same literature text we studied for jamb that we are studying for the post time exam because I am currently confused

    • Strictly speaking, there is no syllabus for literature in UNN Post UTME. The implication is that there are no recommended texts or poems, etc for the exam.

      My advice is that you be guided by the past questions in the SURE SUCCESS Admission Preparatory Handbook especially the recent years.

      Don’t fail to master your Literary Principles and Literary Appreciation and Questions from unseen texts.

    • Can a HND holder in Microbiology/SLT(Upper class) go further in study Radiographer? If yes,How can he/ she go about it & how many years will he/ she spend and which school can offer Part-time for the course. Pls more enlightenment on it. Thanks

      • To begin with, UNN Medical Radiography and Medical Rehabilitation do not accept direct.

        If you find a school that accepts direct entry, you should be able to get admission with HND upper class in microbiology/slt.

        It’s going to last for 4 or 5 years depending on the policy of the institution, and you are not likely to see where to study on part time basis.

  42. Can someone who scored 184 in jamb apply for engineering in UNN?

  43. I’m a law student but can’t cope with Biology what area of law can I go into

    • Law students don’t offer biology in their courses, except in one of the GS (General Studies) courses which is natural sciences where they are to offer biology in their first year.

      And you don’t get to choose an area of law you want to go into until you are out of school. They teach you every area when you are in school.

      I hope you get the point now?

  44. Please sir… Are we doing Hamlet, The wives revolt, and others in literature.
    And can I know the rest sir, for my set …
    Thank you..

    • The truth is that there is generally no syllabus for UNN Post UTME regardless of the subject under consideration.

      There is no syllabus for literature in UNN Post UTME. No recommended Poems or prose or whatever.

      Get the SURE SUCCESS UNN Post UTME Past Questions and follow the guideline given there for the best preparation.

      Study every aspect of literature including Literary Principles and Literary Appreciation, unseen Prose and Poetry and so on.

      When you are done, study as many of the current JAMB recommended novels as you can lay your hands on.

      Best wishes.

  45. If i use biology cemistry geography and english what can i study in higher institution?

  46. Please sir, I really need your help on blogging, how can I DM u?…its very important please

  47. Please sir,can I offer pharmacy with a pass in physics
    But I had credits in my English, chemistry and biology
    I really want to offer pharmacy

  48. Sir I want to offer medicine and surgery in unn, but my jamb score is 195 will I be offered admission to study my dream course even if I score high in the upcoming post utme screening exercise? Though I have an official person over there.

    • Stay in touch with the official for guide.

      • Pls can I still study pharmacy with a pass in physics,but I had credits in my English, chemistry and biology including maths
        Like u said “unn requires all candidates applying for admission into any of its courses to possess five credit level passes which must include a credit pass in English language and a science subject in not more than two sittings”
        Please I need information because I really want to study pharmacy . Thank you

        • By a pass in physics, do you mean D7 or E8?

          A credit pass in English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology is one of the entry requirements for pharmacy.

          If that’s your WAEC result, what of your NECO result?

    • Can I study med lab in ESUT with 218 in jamb 2022?

      • Yes, you can study Med Lab in ESUT with a UTME score of 218.

        But it depends on whether or not ESUT will conduct her Post UTME exercise this year. Your O’level grades is also a factor.

  49. Sir I have gotten post utme form but I haven’t upload my first school leaving certificate yet cuz the school where I attend the principal wont be around till Monday and before Monday I think the deadline of post utme could have been exceeded is it possible for me to still register cuz I have gotten the form already

  50. Please sir, I scored 204 in jamb. What are my chances of gaining admission into unn to study computer science and what score should I aim for in Putme.

    • YourJAMB score is low but you can still gain admission if you work very hard towards your post UTME.

      Your aim should be to do your best.

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