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  1. Good afternoon sir, please is Delta state part of UNN catchment areas? And how do they give admission for catchment? Is it on second list or all the lists? Thank you sir.

    • The University of Nigeria is a foremost federal university and on the strength of that, virtually all the states in Nigeria are UNN’s catchment areas to various degrees.

      Technically speaking, the special concession granted to catchment areas during admission reflects in the all the lists – primary and supplementary lists. When the departmental cut-off marks are released for a particular year and you hear something like, “The merit departmental cut-offf mark for Economics is 275, Enugu – 273, Abia – 272, Delta – 265, etc” you must understand that that is how the catchment area thing plays out mainly. And whatever the figures are, they are what will guide admission for all the lists for the year in question.

      Let me know if you have further questions.

  2. Onwighalu Tochukwu

    Good evening, I have BSc in Applied Biology Second class upper and I applied for direct entry through jamb, waiting for UNN to start selling there’s. What is my chance of gaining admission into Nursing science through direct entry. Thank you

    • Your chance of getting admitted into nursing science is as high as your brain capacity and personal determination. Your chance depends on your preparation now.

      UNN DE screening examination form has not been sold and the exam has not been written. So you can REALLY start now. The school takes in very very few students via the direct Entry mode every year.

      Work towards scoring 300+ in UNN screening.

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