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  1. Can I use a in radiography to apply for medicine through direct entry, if yes what are the requirements?

  2. Sir i scored 191 in my utme i calculated my waec aggregate and Got 240
    Subject combination Lit-in-english d7
    English c4 government c6 Christian religious study b3
    Pls any hope for mass communication 2022/2023

  3. Excuse me sir pls is there going to be an exam for 2022/2023 because i don’t know maybe i should plan for a trip

  4. They asked for My matric number for UNN email address and I gave them my reg number and they wrote that it wasn’t that’s should be in this format:2018/2456.I don’t understand at all

    • What it means is that before you request for UNN email address, you must have obtained your Matric Number. You cannot use JAMB registration number for that.

      So go through the necessary procedure and obtain your UNN matric number. Then go for your UNN email address.

  5. Udeh promise chinaza

    I got 194 in jamb

    Which art course is suitable for it?

  6. Plz, I got chemistry d7 , and I am an architecture aspirant in UNN. I scored 222 in jamb. Do I stand the chance of being admitted . What should I do to get the course at all cost?. Thanks for the anticipated response from you.

    • I don’t know all the subjects you sat for in your SSCE and the ones you were able to credit. For admission into Architecture, you must have a credit pass in Mathematics, English Language, Physics and any two of the following: Chemistry, Tech. Drawing, Building Const., Woodwork, Fine Art, Geography, Economics.

      So you can see that Chemistry is optional for Architecture. If you got D7 in Chemistry, you are in the best position to know the ones you passed from the list of options.

      Go and register for UNN Post UTME screening. Enter your relevant O’level grades. When your aggregate score is computed, you can know whether you stand a chance.

  7. My certificates are not uploading on UNN POST UTME Portal, and they are all lower than 100kb.

  8. Good day Sir
    My question goes thus:
    On every subjects, there’re more than 1 recommended textbooks for it, does that mean I need to purchase all the required textbooks or buying one out of it is cool?
    Thanks for your response in advance.

  9. Good day sir….My waec has two names and my jamb has three names due to my nin….My middle name is not in waec …Will that pose a problem during clearance…?…I’ve gotten the Admission in unn already

  10. Sir
    In this portal I read that the screening form is already been sold……but then when I scrolled down I saw something contradictory…. which states that the screening exercise for 2022/2023 set is by the assessment of JAMB AND O’LEVEL RESULTS.
    So Sir, does that mean that 2022/2023 set wouldn’t have to write the screening exams

    • Yes, that’s what it means.

      • Will that make it difficult for us to get admission? I got 259 in jamb and I want to study pharmacy.i hv been preparing for the post utme exam for long now . Does it mean we won’t write the exam at all?

        • If the school you are referring to is UNN, yes you will not write post utme exam this year.

          Your JAMB score and O’level grades will be used to compute your aggregate.

        • Can I gain admission in UNN for pharmacy with jamb score of 259? I got C4 in English,B3 in Maths,B3 in Chemistry,C6 in Physics and C4 in Biology.

        • @ Chioma.

          What you need to do right now is to go to UNN Portal to register for post utme screening. When you register, the portal will calculate your aggregate using your JAMB score and the SSCE grades you listed.

          When you know your aggregate score, we can tell if it might give you admission into Pharmacy in UNN.

  11. Please sir have been seeing lots of info about UNN post utme but am not so sure….whne is UNN post utme 🙋😥😥2022/2023 form going to start selling and when exactly is the exepam proper?

    • If you would listen, I would tell you the truth.

      The platforms you are seeing the so called ” lots of info about UNN post utme” are playing on your inquisitiveness and curiosity, and they are making money out of it.

      UNN post UTME form (for those that wrote JAMB in 2022) is not on sale yet. And nobody can tell you WHEN exactly the sales will start or when the exam will hold till the school senate sits to plan and fix the dates.

      More so, UNN is about to start 2nd semester exam for 2020/2021 session. Thereafter, 2021/2022 session will start. You should know what that means with respect to 2022/2023 session.

      I advise you to calm down and always check this website ( for genuine information about UNN post utme. Instead of searching everywhere and ending up confused.

  12. Olugbaiye kafayatu abinbola

    I have problem with my email so I wouldn’t no if I have gotten admission

    • Sorry about your challenge.

      Do you mind sharing the problem you have with your email? Maybe I can give one or two helpful suggestions…

  13. Please sir
    I applied for change of course during the strike.
    But I heard I’m supposed to submit some documents at admissions.
    Please is this true sir

  14. How do i reprint my unn postume acknowdgement slip cos i lost mine

  15. Pls mine is saying ‘object reference not set to an instance of an object’ . Pls what’s the meaning and how do I resolve it??. Thank you

    • That error message happens when you get a NullReferenceException. The exception is thrown when you try to access something on a variable that currently holds a null reference.

      You can try again at a later time/date and see if it will resolve by itself. Otherwise, get it resolved by creating a support ticket with JAMB (i.e. if the issue you are trying to resolve has to do with JAMB).

      Let me know if you need to know how to create a support ticket.

  16. Can i start requesting for my unn gmail account and how can i go about it

  17. I have gotten admitted through my jamb caps but when I proceeded to pay my acceptance fee is was saying my jamb reg number does not exist and they resuming on 3December

  18. Please sir, is the post UTME form for UNN out?

  19. Can i still reprint my postume acknowledge slip b/c i lost mine

  20. Documents required for clearance in unn must it be in coloured form esp the that has passport on it? And birth certificate is it the one frm hospital or population commission?

    • You are expected to arrange the documents required for clearance in your files.
      In those files, you insert the photocopies of the necessary documents. But for the actual clearance, your faculty officer must site the originals of your credentials before s/he can clear you.

      The credentials in your files must not be coloured printouts but they must be clear.

      As for birth certificate, any of the two is fine although the one from population commission looks more authentic.

  21. Good day sir
    Please sir,I scored 261 in utme 2022. Can I get admission in unn 2022/2023

  22. Good day sir
    Please sir,I scored 261 in utme 2022. Can I get admission in unn 2022/2023

    • Yes, you can. Though it depends on how competitive your prospective course is and your performance in UNN Post UTME exam.

  23. Sir,i want to do change of course but they said that network is not in my jamb profile and am candidate of 2021,what can i do

    • That sounds strange. How could they say that network is not in your JAMB profile? Does it mean that “network” is in other candidates’ profiles but not just in yours?

      Whatever be the case, follow this link to make a direct complaint to JAMB. >>Write to JAMB<<

      When you submit your complaint, wait patiently for your problem to be sorted out.

  24. What is unn cut off mark for medical laboratory
    and when is their post utme form coming out

    • Departmental cut off marks for courses are fixed yearly after post utme exercise, just before the release of the merit list. Hope you understand what that means with respect to your question.

      If you are interested in the cut off mark for Medical Laboratory Science last year, it is 256.

      UNN has not yet scheduled Post UTME exercise for obvious reasons.

  25. Hello, greetings. My son finds Chemistry very difficult and I want to ask, is there any textbooks that one can use to understand Chemistry in its simplest form? Kindly help please, thanks in anticipation of your reply.

    • This text New School Chemistry for Senior Secondary Schools by Ababio, O. Y is a simple and very detailed one. Though some students say they don’t really understand it.

      If your son is not at home with “Ababio” you can get him Understanding Chemistry for Schools and Colleges by Ojokuku, G. O.

  26. Pls sir,I got 192 in my jamb and I want to study nursing in UNN, I know my score is way too low.i had A1 in mathematics, C5 in English, chemistry,physics, biology B2….which other medical or science course can I study with my score

    • Like you rightly acknowledged, 192 is very low. Actually, too low for admission into a medical course (at least, on merit).

      There are many other science courses you can opt for with your JAMB score and WAEC subjects. It all depends on what you want. You can think about courses like Microbiology, Biochemistry, Veterinary Medicine, etc

  27. I scored 292 in utme 2022 and A1 in maths and physics but b2 in chemistry, biology and English
    To study medicine in unilag might it work out
    Because am thinking writing the post utme for unilag will be a waste of time

    • My brother, writing Post UTME in UNILAG would not be a waste of time because your scores in JAMB and WAEC are very good. You just need to put in more effort in your preparation for the Post UTME.

      Get detailed information about UNILAG cut off marks and how to calculate aggregate score for UNILAG admission here: >>UNILAG Cut off Mark for Medicine<<

  28. What is the cut off mark or the average mark for postUTME

  29. Pls sir I scored 191 in Jamb with the hope of studying medlab in UNN which I know would not be possible. Sir what lower science courses can I go for if I Write post UTME in UNN

    • You made this comment under many posts on this website. I hope you will be able to locate this reply.

      If you see this reply, quickly respond.

      What’s your subject combination?

      Talking about “lower courses to go for” Do you want to buy JAMB Change of Course form?

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