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  1. My jamb caps hasn’t changed, I’ve finalized all admission processes but I can’t get the jamb admission letter because of this problem, someone said I’ll have to wait till the school resumes before I can actually be attended to by the school ICT unit. How true is this??
    I’m coming from a very far place and I wouldn’t want to be mislead.. is the clearance starting on Monday the 2nd of August?..can it be done later on? Or is it a one time thing?

    • The ICT staff are staff of the university and as such, are always there to attend to you if you go to their office on week days, working hours.

      Clearance is not a “one-time thing”. You can do it when you are ready. Since you are coming from a very far place, you can stay back till you are sure that clearance has started, not just in the school, but in your own faculty.

  2. Sir please I heard that Direct entry applicants wrote Jamb but I didn’t, please how true is this?


    sir ,please I want to know the unn 2021/2022 jamb cut off mark .and when their (UNN) post utme registration will start.
    I score 198 in my jamb is there hope for me to write the post utme.
    (religion department).
    thank you sir

    • Your JAMB score is very low. But there’s hope for you to write UNN Post UTME Screening exam. In recent years, UNN has used 180 as JAMB cut off mark. This year’s will not be different considering the poor performance of candidates in 2021 UTME.

      So start preparing earnestly for your post utme. Get yourself a copy of SURE SUCCESS POST UTME PAST QUESTIONS and get real busy.

  4. Pls can a medical student apply for another hostel apart from the presidential hostel and pls Sir what hostel is best for girls

  5. My name came out in the previous list but when I logged into the jamb portal it showed “sorry you’ve not been given admission yet”
    I don’t know what else to do and I have to print my admission letter and pay my acceptance fee
    Would I still be able to do that or should I keep waiting?

  6. Sir pls someone sent me a link to check if am shortlisted for the cbt exam and also to complete my registration there. When I logged in, it reached a stage where I was asked to put my email and password. I did that but they said that it is incorrect username/password but that’s my email and password. Pls what should I do

  7. Please can I address a letter of attestation specifically to the Head of my department? Or just to the registrar in general.

    • If the Attestation letter you are talking about is the one written as one of the documents required in your file for clearance at your faculty office, you address it to the registrar.

      But if you have a peculiar need to write an Attestation letter to your HOD, then you must address it to your HOD.

    • It was in the morning and in the link,I was asked to follow the cbt Portal link to complete the registration before the day of the exam

  8. Please how do I know my exam time and date, nothing was said about it in my dashboard, although I have been shortlisted.

  9. Ogbodo Charity

    Sir please I have been calling those numbers it’s switched off
    Please sir what do I do

    • The only other option is to go to the office and get the voucher.

      But many people have been able to get the application voucher via the phone numbers supplied by the board. You may be able to get yours if you call the numbers persistently.

  10. Hello sir, i scored 191 in jamb is there any hope of me writing post utme exam in uniben for agricultural economics??

    • The truth is that UNIBEN normally uses 200 as their JAMB cut off mark.

      That has been the case over the years.

      Maybe they might decide to bring it down a bit due to the mass failure recorded in this year’s UTME. We don’t know yet.

  11. Sir
    I have been given three vouchers and non was able to work, it is either invalid or used by another person… what can I do please

    • There’s nothing else you can do. If you must apply for the scholarship, you must get a valid voucher that has not been used by someone else.

  12. Ogbu Emmanuella

    What is the equivalent for jamb admission letter

  13. Good day Sir!
    I scored 191 in jamb
    What are my chances of gaining admission into UNN to study accounting?

    • Some quick facts:
      1. your JAMB is very low.
      2. you are yet to write post utme.

      Prepare very well for your post utme screening examination. When you write the exam and see your score, we shall be able to predict your chances.

  14. Nwokolo Johnpaul

    Please sir they haven’t published our first semester examination result and am in year one

  15. Sir please I went to the recommended venue to get the voucher but I was not given instead I was asked to call some numbers for directions on how to register but the numbers are not going through… please what should I do

    • That’s very strange. If the numbers ain’t going through, the next and only remaining option is to go to the office and get the voucher. If you can, please go back to the office and ask them to attend to you.

      That’s how most people who have applied did theirs.

  16. Good evening sir
    Pls can I study radiography in unilag with a good WAEC result and a jamb score of 205

  17. Good morning sir
    I got 190 this 2021/2022 JAMB UTME. I’m aiming for Medicine and surgery in UNN . Can it still be possible??

    • With that UTME score, merit admission into medicine and surgery is practically impossible.

      Might be possible through any other means.

  18. Ogbodo Chinenye gift

    Pls where can I get handbook or past question to get myself equipped for the esselb test

    • There’s no such book. If you are invited for the selection test, you go and write it. You’ve been reading books since kindergarten.

  19. Okoh kelechi p

    Good morning, please how can I get UNN syllabus for 2021/2022 to prepare with for the coming post UTME?

    • I think I’ve answered this already.

      Follow >>THIS LINK<< to contact a SureSuccess UNN Admission Preparatory Handbook (plus Post UTME Past Questions) distributor in your town.

  20. sir i have been trying to reach them on phone, so as to get my voucher but all line are always busy and am not at enugu now i must i be the one to get it or should i send my relative.

    • Yes, the lines are always busy because many Enugu indigenes are trying to reach them; sometimes they are even switched off.

      You can send your relative to get it for you.

  21. Please i need the link to printing UNN acceptance of admission letter

  22. Ayogu Peace Chisom

    Please sir I am not in Enugu currently, can someone else ( a relative) get the voucher for me?
    From your replies it seems my ID need to be stamped….must I come and get the voucher myself??
    Just confused… thanks sir

    • you mustn’t come and get the voucher yourself. You can send your relative.

      • Okoh kelechi p

        Good morning sir, please how can I get UNN syllabus for the coming post UTME 2021/2022 to prepare with?

        • There’s no syllabus for UNN Post-UTME exams.

          Get yourself a copy of SURE SUCCESS UNN Admission Preparatory Handbook and follow the study guides exposed therein.

          Best wishes.

    • Ogbodo Chinenye gift

      Please what are the requirements for a person that just got admission into 200level through DE for the scholarship

  23. Can a three hundred level student apply?

  24. Audu Abubakar Audu

    I am in medicine and surgery,, I have been trying to apply the scholarship, no Med.surge in the “select course” box
    Does that mean the scholarship doesn’t cover student of medicine and surgery??

    • I’m sorry but you did not specify the exact scholarship you are trying to apply for….

      Is it the one open to only Enugu state indigenes? Please let us know.

  25. Pls sir what is the difference between bursary allowance and undergraduate scholarship?

    • A scholarship is a means of financial support that is awarded based on the individual assessment of predetermined criteria – a scholarship will focus on recognising and rewarding your academic achievement(s).

      Bursary is a means of monetary support designed to assist students who meet specific financial eligibility criteria and come from a specified area.

  26. Shukroh Abisola

    Will I be given admission to study physiotherapy in Uniabuja with JAMB score of 205

    • It would depend on your O’level result and whether or not UNIABUJA will conduct a written post utme exercise. If they do, your chances would depend on your performance there.

  27. Eze Rita Amarachi

    Please, I’m a student of Federal University Ndufu Alike Ikwo. I’m currently in Abakiliki, preparing for exams next week. I dont know how to get the application ID..

    • Obtain Application Voucher from the board office by Calling any of the following numbers (released by the board): 07032284693, 09033661882, 09044022730, 09045085589, 09054915257, 07053900572.

      The problem is that the numbers are switched off most of the time.

  28. Good afternoon Sir/Ma,

    Please I want to know if a 100level — 200level students of National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN),can also apply for the Scholarship program.


  29. Hi I’m mercy, my last jamb I got 260 and I wasn’t nt able to gain admission . I got 219 in this year’s jamb and I want to study medicine and surgery. I choose unimed can I enter . If not which University can I change to in order to study medicine and surgery

    • My dear, it’s only in private universities that admission into medicine and surgery is easy with with low JAMB scores as long as you can afford the exorbitant fees.

      As far as federal universities are concerned, medicine is highly competitive though it is relatively less competitive in some schools than in others.

      One of the ways to get around this situation is to change your course to another related course (maybe a paramedical course), do your 100 level, make a very high CGPA, apply for change of course and continue with medicine and surgery in 200 level.

      It’s a suggestion you may wish to consider.

  30. Can I gain admission into delsu to study medicine with a jamb score of 238?

  31. Rasaq ayinla ridwan

    Can I still register for jamb mop up and what is the difference

    • JAMB mop up examination is a final grace or opportunity given at the registrar’s discretion to candidates who missed their UTME schedule with cogent reasons.

      Mop up examination is not designed to be a different examination or something you can register for differently apart from the normal registration.

  32. Okechukwu Ogugua

    Good day, sir!
    Pls sir, how can I access the UNN 2020//2021 Direct Entry Admission list especially through JAMB Portal or UNN Portal?

    • Successful UNN Direct Entry candidates are normally admitted in the first supplementary admission list. At the time of giving this response, UNN supplementary list(s) for the 2020/2021 session have not been released.

      But from all indications, the supplementary list will be released any moment from now. So you might wish to stay connected with this website to be the first to know when it is released.

      Best wishes.

  33. Odo Vivian ogechukwu

    Good morning sir, I’m a direct entry student. How can I join the online class?

  34. Can I reupload an olevel result with an outstanding subject on jamb CAPS

    • You can re-upload your O’level results on JAMB CAPS but if the outstanding subject you talked about is one of the five core subjects required for your prospective course, it may affect your admission chances.

      I don’t know if I answered your question.

    • Good afternoon, I want to apply for Enugu state scholarship award but all their numbers are not going to ask for the application voucher is there a way to reach to them apart from their office

      • Apart from visiting the office, you can only obtain the voucher via the phone numbers given in the the scholarship advert.

        If you tried today and weren’t able to connect, try again tomorrow. And keep trying till you get what you need from them.

  35. Can I reupload an olevel result with an outstanding subject on jamb CAPS

  36. Good afternoon sir, please is Delta state part of UNN catchment areas? And how do they give admission for catchment? Is it on second list or all the lists? Thank you sir.

    • The University of Nigeria is a foremost federal university and on the strength of that, virtually all the states in Nigeria are UNN’s catchment areas to various degrees.

      Technically speaking, the special concession granted to catchment areas during admission reflects in the all the lists – primary and supplementary lists. When the departmental cut-off marks are released for a particular year and you hear something like, “The merit departmental cut-offf mark for Economics is 275, Enugu – 273, Abia – 272, Delta – 265, etc” you must understand that that is how the catchment area thing plays out mainly. And whatever the figures are, they are what will guide admission for all the lists for the year in question.

      Let me know if you have further questions.

    • Ngene ozioma joy

      Sir please hw to one apply for the scholarship

  37. Onwighalu Tochukwu

    Good evening, I have BSc in Applied Biology Second class upper and I applied for direct entry through jamb, waiting for UNN to start selling there’s. What is my chance of gaining admission into Nursing science through direct entry. Thank you

    • Your chance of getting admitted into nursing science is as high as your brain capacity and personal determination. Your chance depends on your preparation now.

      UNN DE screening examination form has not been sold and the exam has not been written. So you can REALLY start now. The school takes in very very few students via the direct Entry mode every year.

      Work towards scoring 300+ in UNN screening.

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