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Active Whatsapp Group Link for Girls 2024

Hello! You are welcome to another helpful post on your favorite website, Today, I’m going to be sharing some really active Whatsapp group link for girls. So this post is exclusive for ladies who wish to join different online communities to connect with other ladies around the world who share similar interests, goals and passion. If that sounds like what you are looking for, keep reading as I furnish you with different links to girls Whatsapp groups.

Active Whatsapp Group Link for Girls

Whatsapp Group Link for Girls

WhatsApp group links for girls are special invitation links for WhatsApp groups that are specifically exist for females. I other words, Girls’ Whatsapp groups are specifically targeted towards female members. The groups are usually created for various purposes such as connecting ladies and women with shared interests, hobbies, professions, or simply for socializing and networking.

So whatever is your goal, there is a Whatsapp group that is suitable for you and you will find it on this page. We have a great collection of Whatsapp group links for women and ladies from all walks of life across the globe.

Through our Whatsapp group links, you get to meet girls in your country and those outside your country. You can also discover girls who share the same culture, interests, profession or life goals with you. More so, you might be passing through a stage in life and need a special girls’ group to share your burden or just have this conversation that is meant for girls alone. Or you can just make meet new people, make new friends and just have fun.

On this page, I will not only give you links to very active female Whatsapp groups, I will also show you how to join those groups, the rules and benefits for joining, and how to create your own groups if you wish to.

Our Recommended Whatsapp Group Link for Girls

The following tables give Whatsapp group link for girls for different categories and interests. You can select the one(s) that best suit what you have in mind.

Girls Whatsapp Group Links For Casual Friendship and Fun

S/no Whatsapp Group Name Group Invite Link
1. Talking Girls Link Join Link
2. Only girls join us Join Link
3. Friends club Join Link
4. Girls for Girls group Join Link

Girls’ Whatsapp Group Links for Love and Relationships

S/no Whatsapp Group Name Group Invite Link
1. Night Chat girl Group Link Join Link
2. Lovely Posting Group Join Link
3. Love Experience Join Link
4. Single girl friends chat group Join Link

Girls Whatsapp Group Links for Gossip

S/no Whatsapp Group Name Group Invite Link
1. Pure Gossips Group Join Link
2. Girls Gossip Group Join Link
3. All video group for girls Join Link
4. Night Chat girl Group Link Join Link

Adult Girls Whatsapp Group Links

S/no Whatsapp Group Name Group Invite Link
1. Adult Girls Group Join Link
2. Happily Single Girls Group Join Link
3. Girls power Join Link
4. Close Girls Group Join Link

Whatsapp Group Link for Girls From Different Countries

S/no Whatsapp Group Name Group Invite Link
1. Most Beautiful Girls Join Link
2. International Girls group Join Link
3. Meet girls abroad Join Link
4. Foreign Girls Chat Join Link

Girls Whatsapp Group Links for Online Learning

S/no Whatsapp Group Name Invite Link
1. Distance learning Join Link
2. Online Learning Join Link
3. Job hunting girls group Join Link
4. Career Advance Join Link

Rules for Joining WhatsApp Group Link for Girls

In the sections above, I have given you the links to various active Whatsapp group links for girls. But before you join any of them, ensure that you read through the group rules before and be ready to follow them religiously:

  1. Be an active group member.
  2. You can make friends with other group members.
  3. Do not engage in political and religious discussions.
  4. Do not share adult pictures or videos.
  5. Dô not change the group settings or profile picture, except you are an admin.
  6. Do not insult, abuse or threaten anyone.
  7. Respect all members.
  8. Do not promote yourself or your business in the group.
  9. Share only relevant information in the group and avoid spamming.
  10. Do not share your personal information to the group, for example your credit card information.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Joining Girls Whatsapp Groups

Like you already know, every decision and action we take in this life have consequences. The same goes with joining girls Whatsapp groups. There are pros and cons of joining such groups as a girl. I will list some of them here…

Advantages of Joining a Girl Whatsapp Group

By joining Whatsapp Groups for girls, you can

  • become part of a strong online community.
  • get help with your studies, projects and other academic activities.
  • make friends with girls from around the world.
  • have more companions and deal with your loneliness issues.
  • learn new skills or enhance the ones you already have.
  • get updates on global current affairs.
  • learn the cultures of other ethnic groups.
  • have fun and be entertained.
  • you can learn about available job opportunities and even be assisted to secure a job.

Disadvantages of Joining a Girl Whatsapp Group

Here are some of the disadvantages of joining Whatsapp groups for girls:

  • Boys can also manipulate their way into the groups.
  • Scammers can private-chat and defraud unsuspecting members of girl’s Whatsapp groups.
  • Conversation in the groups can change a girl’s perspective or world view over issues.
  • You may not be able to meet the kind of friends you are looking for in your choice geographical location.

Challenges to Joining a Girls’ Whatsapp Group

Trying to join a girl’s Whatsapp group is not without some challenges. I can tell you this from experience. I remember trying to join a Whatsapp group that is exclusive for girls. Then I was faced with two major difficulties. First was the issue of finding invite links which are currently active, as most of the links I found were either expired or changed. The second challenge was that most of the groups were already full, and couldn’t take in new participants.

That’s part of the experiences that inspired me to write this article. So I will regularly update this post with new Girls Whatsapp group links to ensure that anyone who wishes to join can do so at any time.

How To Join A Girls WhatsApp Group?

Below are a few steps to join a WhatsApp group for girls:

  • Download the Whatsapp application and sign in to your account.
  • Scroll back up and check through our list of girls Whatsapp groups to determine the one that resonates with you.
  • Select the group and click on the Join Now button on the right side of the table above. This will redirect you to your main Whatsapp account. When that happens, click on the Join button there.
  • A dialogue box will appear having two options: Open Whatsapp and Cancel. Click on Open Whatsapp, then click on the join chat button again, and a card of the join group with members info appears.
  • Click on Join Group.
  • If there is availability according to the limit of the group, then you are part of the group.

How to Create Your Own Girls WhatsApp Group

I’m aware that you may wish to create your own Whatsapp group for girls and run it as the admin. Then you can drop the group link to add fellow girls of similar interest and like passion from around the world.

If you nurture such vision, I’m going to show you how to create a WhatsApp group on iPhone and on iPhone.

How to Create a Girls WhatsApp Group on iPhone

1. Click on the WhatsApp app on your phone. If you have not yet installed it, go ahead to install WhatsApp from your Apple store. After the installation, set up your Whatsapp account.

2. Go to WhatsApp and click on the new “Notepad” icon on the top right corner of your screen.

3. In the menu that pops up, click on the “new group” button to show your contact list.

4. To proceed, choose at least two contacts and a maximum of 1023 for your WhatsApp group. These are the contacts you want to add to your group.

5. When you click on a contact, you will see a blue checkmark on it, implying that the contact will automatically be added to the group. You can as well search for your desired contacts from the search bar instead of scrolling the contact from the list.

6. Click on the “Next” button at the top right corner of the screen. This will take you to the group profile.

7. Upload the group profile picture by tapping on the camera logo at the top left corner of the screen.

8. Write the name of your group in the text bar at the top of the screen on this page.

9. Now click the Create button on the top right side of the screen. Once you click the create button, your WhatsApp group will be created and WhatsApp will send a message automatically to the members that you have added.

 How To Create a Girls WhatsApp Group On Android

1. Download WhatsApp from the Play Store and create a WhatsApp account if you haven’t done that before.

2. Click on the WhatsApp logo on your mobile phone to open WhatsApp.

3. Now click the “menu” option or three vertical dots at the top-right corner of the screen.

4. When you click on the menu option, you will see a list. Select the “New Group” option and choose the friends you wish to add to the group for a start.

5.  Click on the “OK” button at the top right corner of the screen.

6. Upload a profile picture by clicking the camera icon at the top left corner. You can upload a profile picture by choosing a picture from your mobile gallery.

7. Write the name of your group in the “Group Subject” segment.

8. Finally, click on the “Checkmark” on the bottom left corner of the screen when you have completed all the above steps.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where do I find other girls chat whatsapp group links?

You can find other girls Whatsapp group links from this website and several other sites across the web. You can also find them on various social media platforms like Reddit and Quora.

Is it secure to join any girls chat group link?

Yes, you can freely join any Whatsapp group link for girls you find on reputable websites but you need to be wary and unassuming. Scammers are everywhere.

Is it allowed to join multiple Girl Chat Whatsapp Group Links?

Yes, it you are allowed to join as many girl chat Whatsapp links as you like. You only need to be sure that they are from reputable sources.

Can we share personal information to fill any form in a Girls Chat Whatsapp group?

No, it is not safe to share your personal information on group chats because you don’t know who would be seeing them and what they may use them for. So please don’t do that on any Whatsapp group link for girls .


There are thousands of Whatsapp Group Links for Girls out there and there are many benefits you stand to gain as a girl if you join relevant groups. Remember that you are totally responsible for your decisions and any group you may choose to join.

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