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Interesting All that Glitters is not Gold Stories

You are welcome to another interesting post on your favorite education website, On this post, we shall continue our series on essay writing, focusing on stories that drive home the eternal truth: “All that Glitters is not Gold.” Each story is extracted from different backgrounds and contexts but they all teach the same lesson. Though fictitious, I hope you find them meaningful and impactful.

All that Glitters is not Gold

All that Glitters is not Gold Story Number 1

Akin and the Shiny Necklace

Once upon a time, in a small village, there lived a young boy named Akin. Akin was known for his love of shiny things. He would often spend hours admiring the glittering objects he found in the marketplace.

One day, as Akin was walking through the marketplace, he saw a merchant selling what appeared to be the most beautiful necklace he had ever seen. The necklace was adorned with sparkling jewels that shimmered in the sunlight. Akin was immediately drawn to it and he made up his mind to have it.

Without wasting time, Akin used all of his savings to buy the necklace. He proudly wore it around the village and was feeling like the richest boy in town. But as days went by, something strange began to happen. The jewels on the necklace started to lose their sparkle, and the gold chain that was shiny before began to tarnish.

Akin was heartbroken. He had spent all of his money on something that was now dull and unimpressive. He went back to the marketplace to confront the merchant, but he was nowhere to be found.

Feeling dejected, Akin returned home and sat down to think. That was when he realized a valuable lesson. That is, the fact that something looks beautiful on the outside doesn’t mean it’s truly valuable on the inside.

From that day on, Akin learned to appreciate the simple things in life and to look beyond the surface. He understood that true happiness comes from within and that material possessions are not the key to a fulfilling life.

And so, my dear children, before making any important choice in life, remember the story of Akin and his necklace. It teaches us that appearances can be deceiving and that we should never judge something only by how it looks. As the saying goes, “All that glitters is not gold.”

All that Glitters is not Gold Story Number 2

Lily and her Doll

Once upon a time, in one of the big cities in the USA, there was a girl named Lily. Lily loved pretty things. She always desired to have the fanciest toys and the shiniest clothes.

One day, while walking home from school, Lily saw a big, glittery sign in a store window. It said, “Special Sale: Shiny Toys!” Lily got excited. She begged her mom to take her inside.

In the store, Lily found the most beautiful doll she had ever seen in her life. The doll had shiny hair and sparkly clothes on. Lily knew she had to have it. She begged her mom to buy it for her. Her mom felt it was a bit too expensive but finally agreed to buy it for Lily.

Lily was visibly overjoyed as she held the doll in her hands. She showed it off to all her friends, feeling like the luckiest girl in the world.

But as days went by, something strange began to happen. The doll’s shiny hair started to fall off, and its sparkly clothes began to fade very quickly. To make matters worse, Lily’s friends started to tease her, calling the doll “old and ugly.”

Lily felt really sad and disappointed. She had thought that the doll would make her happy forever, but now she is feeling the exact opposite.

One day, while tidying up her room, Lily found an old teddy bear that she had long forgotten about. It was not very shiny or fancy like the new doll, but it was soft and cuddly. More so, it reminded her of all the happy times she had spent with it.

Lily hugged the teddy bear tightly, having realized that true happiness does not come from shiny things or fancy toys. It came from the love and memories that she shared with her friends and family.

And so, my dear children, in all you do in life, always remember the story of Lily and her doll. It teaches us that appearances can be deceiving, and that true happiness comes from the love and memories we share with family and friends. All that glitters is not gold, but the simple things in life are often the most precious of all.

All that Glitters is not Gold Story Number 3

The Shiny Stone that Wasn’t Gold

Amina was a little girl who lived in a small village with her mother, father, and little brother Kwame. Her village was a happy place, full of friends, laughter, and hard work in the fields. Amina loved to help her mother plant beans and corn and fetch water from the river.

One day, while Amina was playing with her friends near the big baobab tree, she saw something glimmer in the dust. It was a stone, as smooth as an egg, and it sparkled in the sunlight. It was the most beautiful stone Amina had ever seen! Her friends crowded around, all of them oohing and aahing over how lovely it was.

“I’m going to keep it,” Amina said, tucking the stone into the pocket of her dress. She wanted to show her mother and Kwame her wonderful treasure. All day, she kept touching the stone, feeling the cool smoothness under her fingers. It was like a little piece of magic.

When it was dinner time, Amina showed her sparkly stone to her mother. Her mother smiled, but her eyes seemed a little worried.

“It’s very pretty, Amina,” she said. “But you must be careful. Stones like this can trick us. They look special, but they might not be valuable at all.”

“But look how it shines!” Amina held it up to the light of the cooking fire.

Her father came in from working in the fields and ruffled Amina’s hair. “Don’t worry about what your mother says,” he laughed. “Go ahead and enjoy your stone.”

Over the next few days, Amina didn’t stop thinking about her sparkly stone. Her friends admired it, and even some of the village elders smiled at her when they saw it. Amina began to think the stone must be very special indeed. Maybe, she thought, it was even worth a lot of money! She decided to show it to Old Nana, the wisest woman in the village. Surely she would be able to tell her all about the wondrous stone.

Old Nana’s hut was on the outskirts of the village, surrounded by tall grasses. Amina found the old woman hunched over a pot, stirring a stew that smelled of spices and herbs.

“Nana!” Amina said, running up and holding out her stone. “Look what I found! Isn’t it the most beautiful thing?”

Old Nana squinted at the stone and chuckled. “It does have a nice sparkle, my child,” she said. “But you must always remember, shiny things don’t always equal treasure.”

Amina was so excited she barely heard the wise woman. She was already dreaming of all the things she could buy with her treasure – a new dress for her mother, toys for Kwame, and maybe even a sweet treat from the market!

That night, as Amina lay in bed, she imagined all the things her sparkly stone would bring her. She fell asleep with a smile on her face.

The next morning, Amina got dressed and rushed to the marketplace. It was a busy day, everyone buying and selling. Amina held her stone high, trying to catch someone’s eye. A man with a cart full of chickens saw her. He winked and motioned her closer.

“What have you got there, little girl?” he asked.

“A special stone,” Amina said, holding it out. “It’s the most beautiful stone in the world! I want to sell it.”

The man chuckled at her. “Let me see this ‘most beautiful stone’.” Amina gave it to him, her heart pounding with excitement. After examining it, the man tossed the stone back at her.

“This? It’s worthless!” he laughed, turning back to his chickens.

Amina blinked back tears. How could he say something so mean? Didn’t he see how much the stone sparkled? Desperate, she tried another trader, then another, but they all said the same thing – her special stone was just a regular rock!

Sad and disappointed, Amina wandered back home. She remembered her mother’s words and Old Nana’s warning. All that glitters is not gold. Now, she understood what that meant. The stone wasn’t magic, and it wasn’t treasure. It was just…a stone.

Amina still kept the stone, but now she smiled at it for a different reason. It was a reminder that sometimes things aren’t what they seem, and real treasures aren’t always the things that sparkle the brightest.

All that Glitters is not Gold Story Number 4

Raju’s Journey to True Treasure

Once there lived a boy named Raju. He thought shiny things were super valuable, like gold. One night, while gazing at the sky, he spotted something sparkly falling from above. Curious, he rushed to the spot in the jungle where it landed. There, hidden behind a tree, he found a glittering stone. Excited, he showed it off to his friends, feeling lucky and special.

Raju dreamt of selling the stone for a fortune. He imagined a lavish life with endless toys, treats, and servants. Eagerly, he went to a jewelry shop the next day, only to learn it was too early. After a long wait, he finally showed the stone to the shopkeeper, expecting a huge sum. But the shopkeeper chuckled, calling it just a worthless rock and offered him a meager Rs. 50 for it. Raju was stunned and embarrassed.

Heartbroken, Raju sat by the roadside, crying. His teacher passed by and comforted him, teaching him a valuable lesson. Not all that glitters is gold. True value lies in qualities like hard work, respect, and kindness, not in material possessions. Raju learned that the real “gold” was within, in one’s character and actions. He promised to strive for this kind of wealth, to make himself and others proud.


Here is where we come to the end of our “All that glitters is not gold stories.” Reading through the stories, I believe that you were able to grasp the invaluable lesson that outward appearances can be deceiving. The fact that something looks shiny and pretty on the outside does not mean that it is good or valuable on the inside.

So, the next time you see something that looks really cool or amazing, don’t forget to look beyond the surface. Ask yourself if it will truly make you happy in the long run, or if there are more important things to focus on.

Always remember, my friends: all that glitters is not gold.

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