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Junior WAEC 2024 Questions and Answers Social Studies

This is for BECE Candidates looking for Junior WAEC 2024 Questions and Answers Social Studies. The Social Studies paper is compulsory for all candidates regardless of their school. So, here you will get genuine Junior WAEC 2024 Questions and Answers for Social Studies. Your duty now is to read through them as many times as possible and get ready to smash your paper.

Junior WAEC 2024 Questions and Answers Social Studies

What are Junior WAEC 2024 Questions and Answers Social Studies?

Junior WAEC 2024 Questions and Answers Social Studies are the questions you should expect in your Social Studies paper in 2024 BECE, together with their answers.

It is very important that every candidate preparing to sit for in the forthcoming 2024 BECE examination should catch a glimpse of these questions.

In so doing, they will know what to expect in the exam hall. Knowing exactly what to expect will boost their confidence and guarantee them a very high score.

Junior WAEC 2024 Social Studies Questions and Answers Revealed!

On this page, we shall reveal Junior WAEC 2024 Questions and Answers for all candidates taking the Social Studies paper.

How lucky you are to stumble upon this important page!

The questions are genuine and the answers are accurate, and all are a product of our passion to see you excel in your BECE and proceed to Senior Secondary School.

In the following sections, you will read the Social Studies questions you are to expect in your 2024 Junior WAEC exam as well as their answers. You can use the comments section if you still need clarification over some of the questions. We will give you a more detailed explanation.

BECE is a very serious and important examination. You will answer 60 questions in BECE Social Studies 2024 within 2 hours. So it’s important that you pay attention to the information revealed on this page.

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Junior WAEC 2024 Questions and Answers Social Studies [Numbers 1 – 10]

1. Social studies enables us to
A. travel from place
B. live a healthy living
C. develop an attitude to live in peace with one another
D. manage our economy

2. One of these areas is NOT covered by social studies.
A. Science and Technology
B. Man’s physical environment
C. Man’s social environment
D. Establishment of industries

3. People in the society should co-operate with each other to
A. have social instability
B. disorganize the society
C. Have disorder in the society
D. Have peace, unity and progress

4. One of these environments make culture to differ from place to place.
A. Political        B. Economics
C. Social           D. Religion

5. The changing condition of the atmosphere around us is known as
A. Pressure         B. Climate
C. Mercury         D. Weather

6. All these are mans natural physical environments EXCEPT
A. Dams                  B. Vegetation
C. Land features       D. climate

7. The instrument used to measure temperature is
A. Barometer
B. Thermometer
C. Stevenson’s screen
D. Anemometer

8. Nuclear is to monogamous family as … is to polygamous.
A. simple              B. polygamy
C. compound       D. polyandry

9. Movements from one social class to another is called
A. Migration
B. Immigration
C. Socialization
D. social mobility

10. Which one of these is NOT a social organization
A. scout
B. girls guide
C. physical and social association
D. Young women’s Christians association

Answers to Question Number 1 – 10

1.C   2.D   3.D   4.D   5.D   6.A   7.B   8.C   9.D   10.C

Junior WAEC 2024 Questions and Answers Social Studies [Numbers 11 – 20]

11. Science is different from technology because
A. technology uses ideas developed by science to produce goods and tool
B. science uses ideas developed by technology to produce goods and tools
C. Science depends on technology to do its work
D. science and technology are not related

12. The two major seasons of Nigeria are
A. dry season and spring
B. wet season and Harmattan
C. summer and spring
D. dry season and wet season

13. In a democratic system of government, the …… makes laws.
A. Executive
B. Judiciary
C. pressure group
D. Legislature

14. Age based social grouping in a community is called
A. Age sub-set
B. Age grades
C. Social group
D. Age set

15. River Niger and Benue meet at
A. Onitsha         B. Kainji
C. Lokoja           D. Niger delta

16. One of these subjects does NOT contribute to social studies.
A. Chemistry        B. Government
C. geography       D. History

17. Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of money?
A. portability           B. Acceptability
C. Heterogeneity    D. Scarcity

18. Thunderstorms are strong wind accompanied with thunder, … and rain fall.
A. weather          B. lightening
C. storm              D. hotness

19. North-east trade wind blowing from the Sahara desert brings … to Nigeria
A. Harmattan           B. lightening
C. rainfall                 D. mild winds

20. One of these crops is NOT a cash crop
A. cotton        B. yam
C. rubber        D. groundnut

Answers to Question Number 11 – 20

11.A   12.D   13.D   14.B   15.C   16.A   17.C   18.B   19.A   20.B

Junior WAEC 2024 Questions and Answers Social Studies [Numbers 21 – 30]

21. The amount of water vapor or moisture in the air is called
A. humidity       B. rain
C. cloud            D. temperature

22. Hydrometer is used to measure
A. temperature     B. humidity
C. rainfall              D. wind direction

23. The instrument for measuring the accurate speed of the wind is
A. wind vane        B. thermometer
C. barometer       D. Anemometer

24. One of these can influence climate
A. ocean
B. transport
C. movement of people
D. communication

25. The theory of evolution was put forward by
A. Mary Slessor
B. Margaret thatcher
C. Charles Darwin
D. Samuel Ajayi Crowther

26. The uniqueness of man means that ……
A. man is capable of living anywhere on earth
B. only one theory can explain the origin of man
C. there is only one man created at the beginning
D. there is no other creature like man

27. To be a good leader, one has to be……
A. a good follower
B. strict
C. forceful
D. working with good advisers

28. The process of learning where by a child acquires language values and beliefs is called
A. mobilization           B. socialization
C. indoctrination        D. civilization

29. Government by elders is known as ….
A. autocracy
B. gerontocracy
C. traditional government
D. government of elders

30. The education we get from our homes is …… education
A. formal              B. informal
C. non-formal      D. parental

Answers to Question Number 21 – 30

21.A   22.B   23.D   24.A   25.C   26.D   27.A   28.B   29.B   30.B

Junior WAEC 2024 Questions and Answers Social Studies [Numbers 31 – 40]

31. According to the theory of evolution, …. is the last stage of development of man so far.
A. homohabilis           B. homo-erectus
C. kenyapithecus        D. homo-sapiens

32. The school is an important ……. agent.
A. organizing          B. socializing
C. mobilizing          D. programmizing

33. Juju music is associated with the
A. Urhobos         B. Yorubas
C. Igbos              D. Efiks

34. Northern and Southern protectorates of Nigeria were amalgamated in
A. 1918           B. 1914
C. 1814           D. 1818

35. Development in a person refers to
A. qualitative changes
B. quantitative changes
C. static changes
D. dynamic changes

36. Trade by batter means exchange of goods
A. for goods
B. for money
C. in a warehouse
D. in a market square

37. The head of Oyo empire is
A. oni
B. are ona kakanfor
C. mai-idris alooma
D. alafin

38. The major raw material for the production of cement is
A. gypsium          B. water
C. sandstone       D. limestone

39. Which of these is NOT a beast of burden?
A. camel        B. cow
C. dog           D. donkey

40. The …… is the smallest and most important unit of a community.
A. town union          B. family
C. umunna               D. age grade

Answers to Question Number 31 – 40

31.D   32.B   33.B   34.B   35.A   36.A   37.D   38.D   39.C   40.B

Junior WAEC 2024 Questions and Answers Social Studies [Numbers 41 – 50]

41. Nigeria became a republic in
A. 1960            B. 1963
C. 1965            D. 1973

42. One of these does NOT cause instability
A. crime            B. selfishness
C. ethnicism     D. patriotism

43. The holy book of Islamic religion is
A. doctrine          B. bible
C hymnbook       D. quran

44. The system of education in Nigeria is
A. 6-3-3-2         B. 6-3-3-4
C. 6-3-2-4         D. 6-3-4-3

45. U.B.E means
A. Universal Better Education
B. United Basic Education
C. Universal Basic Education
D. University Basic Education

46. The traditional ruler of Bini people is the
A. oba           B. igwe
C. oni           D. amayanabo

47. The vegetation of southern part of Nigeria is
A. savanna
B. tropical rain forest
C. semi desert
D. grass land

48. Duty levied on imported goods is called
B. tariff
C. import duty
D. purchase tax

49. A line on the map which joins places of equal temperature is called
A. isotherm            B. reverine
C. confluence         D. isobar

50. The basic rights of individuals includes all EXPECT
A. freedom of expression
B. freedom to belong to any social group
C. right to take ones life
D. freedom of ownership

Answers to Question Number 41 – 50

41.B   42.D   43.D   44.B   45.C   46.A   47.B   48.C   49.A   50.C

Junior WAEC 2024 Questions and Answers Social Studies [Numbers 51 – 60]

51. Hieroglyphics writing was introduced by the
A. Israelites          B. Europeans
C. Egyptians        D. Germans

52. Offenses committed by children below the age of 18 are tried by …… court
A. Sharia            B. Customary
C. Appeal          D. Juvenile

53. Imams are to Muslims as … are to Christians
A. brothers         B. priests
C. monks            D. knighthood

54. EPI means
A. Expansion Programme on immunization
B. Expand Programme on immunization
C. Expanded Project on Immunization
D. Expanded Programme on Immunization

55. The things we produce and sell to other courtiers are called
A. import
B. export
C. trade by batter
D. exchange

56. One of these is voluntary agency
A. political party
B. N.U.T.
C. C.P.T.A
D. Red Cross

57. The form of marriage that is based on traditional law is called
A. customary         B. court
C. Christian            D. Islamic

58. Scientists who study the oceans are known as
A. Archeologists              B. Biologists
C. Oceanographers         D. Evolutionists

59. Myths and legends are stories of
A. How the moon, sun and stars came to be
B. dances of people
C. what happened in the past which may or may not be true
D. living things like plants and animals

60. The body presently responsible for the conduct of election in Nigeria is
A. N.E.C
B. I.N.E.C
C. N.E.C.O.N
D. Electoral commission

Answers to Question Number 51 – 60

51.C   52.D   53.B   54.D   55.B   56.D   57.A   58.C   59.C   60.B


Answer All the Questions in this Section.

1. List five (5) qualities of a good leader.

2. (a) What is marriage?
(b) Mention three (3) reasons why people marry.

3. (a) Explain the term “Social Group”.
(b) Give three (3) examples of a secondary social group.

4. (a) What is followership?
(b) State four (4) duties of a good follower.

5. Mention five (5) ways by which farming helps to sustain our economic life.

Final Thoughts on Junior WAEC 2024 Questions and Answers Social Studies

So, above are the 60 objective Questions you can expect in your 2024 BECE Social Studies examination. The essay questions are also given. Read them again and again. Ensure that you get very familiar with each of them such that you can readily recognize them any time.

Remember that you can ask for more detailed explanation to any of the above Junior WAEC 2024 Questions and Answers Social Studies in case you don’t fully understand it. Don’t be shy, just scroll down and use the comments section. Drop your questions and expect comprehensive answers as soon as possible.

More so, you can help us to reach others with this post by sharing it with friends on Social Media. Just scroll down to see the Facebook and Twitter and WhatsApp buttons. Thank you so much!

See you on the next article.

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