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The Most Stubborn SHS in Ghana

Articles abound on the Internet about the most beautiful, expensive and popular SHS in Ghana. There are also many writings about the best SHS in Ghana. Not much has been written about the most stubborn SHS in Ghana. On that note, therefore, I am going to sift out the 10 most stubborn SHS in Ghana. I’m going to do so purely for informational purposes.

The most stubborn shs in Ghana

Ghana as a country has over 500 Senior High Schools (SHS). So a parent whose child is of age to enter SHS has such a huge number of options. Because of this, it is a bit difficult to know which SHS is most suitable for your child.

If you are currently wondering which SHS to fix your child in Ghana, I want to quickly help you out with the basis upon which you can make your choice. You will need to thoroughly consider the following: academics, facilities, school environment, discipline, extracurricular activities and so on.

The goal should be to settle for an SHS that will effectively shape the academic life, morality and spirituality of your child. A school that will inculcate, in your child, the capacity to excel in every facet of life.

My goal in this post is to inform you about the most stubborn SHS in Ghana. I’m doing this bearing in mind the fact that the school is a very strong agent of socialization. So consciously or unconsciously, your child will imbibe the prevalent behaviors in any school you fix them.

Behaviors and attitudes that are prevalent in different SHS in Ghana include: respect, decorum, teamwork, responsibility, stealing, bullying, stubbornness and so on.

The Most Stubborn SHS in Ghana

The school is the second most important agent of socialization. This is because apart from the family, the school is where children spend most of their time. More so, there are a lot of social interactions that take place during those times.

Students from different socio-economic backgrounds mix together and learn from one another.

Since these interactions are inevitable, parents should make efforts to know the prevailing behaviors in the schools they intend to fix their wards.

Before I go on to list the most stubborn SHS in Ghana, I need to state clearly that it is not an assessment of the academic standards of the schools. Rather, it is the reputation the schools currently bear as a result of their students’ predominant behavior.

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List of The Most Stubborn SHS in Ghana

Here below is a list of the most stubborn shs in Ghana in no particular order:

1. Accra Academy
2. Wesley Girls High School
3. Achimota School
4. St. Augustine’s College
5. Adisadel College
6. Mfantsipim College
7. Presbyterian High School
8. Kumasi Technical Institute

The Most Stubborn SHS in Ghana #1: Accra Academy

The SHS, Accra Academy is domiciled in Bubuashie near Kaneshie in the Greater Accra Region. It runs as a non-denominational day and boarding boys’ school.

Academically speaking, Accra Academy is one of the best SHS in Ghana.  The school offers many subjects and prepares students for West African Senior School Certificate (WAEC)

Since its establishment in 1931, Accra Academy has gone on to produce academic giants who are doing exploits within and outside the country. They especially admit brilliant but indigent students. The academy’s founders provide tuition for students who need secondary education but do not have the requisite financial support.

However, at some point, the school gained a reputation for aggression. Their students cannot but be aggressive any time they get into a confrontation.

This unfortunate behavior from its students has made Accra Academy one of the most stubborn SHS in Ghana.

The Most Stubborn SHS in Ghana #2: Wesley Girls High School

Wesley Girls High School is another foremost SHS in Ghana founded in 1936. The school, named after John Wesley, is on Cape Coast.

Wesley Girls have a very unhealthy complex. They go with an unfortunate sense of pride and superiority over others. This can always be seen in the way they relate with their colleagues from other schools.

I know you might be saying that this is really not a bad trait. But it is the one traits that make people perceive Wesley girls as stubborn.

So, we cannot complete the list of the most stubborn SHS in Ghana without mentioning Wesley Girls High School.

The Most Stubborn SHS in Ghana #3: Achimota School

Achimota School was previously known as Prince of Wales College and School, Achimota. It is a boarding school at Achimota in Accra.

Achimota School is a great SHS with an intimidating history. It is the alma mater of many notable Ghanaians like Kwame Nkrumah, Edward Akufo-Addo, Jerry John Rawlings and so on.

However, the school has the reputation of hosting too many events in an academic year. Actually, rumor has it that the school hosts more non-academic events than they have classes in a year.

The Most Stubborn SHS in Ghana #4: St. Augustine’s College

St. Augustine’s College is one of the most stubborn SHS in Ghana. It is an all-male academic institution in Cape Coast, Ghana.

St. Augustine’s College is a Roman Catholic institution established to serve as a training college and seminary. The college’s motto is Omnia Vincit Labor, meaning “Perseverance conquers All.”

However, some students of the school go out of their way to give it a bad reputation. The school has come under negative appraisal as a result of the behavior of few of its students.

The Most Stubborn SHS in Ghana #5: Adisadel College

Adisadel College is an Anglican boys’ boarding school in Cape Coast, Ghana. It is popularly known as ADISCO.

Adisadel College is one of the oldest SHS in the whole of Africa. In 2003, the college ranked number 10 out of the top 100 best high schools in Africa by Africa Almanac.

So Adisadel College offers high quality of education with modern teaching facilities. They also have good alumni activities, school profile and news visibility.

However, Adisadel College has earned a reputation for being one of the most stubborn SHS in Ghana. The students comfortably go by the name, “perfect bad boys”. Despite their great academic performance, the students are rude and enjoy breaking the rules.

The Most Stubborn SHS in Ghana #6: Mfantsipim College

Mfantsipim College was founded roughly one and half centuries ago by the Methodist church.

The vision of the church for establishing the college was to foster intellectual, moral and spiritual growth in the students.

The college has been pursuing this vision vigorously and are achieving great results. But apart from their great academic excellence, the students of the school have carved a disturbing niche for themselves.

The boys from Mfantsipim College are perceived to be “ladies’ men”. No lady passes them by without their making attempts at wooing her. They woo practically every lady who comes their way.

That is why they are in the list of the most stubborn SHS in Ghana.

Most Stubborn SHS in Ghana #7: Presbyterian Boys Senior High School

Presbyterian Boys Senior High School is another great school that was also founded by the church. The school was originally located in Odumase- Krobo before moving to its current location in Legon.

The school has been in existence for well over 80 years. And like most of the schools mentioned above, the boys of Presbyterian High School have a bad reputation. So bad that there seems to be no possibility of a remedy.

People know the boys for getting into all kinds of mischief when out of school. What makes this worse is that they do so even in their school uniforms. That way, everyone who sees them can recognize them and the school they are coming from.

That is why Presbyterian Boys High School is one of the most stubborn SHS in Ghana.

Most Stubborn SHS in Ghana #8: Kumasi Technical Institute (KTI)

Kumasi Technical Institute is a co-educational second-cycle technical school in Kumasi in the Ashanti Region of Ghana. The school was established in 1976 with support from the government of Ghana.

This school, for many reasons, is one of the most stubborn SHS in Ghana. The students of the school are notorious for engaging in anti-social activities.

In 2009, for instance, at least twelve students sustained varying degrees of injuries after final-year students of KTI staged a violent demonstration on the institute’s campus.

Guess the reason behind the protest?

The students protested over what they described as an attack on a final-year student of the school by a teacher for wearing a ‘non-prescribed’ uniform.

Just imagine…

Are The Above-mentioned Schools Really Bad?

The truth is that most of the schools we have discussed are really not bad in the general sense. All I have done is to discuss them in light of our topic, “The most stubborn SHS in Ghana”.

Actually, most of the schools are among the best in the country in terms of facilities, personnel and academic standards.

However, because they absorb a high population of students from diverse backgrounds, they have the good, the bad and the ugly.

So it is not possible that all the students will conform or live up to society’s standards. Each of them exhibits traits consistent with their socio-economic backgrounds.

But whatever be the case, the Ghana Education Service is actively regulating all public and private schools in the country. So there are minimum standards that every school must attain and sustain.


This article looks at the most stubborn SHS in Ghana. Our goal for writing it is not to tarnish the image or reputation of any SHS.

Rather, the goal is to educate you on the various schools that are perceived as stubborn and to tell you the reason behind such perception.

This is purely for informational purposes. And we trust that you found it both informative and useful.

You can always use the comments section to share your thoughts with us.

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See you in the next post.

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