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Male Child is More Important than a Female Child Debate

In this series of articles, we are going to be exploring a type of essay called argumentative essays. It is what many people refer to as debates. We’d be looking at various topics, not necessarily to prove any point, but purely for academic purposes especially for primary and secondary school students sharpening their public speaking skills in various debating societies. Today, we are going to look at the topic: “Male child is more important than a female child debate.” As much as possible, we shall look at arguments for and against the motion so that students will be able to pick points regardless of the side they are arguing from.

Male Child is More Important than a Female Child Debate

Meaning of Debate

Debate is like a friendly argument where people share their opinions about something. They take turns talking, trying to convince others that their point of view is the best. It’s a way to discuss and understand different sides of an issue.

So the goal of a debate is not necessarily to produce a winning side. Rather, it is to extensively discuss an issue from different perspectives with the aim of understanding it holistically.

In the next few sections, I will show you some of the points people raise when they argue that a male child is more important than a female child in a family. I will also give you some opposing points with which others argue against the motion. Thereafter, I will give you sample debates on the topic as a guide to crafting your own if you need to.

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Male Child is more Important than a Female Child Debate

Let’s look at the points with which you can either argue for the motion or against it.

Points Arguing for the Motion which states that a male child is more important than a female child

  1. The male children carry the family name from generation to generation, so that the family name and heritage does not die.
  2. Male children are usually the bread winners and overall providers in the family both nuclear and extended.
  3. The male child takes over from his father when he is no more.
  4. Male children are stronger than their female counterparts physiologically. So the family depends on them to take care of strenuous house chores.
  5. Male children are cheaper and easier to raise when it comes to hygiene and clothing.
  6. Traditionally, there are roles that are only reserved for males in the society.
  7. Some cultures just have inexplicable preference for male children. The reason is not far from wanting a male heir to sustain the family name and secure the family’s inheritance and future.

Boy is Better than Girl Quotes

“A boy comes to me with a spark of interest, I feed the spark and it becomes a flame. I feed the flame and it becomes a fire. I feed the fire and it becomes a roaring blaze.” ~ Cus D’Amato.

“Boys are sent out into the world to buffet with its temptations, to mingle with bad and good, to govern and direct – girls are to dwell in quiet homes among few friends, to exercise a noiseless influence.” ~ Elizabeth Missing Sewell

“BOYS are like alcohol, you throw them up when you’ve had too much. GIRLS are like coffee, you throw them away when they are not HOT ANYMORE.” ~ Unknown

“Boys insult each other, but they really don’t mean it. Girls compliment each other but they don’t mean it either.” ~ Unknown

Points Arguing Against the Motion which states that a male child is more important than a female child

  1. In the face of current harsh economic realities, female children contribute to the family’s economic stability through different income-generating activities.
  2. Female children are more useful at home in terms of helping around with chores.
  3. Most female children turn out to be more responsible, more reliable and even more sensible.
  4. In terms of education, female children are more important than their male counterparts because if you educate a male child you educate just one person but when you educate a female child you educate the nation. The reason is because they will impact that knowledge to their children, neighbors and so on.
  5. A son is a son until he gets a wife. But a daughter is a daughter all of her life.
  6. Female children provide social security to their parents in their old age by taking care of them.
  7. Female children form alliances and strengthen social bonds between families through marriage.

Girl is Better than Boy Quotes

“I don’t think women are better than men, I think men are a lot worse than women.” —Louis C. K.

“Once made equal to man, woman becomes his superior.” —Socrates

“I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men; they are far superior and always have been.”  —William Golding

“You see a lot of smart guys with dumb women but you hardly ever see a smart woman with a dumb guy.”  —Erica Jong

A Sample Debate Supporting the Motion that Male Child is More Important than a Female Child Debate

Good morning, Mr. Chairman, Panel of Judges, accurate time-keeper, co-debaters, Ladies and Gentlemen. I am Prince Mojeed representing SSS II. I am here to support the motion that states, “A male child is more important than a female child.” Here are my strong reasons.

Firstly, male children play a crucial role in carrying forward the family name and heritage from generation to generation. It is through them that the lineage remains intact, ensuring that the family’s legacy endures through time.

Secondly, in many societies, male children are traditionally seen as the primary breadwinners and providers for both nuclear and extended families. Their role as providers is essential for the economic stability and well-being of the family unit.

Furthermore, the male child often assumes the responsibility of taking over from his father when he is no longer able to fulfill his duties. This continuity ensures the smooth transition of leadership and the preservation of family traditions and values.

Physiologically, male children are generally stronger than their female counterparts, making them better suited for strenuous household chores and physical labor. Their strength and endurance are relied upon for tasks that require physical exertion which is often needed for the smooth functioning of the family unit.

Lastly, when considering the economic aspect, it is often believed that male children are cheaper and easier to raise compared to female children. Parents don’t need to spend money buying pads, wigs, bras, weavons, nails, and so on.

In conclusion, the importance of male children cannot be understated, as they play multifaceted roles in upholding family heritage, providing economic stability, assuming leadership positions, contributing to physical labor, and easing the financial burden on the family. For these reasons, we firmly support the motion that a male child is more important than a female child. Thank you.

A Sample Debate Opposing the Motion that Female Children are more Beneficial to their Parents than Male Children

Good morning, Mr. Chairman, esteemed Panel of Judges, time-keeper, fellow debaters, Ladies, and Gentlemen. I am Prince Mojeed representing SSS I, and I strongly oppose the motion that “female children are more beneficial to their parents than male children.”

It is widely recognized that male children offer more benefits to their parents compared to female children. Here’s why:

Firstly, male children are generally stronger than females, leading them to undertake more strenuous tasks and work harder. While some argue that females excel in the kitchen, it’s important to note that male children can also contribute effectively, depending on how they are trained. However, tasks like splitting firewood with an axe are typically reserved for male children due to their physical strength.

Secondly, maintaining female children in the family tends to be more costly. Male children are usually content with fewer clothing items, while females often request numerous additional items, leading to higher expenses for their upkeep.

Thirdly, female children typically change their surname upon marriage, relinquishing their maiden name. In contrast, male children retain and uphold their family name throughout their lives, ensuring its continuity.

In many cultures, male children are regarded as the backbone of the family, inheriting their father’s responsibilities and upholding the family’s reputation. Conversely, female children marry into another family, shifting their focus to their husband’s household.

Lastly, the notion that female children care for their parents in old age is not entirely accurate. Male children often take charge of their father’s household, maintaining close ties with their parents and addressing their needs firsthand.

In conclusion, I believe that the arguments presented demonstrate the greater benefits male children offer to their parents compared to female children. Thank you.

Final Thoughts

Don’t forget that debate is like a friendly battle of ideas that helps both the participants and audience to understand different viewpoints, learn new things and improve their communication skills. So, whether you are proposing or opposing, agreeing or disagreeing, debating is a great way to grow and connect with others.

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