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  1. Good day Sir I scored 191 in my jamb and i applied for Post utme UNN this year under Radiography what are my chances of getting the course

  2. Good day sir, please I would like to know what novels and poems will be asked on for UNN PUTME

    • I’m sorry the school does not provide such information for candidates.

      I will advise you to cover the texts in your current JAMB syllabus and read other aspects of Literature.

  3. Can one change his/her course in unn after uploading

  4. Attama Cynthia Chioma

    Please sir am in nsukka how do I get a copy of your book. And I hope that all I will need, to get ready for the Exam is there.

  5. Pls sir can I do without chemistry in weac to enter faculty of agriculture unn

  6. sir, is the date for unn 2021/2022 post-utme out and what’s the cut-off for med surg

  7. Please sir what’s the subject combination for geology

  8. Can I use English, government, economic and Islamic studies as my jamb combination for political science and international relations when applying for NDA

    • I don’t know if Islamic studies can go for a social science subject in NDA. You may need to contact the school to be sure.

  9. Does UNN repeat post utme questions???

  10. Sir pls do you have online tutorial for unnpost utme

  11. Sir please what’s cut off Mark for science lab tech in unn

  12. Sir please is the scholarship still on
    Or is there another scholarship next year

  13. Having 232 in jamb do I stand a chance to study medicine

    • Your JAMB score is very low. If your prospective school is UNN, target scoring 370+ in the Post UTME Screening exam.

      That would give you an aggregate of 300+ and a chance to be admitted into medicine and surgery.

  14. Sir is the admission still on

  15. Sir please ,, do you have any idea on when UNN screening registration will commence..??

    • We don’t know the exact date for now.

      • Hello sir which of the universities will be given admission andwhat course would I be given with 2.53CGPA

        • Hello, thanks for visiting our site.

          Please repost your question in a way that you can be given a useful answer.

          For example, it’s not every university I mention that you can attend. It’s not every course I mention that you can study. Etc

  16. Good evening Sir please I just found out about this great opportunity today,and I made all my papers, please is tomorrow too late to register?

    • If it’s Orji Uzor Kalu Foundation scholarship opportunity that you are talking about, the deadline is 20th of September, 2021.

      Since application is just about submission of documents to the foundation’s email address, you can submit after the deadline if you feel you need to. There’s no harm in trial.

  17. Thunder Ebubechukwu

    Good evening Sir, is awaiting results for Neco allowed.

  18. My name is Precious Peter,a student of Gss Gwagwalada.I am about entering ss3.Please am I eligible for the scholarship???

  19. Raphael mmaduabrochi

    Sir please do you know utme highest aspirant that apply in UNN

  20. Good morning Sir.
    Please one of your previous replies stated that Direct Entry candidates can apply.

    But I reached the Orji Kalu Secretary through the phone number and was told the scholarship is for those starting from 100 level.

    • Yes, that’s exactly what she said. If you are willing to start from 100 level, you can apply.

      • Okoli Josephine ifeyinwa

        Pls how do I start this? Do u have any email or through this page.? Hw do I send the photocopy of my waec to u people and what else is required?

        • This is an information website. You are not sending anything to us.

          If you are interested in any scholarship shared on this website, go to the specific page and read the eligibility criteria and use the given link to apply/send your documents.

  21. Sir! Please can I register for the scholarship programme with awaiting result???

  22. Raphael mmaduabrochi

    When is next year jamb going to commence

  23. Can two sitting be used

  24. Sir pleace how l apply for this scholarship application for 2023

  25. How can I apply this scholarship

  26. Sir, please I’m trying to generate my acceptance fee invoice from UNN and it’s writing that my registration number does not exist. What should I do sir

  27. Please sir I want to know if there’s any update on upcoming post utme in unn ?

  28. Sir I got 254in my jamb and I want to go for pharmacy in unn but people keep saying it’s all about knowing somebody ,pls sir I need advice on how to make my dreams a reality

    • Admission into UNN is not all about knowing somebody. It’s first of all about MERIT.

      Prepare well for your post UTME, let your average score exceed the cut off mark for your course and you’d see your name on the primary list.

  29. Atanda Favour Ayodeji

    I did Jamb mop up examination this year and till mow i haven’t seen my result
    What do i do

  30. Good evening sir, please i aspire to study medicine and surgery in unn but am having a very low score of 232, if i am able to exceed 300 in the post utme will they consider me?

    • With your low JAMB score, your target shouldn’t just be to exceed 300.

      Target exceeding 360 if you want to stand a good chance for medicine and surgery in UNN.

  31. Please what is the cut off mark for unn 2021?
    I checked I saw something else..

  32. Can I apply for the schorlarship program even when I haven’t gained my admission letter yet into any of the listed universities?

  33. Sir please if you have an aggregate score that is far more above the cut off of the course u put(due to fear of failure),will UNN give u a higher course or can u do shopping to another higher course like medicine and surgery or pharmacy 🙏🙏

    • It doesn’t work that way.

      If your aggregate exceeds the cut off mark of the course you chose, it means you are qualified for it and you will be admitted into it.

  34. Sir please 🙏,is it possible for someone to pass the cut off mark for a particular course and yet he/she won’t be given admission for the course

    • It’s not supposed to be possible.

      Where it happens, it might be because the candidate did not meet other entry requirements for the course for example, the candidate may have a deficient SSCE result; or it might be an omission in which case the candidate is expected to go to the admissions office and sort it out.

  35. Sir please can I combined my waec and neco results??I got 250 in jamb and am going for medicine and surgery Please what are my chances 🙏, please I need advice 🙌🙌

    • With combined WAEC and NECO results, you’ve got ZERO chance for medicine and surgery. The college does not accept combined results.

      You are advised to change your course.

  36. Amadi Thankgod prince

    Please am Amadi Thankgod prince by name my question is that how can I get to apply for medicine and surgery because that’s what I want to study but I don’t know how to go about it

    • Just buy JAMB form when the sales begin and apply for medicine and surgery in any school of your choice that offers the course.

      You can visit a JAMB CBT registration center near you.

  37. Please what is the cut off mark of biochemistry & microbiology in unn?

  38. Good day

    Please I have four questions.

    FIRSTLY, Please how will winners be chosen?. What if you gain admission into your desired school for medicine and surgery but don’t have A’s in the three subjects,is there still a chance for you? Or is the choosing of the winners before the gaining it the admission

    SECONDLY, the purchase of the jamb and post utme, will it be for everyone that applies or just the selected 50

    THIRDLY, does being an indigene of the stated states give one an edge for the scholarship?

    FINALLY, can those who are willing to go via direct entry also apply? Or it’s just for those starting from year one

    • The selection process will be determined by the foundation. An A grade in Physics, Chemistry and Biology is only an added advantage.

      Every candidate is expected to be responsible and pursue their admission as they ought. The foundation would not influence anything.

      The scholarship is for Nigerians regardless of state of origin. The important thing is to gain admission into medicine and surgery in any of the selected institutions.

      Direct Entry candidates can apply.

      • Please sir I want to be clarified. I can apply as direct entry to start from YEAR TWO?
        So it’s not compulsory to start from YEAR ONE.

        And this means I would be using my first degree to gain the admission and not writing jamb all over.

        Can I also add the details of the first degree in my self Introduction letter?


        • No one gains admission into the university as SECOND YEAR.

          If you are entering via the Direct Entry mode, you start from 200 level in your first year.

          It’s not necessary to talk about your first degree in your letter of self introduction.

        • Okay thank you for the clarification Sir.
          I’ve sent my email for hours now, yet no reply has been gotten

  39. Thompson George IFEANYI

    I tried sending my deamtails and result to the email address but it kept on bouncing back with a message saying it is blocked and rejected, please why and how do I rectify it?

    • Check if you are entering the email well. Ensure there is no typo, and try again.

      Once you send it, you will get an automatic response acknowledging that they have received your mail.

  40. Pls how do I register for the examination..

  41. Can I type and snap a copy of my WAEC result with my phone and send it through email or I need to go to the cyber cafe

  42. After the submission of credential, how can one knows he or she is selected

    • The foundation will contact them.

      Ensure that you include all necessary details in your self introduction letter.

      • Adio Hope Boluwatife

        Please how can i getregister ed

        • If you are talking about the OUK Foundation Scholarship, Apply by submitting the required documents to the scholarship foundation.


          ● Photocopy of West African Examination Council(WAEC) or National Examination Council (NECO).

          ● Self introduction letter of maximum of 200 words.

          SUBMISSION TIMELINE: August 20th, 2021 — September 20th, 2021.

          Documents should be mailed to


  43. Aleem Qowiyah Omolola

    Can the organizer change the participants, they should allow the students that are writing waec presently to also participate. Because it can give chance for them to prepare hard for it. And also the maximum number of students writing waec presently are large or many.

    • You need to also consider the large number of admission seekers who already have their WAEC or NECO result.

      They are the ones this opportunity is meant for not those still writing their SSCE.

  44. Aleem Qowiyah Omolola

    Good day, I have a question, we are currently writing our senior waec , and it was written that the dead line is on the 20th of September. And we finishing by October before the result comes out it will be by November. Can we still submit it by then or what are we going to do?

  45. Sir why is it only science student
    Commercial student are not part

  46. Can students who are presently writing there waec now participate.

  47. I am in 4 year
    I have not done my clearance,is there any effect.

  48. How do I apply ?

    • Apply by submitting the required documents to the scholarship foundation.


      ● Photocopy of West African Examination Council(WAEC) or National Examination Council (NECO).

      ● Self introduction letter of maximum of 200 words.

      SUBMISSION TIMELINE: August 20th, 2021 — September 20th, 2021.

      Documents should be mailed to


  49. Pls sir can I combine my Waec & Neco results for a sitting in this program?

  50. What if you have written jamb this year and pass the cutoff marks to Delta state University and you are still writing waec what then do I do to switch into the university listed for medicine and surgery

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