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Government JAMB Questions and Answers 2024 [Revealed!]

This is for UTME Candidates looking for JAMB Government Questions and Answers 2024. Especially for those aspiring for Law, Pub Admin, Political Science and other art courses. Here you will get genuine Government JAMB questions and answers for 2024. Your duty now is to read through them as many times as possible and get ready to smash your Government paper.

JAMB Government questions and answers 2024

What are JAMB Government Questions and Answers 2024

JAMB Government Questions and Answers 2024 are the questions you should expect in your Government paper in 2024 UTME, together with their answers.

It is very important that every candidate preparing to sit for Government in the forthcoming 2024 JAMB examination should catch a glimpse of these questions.

In so doing, they will know what to expect in the JAMB CBT hall. Knowing exactly what to expect will boost their confidence and guarantee them a very high score.

JAMB Government Questions and Answers 2024 Revealed!

On this page, we shall reveal JAMB Government Questions and Answers 2024 for all candidates taking the Government paper.

How lucky you are to stumble upon this important page!

The questions are genuine and the answers are accurate, and all are a product of our passion to see you excel in your JAMB and gain admission at last.

In the following sections, you will read the Government questions you are to expect in your 2024 JAMB exam as well as their answers. You can use the comments section if you still need clarification over some of the questions. We will give you a more detailed explanation.

JAMB is a very serious examination. You will answer 40 questions in JAMB Government 2024 within 26 minutes. So it’s important that you pay attention to the information revealed on this page.

JAMB Government Questions and Answers 2024 [Numbers 1 – 10]

1. The fees collected by local governments at motor parks represents
A. levies
B. fines
C. income tax
D. user charge

2. The first Nigerian Permanent Representative to the United Nations was
A. Alhaji Yusuf Maitama Sule
B. General Joseph Garba
C. Professor Ibrahim Gambari
D. Chief Samuel Adebo

3. The main legislative body in Nigeria between 1966 and 1975 was the
A. Supreme Military Council
B. Armed Forces Ruling Council
C. Provisional Ruling Council
D. National Security Council

4. A meeting of the legislature is usually brought to an end with
A. a dissolution
B. an adjournment
C. suspension
D. a prorogation

5. The Structural Adjustment Programme was introduced by the
A. Babangida regime
B. Abacha regime
C. Murtala/Obasanjo regime
D. Buhari regime

6. Which of the following justifies the Afro-centric foreign policy of Nigeria?
A. Her location in the West African sub-region.
B. Her colonization by a foreign power.
C. Her physical size, population and resource endowments.
D. Her ability to contribute to peace keeping missions.

7. Financial allocations to local governments by the federal or the state government to supplement the cost of a project is called
A. revenue allocation
B. reimbursement
C. statutory allocation
D. matching grant

8. Unicameralism is a feature of the legislature in
A. Israel
B. the United Kingdom
C. the United States
D. Ghana

9. In which of the following is the ceremonial and executive powers fused?
A. Presidential system of government
B. Federal system of government
C. Parliamentary system of government
D. Unitary system of government

10. Power differs from influence in that it is
A. persuasive while influence is directive.
B. coercive while influence is harmful.
C. coercive while influence is persuasive.
D. arrogant while influence is corruptive.

Answers to Government Question Number 1 – 10

1.A   2.B   3.A   4.D   5.A
6.D   7.D   8.D   9.A   10.C

JAMB Government Questions and Answers 2024 [Numbers 11 – 20]

11. Political behavior is governed by
A. political socialization B. political ideology
C. political economy D. political culture

12. The approval of treaties and agreements of the Economic Community of West African States is the responsibility of the
A. Secretariate
B. Council of Ministers
C. ECOWAS Tribunal
D. Assembly of Heads of State and Government

13. The charter of the United Nations was drawn up in
A. New York
B. San Franciso
C. Washington DC
D. Los Angeles

14. Southern Nigeria was divided into Eastern and Western provinces for administrative purposes in
A. 1935          B. 1937
C. 1939          D. 1941

15. Prior to 1976, local governments were
A. part of the state government machinery
B. autonomous bodies concerned with local affairs
C. grassroots agents of the federal government
D. administrative instruments of the Native Authority

16. An electoral system in which the candidate who receives the largest number of votes wins is
A. the preferential ballot
B. the second ballot
C. proportional system
D. plurality system

17. Which of the following groups advocated political union of African states?
A. the congo group
B. the brazzaville group
C. the casablanca group
D. the monrovia group

18. A government controlled by a few people for their own interest is said to be
A. an oligarchy
B. a meritocracy
C. a tyranny
D. an autocracy

19. One major democratic innovation in local government administration introduced by the Babangida regime was the
A. appointment of portfolio councillors
B. appointment of retired military officers as sole administrators.
C. selection of heads of personnel management departments from the councillors.
D. separation of powers between the executive and legislative arms of the councils.

20. Imperialism was adopted by Europe to
A. expand its economic and political base.
B. develop the economies of the colonies.
C. establish a democratic society similar to that of Europe.
D. end ethnic rivalries in the colonies.

Answers to Government Question Number 11 – 20

11.D 12.D 13.D 14.C 15.A
16.D 17.C 18.A 19.D 20.A

JAMB Government Questions and Answers 2024 [Numbers 21 – 30]

21. Which of the following pairs of countries were trust countries of the United Nations?
A. Tanganyika and Ghana
B. Cameroon and Niger
C. Togo and Namibia
D. Botswana and Zaire

22. Which of the following traditional political systems was segmentary?
A. Kanem Bornu
B. Benin
C. Igbo
D. Yoruba

23. The countries in which Nigeria participated in the ECOMOG peace-keeping operations were
A. Liberia and Guinea
B. Sierra Leone and Coted’Ivoire
C. Senegal and Coted’Ivoire
D. Liberia and Sierra Leone

24. The headquarters of the International Court of Justice is in
A. Paris B. The Hague
C. London D. Washington DC

25. The constitution that introduced restricted franchise into Nigeria politics was the
A. Independence Constitution
B. Lyttleton Constitution
C. Richard Constitution
D. Clifford Constitution

26. To qualify for absorption into the administrative cadre of the civil service in Nigeria, an applicant must be
A. knowledgeable in civil service rules
B. holder of a first university degree
C. specifically trained in public administration
D. senior civil servant

27. The central point of capitalism, as expounded by Karl Marx, is that
A. capitalists’ profit is the surplus value obtained from workers labour
B. workers are inherently incapable of being owners of their labour
C. capitalists shall always increase workers earning capacity through wages
D. capitalists shall always readily consent to workers’ welfare demands

28. The notion of equality before the law is the same as the principle of
A. supremacy of the constitution
B. rule of law
C. independence of the judiciary
D. social equality

29. Federalism was adopted in Nigeria as a constitutional response to the problem of
A. educational imbalance
B. national identity
C. ethnic pluralism
D. manpower and resources

30. The Willink Commission was set up to
A. solve boundary problems
B. review revenue allocation formula
C. examine issues relating to the welfare of groups
D. draw up a new constitution

Answers to Government Question Number 21 – 30

21.C   22.C  23.D   24.B   25.D
26.B   27.A  28.B   29.C   30.C

JAMB Government Questions and Answers 2024 [Numbers 31 – 40]

31. The change in the role of traditional rulers in local government administration in Nigeria can be attributed to the
A. 1976 local government reforms
B. involvement of the military in politics
C. lack of support for the traditional rulers by the citizens
D. 1988 civil service reforms

32. A sovereign state is one
A. Whose constitution can only be changed by a military government
B. Where its citizens can speak without fear or favour
C. In which sovereignty is invested in the military
D. Whose citizens are free to evade responsibility
E. Whose government decisions are made independent of sovereign interference

33. The resignation of the cabinet after a defeat in parliament is an expression of the principle of
A. political accountability
B. collective responsibility
C. checks and balances
D. rule of law

34. On what is charismatic authority based?
A. Inherited wealth and power
B. Tyrannical tendencies
C. Institutional processes
D. Personal ability and influence

35. In which order did the various European groups penetrate into the interior of present-day Nigeria?
A. Explorers, missionaries, traders and imperialists
B. Explorers, traders, missionaries and imperialists
C. Explorers, traders, imperialists and missionaries
D. Explorers, imperialists, traders and missionaries

36. A court order compelling the executive or its agencies to produce an unlawfully detained person is called a writ of
A. mandamus
B. subpoena
C. habeas corpus
D. injunction

37. King Williams Dappa Pepple was deposed and first sent to
A. London
B. Fernando Pole
C. Canary Island
D. Island Prison of Ascension

38. The traditions of a people that shape their government and politics represent their …
A. political culture
B. political ideology
C. political acculturation
D. political socialization

39. The main reason for the poor performance of the Public Complaints Commission in Nigeria is that
A. its activities are interfered with
B. it lacks adequate funds to play its roles
C. people have not been lodging complaints
D. it lacks the powers to prosecute offenders

40. The first institution introduced by the military to exercise legislative power was the
A. Supreme Military Council
B. Armed Forces Ruling Council
C. Federal Executive Council
D. Provisional Ruling Council

Answers to Government Question Number 31 – 40

31.A 32.E 33.B 34.D 35.B
36.C 37.B 38.A 39.D 40.A

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So here you have the 40 Government Questions you can expect in your 2024 JAMB examination. Read them again and again. Ensure that you get very familiar with each of them such that you can readily recognize them any time.

Remember that you can ask for more detailed explanation to any of the above questions in case you don’t fully understand it. Don’t be shy, just scroll down and use the comments section. Drop your questions and expect comprehensive answers as soon as possible.

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