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Junior WAEC 2024 Questions and Answers Home Economics

This is for BECE Candidates looking for Junior WAEC 2024 Questions and Answers Home Economics. The Home Economics paper is compulsory for all candidates regardless of their school. So, here you will get genuine Junior WAEC 2024 Questions and Answers for Home Economics. Your duty now is to read through them as many times as possible and get ready to smash your paper.

Junior WAEC 2024 Questions and Answers Home Economics

What are Junior WAEC 2024 Questions and Answers Home Economics?

Junior WAEC 2024 Questions and Answers Home Economics are the questions you should expect in your Home Economics paper in 2024 BECE, together with their answers.

It is very important that every candidate preparing to sit for in the forthcoming 2024 BECE examination should catch a glimpse of these questions.

In so doing, they will know what to expect in the exam hall. Knowing exactly what to expect will boost their confidence and guarantee them a very high score.

Junior WAEC 2024 Home Economics Questions and Answers Revealed!

On this page, we shall reveal Junior WAEC 2024 Questions and Answers for all candidates taking the Home Economics paper.

How lucky you are to stumble upon this important page!

The questions are genuine and the answers are accurate, and all are a product of our passion to see you excel in your BECE and proceed to Senior Secondary School.

In the following sections, you will read the Home Economics questions you are to expect in your 2024 Junior WAEC exam as well as their answers. You can use the comments section if you still need clarification over some of the questions. We will give you a more detailed explanation.

BECE is a very serious and important examination. You will answer 60 questions in BECE Home Economics 2024 within 2 hours. So it’s important that you pay attention to the information revealed on this page.

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Junior WAEC 2024 Questions and Answers Home Economics [Numbers 1 – 10]

1. Budget is normally based on
A. gross income
B. net income
C. total income
D. partial income

2. One of the following is NOT a source of family income.
A. Salaries         C. Debts
B. Wages           D. Gifts

3. An outlet of waste water is called a
A. drain         B. dart
C. bin            D. hole

4. Stubborn stains should NOT be removed from stoves and cookers with
A. coarse abrasive
B. mild abrasive
C. warm water
D. dish cloth

5. The process of removing water from wood before it is for construction is known as
A. drying            B. seasoning
C. warping          D. twisting

6. Which of the following does not belong to the group?
A. linoleum       B. rug
C. wood            D. mat

7. Improper threading of machine can lead to constant
A. breaking of cloth
B. stitching
C. Breaking of thread
D. Noise

8. When the foot is constantly wet, bacteria and fungi can grow in between the toes causing
A. corn             B. calluses
C. wet feet       D. Athlete’s foot

9. The natural marking or lines that appear on wood as designs or patterns are called……….of the wood
A. designs       B. grains
C. lines            D. patterns

10. One of these pests does not cause damage to wood.
A. Dry rot        B. Butterfly
C. Wet rot       D. Lice

Answers to Question Number 1 – 10

1.B   2.C   3.A   4.A   5.B   6.C   7.C   8.B   9.B   10.D

Junior WAEC 2024 Questions and Answers Home Economics [Numbers 11 – 20]

11. The nutrient that can insulate the body and keep it warm is…
A. fats and oil      B. starches
C. insulator          D. proteins

12. Kwashiorkor is a deficiency disease resulting from lack of…..
A. vitamins        B. protein
C. mineral         D. carbohydrates

13. Woollen materials are best washed by
A. kneading and squeezing
B. wringing and friction
C. friction and squeezing
D. wringing and kneading

14. The most complete form of rest is found in
A. relaxation      B. recreation
C. sleep             D. conversation

15. One of these is a natural fibre
A. Terylene        B. Silk
C. Polyester       D. Nylon

16. The needs of the family are classified into
A. personal and group
B. formal and informal
C. needs and necessities
D. Primary and secondary

17. Use rubbing or friction method when washing ….. fabric
A. white cotton        B. woolen
C. rayon                   D. silk

18. A light meal eaten between meals is called
A. break fast        B. dessert
C. lunch               D. snack

19. The …. Immunization should be given at birth
A. B.C.G
B. B.D.T.P
C. triple vaccine
D. smallpox vaccine

20. Which of the these is essential for a child suffering from rickets?
A. Protein            B. lodine
C. Vitamin A        D. Calcium

Answers to Question Number 11 – 20

11.A   12.D   13.A   14.C   15.B   16.D   17.A   18.D   19.A   20.D

Junior WAEC 2024 Questions and Answers Home Economics [Numbers 21 – 30]

21. Knives, spoons and forks in a table setting are collectively called
A. cruet            B. table set
C. cutlery         D. china ware

22. A family that includes aunts, uncles, grand parents, cousins and other relations is called family.
A. expensive         B. extended
C. extension         D. expanding

23. Which one of the following helps to reduce fatigue?
A. sleep          B. relaxation
C. routine       D. rest

24. The thin protective band of skin round the nails is called
A. skin           B. nail bed
C. cuticle       D. nail plate

25. Which one of the following is NOT true
A. flax plant linen
B. silkworm cotton
C. sheep wool
D. cellulose acetate

26. The ….. fabric is soft to touch and retains body heat.
A. cotton         B. linen
C. nylon           D. wool

27. The ……… period is the time when the baby (fetus) is in the mother’s womb.
A. weaning        B. delivery
B. gestation       D. abortion

28. The process of separating dirty cloths according to colours, or fabrics is called……
A. sorting
B. colour separation
C. fabric difference
D. laundry

29. Excessive bleeding may be caused by lack of vitamin.
A. C           B. A
C. B           D. K

30. Which option below is not a reason for starching clothes?
A. Restores natural stiffness
B. Improves the appearance of a dress
C. Adds extra stiffness
D. Weakness a material quickly

Answers to Question Number 21 – 30

21.C   22.B   23.D   24.C   25.D   26.D   27.B   28.A   29.D   30.D

Junior WAEC 2024 Questions and Answers Home Economics [Numbers 31 – 40]

31. Which of these are used in modern homes?
A. mud, tiles, terrazzo, marble
B. wood, bamboo, tiles, grass
C. tiles, terrazzo, concrete, marble
D. concrete, grass, marble, titles

32. Stagnant water breeds
A. files
B. mosquitoes
C. cockroach
D. bedbug

33. There are physical changes in boys and girls during the period of
A. ovulation         C. mating
B. puberty            D. courtship

34. Injuries sustained from hot liquids are called
A. burns          B. incision
C. scalds         D. abrasion

35. Excess body weight is known as
A. lordosis        B. scurvy
C. fat                D. obesity

36. An expensive type of glass, used mainly for decorations and table ware is Glass
A. crystal or cut
B. mirror or shine

37. The treatment given to wood after the article was made is called
A. finishing        C. shining
B. shoeing         D. barking

38. Infant health problems are best managed by ……
A. dentist
B. gynaecologist
C. paediatrician
D. physiotherapist

39. A dustpan is for
A. dusting powder
B. gathering refuse
C. gathering dust
D. sweeping

40. Glass is made up of these materials EXCEPT
A. sand       B. soda ash
C. line         D. ash

Answers to Question Number 31 – 40

31.C   32.B   33.B   34.C   35.D   36.A   37.A   38.C   39.B   40.D

Junior WAEC 2024 Questions and Answers Home Economics [Numbers 41 – 50]

41. Vitamins …. and ….. are water soluble vitamins.
A. B, D             B. B, C
C. A, B             D. C, D

42. The following are body measurement taken during dress making EXCEPT
A. Hip
B. Back bodice
C. Back width
D. Mape to waist

43. The joining line made when two pieces of cloth are stitched together is called
A. seam allowance
B. grain line
C. stitch
D. seam line

44. Spool pin is a part of sewing machine that is used to hold the …… in position.
A. bobbin-winder
B. needle
C. presser foot
D. machine thread

45. A small cap-like metal of plastic worn on the finger when sewing is called
B. thimble
A. needle
C. pin-cushion
D. tracer

46. Food cooked by …. digest easily
A. frying          B. boiling
C. stewing       D. steaming

47. Fats are …… at room temperature
A. liquid       B. solid
C. cool         D. good

48. The best flower arrangement for a dinning table is
A. crescent       B. vertical
C. oval              D. triangular

49. Surplus carbohydrates in the body is stored as ….. in body.
A. protein      B. fat
C. starch        D. vitamins

50. The field of study that deals with food we eat and how it nourishes the body.
A. nutrients         B. food technology
C. nutrition         D. nourishment

Answers to Question Number 41 – 50

41.B   42.C   43.D   44.D   45.B   46.A   47.B   48.A   49.B   50.C

Junior WAEC 2024 Questions and Answers Home Economics [Numbers 51 – 60]

51. Lemon or lime juice can be used for cleaning
A. copper       C. glass
B. gold            D. clothes

52. All these are types of temporal stitches EXPECT
A. Tailor’s tacks
B. Diagonal basting
C. Even basting
D. Running stitches

53. In planning meals it is important to make of food available in a particular
A. market         B. season
C. house          D. shop

54. Which of these is not a baking equipment
A. Casseroles
B. Oven gloves
C. Can opener
D. Pastery cutter

55. Which of the following is not a care method?
A. cleaning          B. steaming
C. toning             D. face packing

56. Fatigue is the state of being extremely
A. active        B. strong
C. weak         D. sick

57. Pick out the odd one in the group below
A. silk          B. cotton
C. wool       D. nylon

58. A good first aid for minor burns in the home is the application of
A. bandage
B. iodine
C. petroleum jelly
D. gentian violet

59. In preparing fruit drinks are
A. overripe fruits
B. unripe fruits
C. overripe and soft fruits
D. ripe and firm fruits

60. An energy giving food is one rich in
A. calcium
B. protein
C. carbohydrates
D. vitamins

Answers to Question Number 51 – 60

51.A   52.D   53.B   54.C   55.B   56.C   57.D   58.D   59.D   60.C


Answer all the questions in this section.

1. (a) State five methods of cooking
(b) State four methods of food preservation
(c) State the suitable method of preserving fish of the village

2. (a) State one function and one deficiency disease of the following vitamins:
(i) A      (ii) D      (iii) C

(b) List two sources of calcium.

(c) State one function of carbohydrate and protein respectively.

3. (a) What is a Layette?
(b) List any six items that are part of a layette.
(c) State four signs of pregnancy.
(d) Give any four reasons why anti-natal care is important

4. (a) Enumerate three ways respectively by which the following stains can be removed from cotton fabric
(i) Biro Ink
(ii) Palm oil

(b) List four characteristics of silk fabric.

Final Thoughts on Junior WAEC 2024 Questions and Answers Home Economics

So, above are the 60 objective Questions you can expect in your 2024 BECE Home Economics examination. The essay questions are also given. Read them again and again. Ensure that you get very familiar with each of them such that you can readily recognize them any time.

Remember that you can ask for more detailed explanation to any of the above Junior WAEC 2024 Questions and Answers Home Economics in case you don’t fully understand it. Don’t be shy, just scroll down and use the comments section. Drop your questions and expect comprehensive answers as soon as possible.

More so, you can help us to reach others with this post by sharing it with friends on Social Media sites. Just scroll down to see the Facebook and Twitter and WhatsApp buttons. Thank you so much!

See you on the next article.

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