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EXAM KING – The King of All Exam Runz

This post is about Exam King. So I will give you all the information you need about Exam King and their mode of operation. including the correct website apart from www exam king com. I will also show you how to obtain the exam king pin. Of course, this is for candidates preparing for JAMB, WAEC, NECO, GCE and NABTEB. Therefore, this will meet your search for Exam King JAMB, Exam King WAEC, Exam King NECO and so on.

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What is Exam King?

Exam King is the name of a Nigerian online platform that is into examination runz. That is what many people call expo. The platform has been around for over a decade and has earned an excellent reputation for itself as far as service delivery is concerned.

So they are in the business of helping students from Nigeria and some other parts of West Africa to pass their external examinations.

The examinations that Exam King gallantly covers include: JAMB, WAEC, NECO, GCE and NABTEB. According to countless testimonies of their subscribers, Exam King is reliable when it comes to excellent and timely delivery of exam questions and answers.

They are also known to deliver accurate and error-proof answers.

Is there an examination you have written for several years without success? Are you a first timer but wish to clear your papers at one sitting? Do you wish not to repeat JAMB next year?

If your answer is YES, then it’s time to subscribe to Exam King with your full chest.

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Exam King Subscription

So in order to benefit from the services of Exam King, you have to subscribe. As you already know, Exam King covers a lot of examinations. It is by subscribing that you indicate the particular exam you are preparing for, the subjects and other necessary information.

These information help them to give you the best service ever.

In view of these, I will show you what subscription entails for different examinations in the following sections.

Exam King JAMB 2023 Subscription Price list

For JAMB 2023, Exam King has three (3) categories of subscription. They include: VIP plan, Normal plan and Bulk subscription.

Of course, there are different prices for the different plans

(i) VIP PLAN: N15,000
(ii) NORMAL PLAN: N8,000
(iii) BULK SUB: N170,000

It is left for the candidates or agents to choose which plan best suits them.

Exam King JAMB CBT Assistance Mode of Payment

The mode of payment for JAMB 2023 CBT assistance is bank deposit. So all interested subscribers are to pay into Exam King’s official bank account at WEMA BANK.

After payment, text (sms) the following details to Exam King:

(1) your name
(2) amount paid
(3) your four UTME subjects
(4) your phone number
(5) JAMB registration number (if available)

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Exam King Requirements from JAMBites

There are FOUR very important things that Exam King requires from each JAMB candidate. You must endeavor to make these requirements available. Otherwise, Exam King will not be able to effectively fulfill their obligation to you as a subscriber.

So what are these requirements? They are your:

(1.) JAMB Registration Number
(2.) Center Number
(3.) Four UTME Subjects
(4.) Exam Date and Time

ExamKing WAEC, NECO and GCE Midnight Runs

In recent times, many universities now admit candidates on the basis of their JAMB scores and O’level grades rather than Post UTME exams.

On account of that, candidates with A’s and B’s stand better chances than their counterparts with C’s. This is a very important information, just in case you weren’t aware.

So you need correct A’s and B’s in your WAEC, NECO or GCE especially in your core subjects. A good way to ensure this by subscribing to Exam King for real answers.

Exam King delivers WAEC, NECO and GCE answers through WhatsApp, online password link and SMS. They do this on the midnight to the day of the exam.

List of Available O’level Subjects for ExamKing Runs

The following subjects are available for runs at Exam King:

  • English, Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Further Math, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry.
  • Literature, Government, Geography, Economics, Commerce, Accounting, CRK, Civic Education, Marketing.

and so on.

Exam King WAEC, NECO and GCE Subscription Packages

Because of individual differences and peculiar needs, Exam King has different subscription packages for SSCE. I will list them for you below so that you can go through, select the one that suits you and make payment.

1. Bulk and Group WhatsApp Answers:

Contact Exam King via WhatsApp for inquiries.

2. All Science Answers:

The cost of getting all the Science Questions and Answers with Practicals cost is #5,000.

3. All Art Answers:

The cost of getting all the Arts Questions and Answers with Practicals cost is #5,000.

4. All Commercial Answers:

The cost of getting all the Commercial Questions and Answers with Practicals cost is #5,000.

5. School Owners and Webmasters:

Exam King understands that there are school owners and webmasters who may have interest in getting the questions and answers for all subjects. So there is also a package for them.

People in this category are to pay N15,000 to get all the questions and answers.

However, there are further arrangements for those who wish to pay per subject. This costs N500 only, but English and Math costs N1,000 each.

Exam King.Net Pin

For all the candidates for different examinations looking for Exam King.Net Pin, you need to follow the descriptions above to get the Exam King Pin. You must make the necessary payment and fulfill every other requirements before you can get the pin.

Is www exam king com the Right Web Address for this Platform?

No. www exam king com is not the correct website of Exam King. Make no mistakes about this.

The correct website address for Exam King is If you want to visit the website for further information, you can copy the link and place on the address bar of your browser. Click the Enter/Go button on your device and the website will load for you.

On the website, you can get Exam King phone number and bank account details for subscription.


We have come to the end of this informative article. I trust that it is very helpful.

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