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How to Migrate to MTN Beta Talk for Free

This post is about how to migrate to MTN beta talk plan for free. So I will take some time to show you the MTN Beta Talk code and three other ways you can migrate to MTN Beta Talk Plan from any other plan you are currently on. I will also tell you what MTN Beta Talk Plan is all about. Thereafter, I will show you the many benefits of being on the MTN Beta Talk Plan.

how to migrate to MTN Beta Talk for free

MTN Beta Talk

Are you an MTN subscriber? Do you want to start enjoying the incredible reward of 500% bonus on airtime and data for every recharge less than N100?

Have you heard of that MTN tariff plan that triples your airtime every time you recharge? Did you hear that there is an MTN tariff plan that gives subscribers additional data bonuses to browse their favorite Social media networks?

MTN Beta Talk is that amazing tariff plan!

It is a tariff plan that allows customers to connect with friends, family and business partners for seamless communication. More so, the plan gives you free data to browse the Internet all day long; plus free airtime.

That’s simply amazing if you ask me.

Of course, this is Nigeria where people love free things. We call it awuf. MTN understands Nigerians and their needs perfectly. That’s why they have launched the MTN Beta Talk.

But MTN really went all out on this tariff plan. I mean the freebies loaded in the plan are simply too much. Little wonder millions of subscribers of the network giant are in search of how to migrate to MTN Beta Talk tariff plan. Many are looking for the MTN Beta Talk code here and there. I’m sure you are on this page because you do not want to be left out.

If that is true, then you did well visiting this page. I’m going to give you the MTN Beta Talk code. But beyond that, I will also show you three easy ways to migrate to the plan, the benefits and how to get bonuses.

So just keep reading…

About MTN Beta Talk Tariff Plan

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What exactly is MTN Beta Talk Tariff Plan?

MTN BetaTalk is a prepaid tariff plan that rewards subscribers with a 500% (250% airtime bonus and an additional 250% data) bonus on EVERY recharge less than N100. The plan also rewards subscribers with 20MB and above in addition to the 250% airtime bonus when they recharge from N100 and above.

Now let me break this down the way you can easily understand it. It means that if you subscribe to MTN Beta Talk, you will be eligible to enjoy over 2X (250%) of the amount you recharge as airtime bonus and also over 2X (250%) of the same amount as data bonus. You can use the airtime bonus to call all networks and you can also use the data bonus to browse the Internet at any time of the day.

The MTN Beta Talk is one plan that offers very cheap call and SMS rate. It also gives you access to special data bundles where you can purchase data plans relatively cheap.

The good news is that MTN Beta Talk tariff plan is available to all MTN subscribers. So both old and new customers are eligible to migrate the plan and start enjoying amazing bonuses. Once you migrate successfully, you will start getting a free 10MB monthly data bonus on your first recharge or first call of the month.

How to Migrate to MTN Beta Talk for Free

how to migrate to mtn beta talk for free

One good thing about MTN Beta Talk is that migration is absolutely free. Another really good thing about the plan is that there are several different methods to migrate.

The methods you can use to migrate to MTN Beta Talk include the SMS method, USSD code method, MTN App, MTN ChatBot, and the MTN website.

But before you attempt migrating to MTN Beta Talk Plan, you need to check and verify that you are not already on the same plan.

How do I know if I’m on MTN Beta Talk?

To check if you’re on the MTN Beta Talk tariff plan, simply dial *123*1*2# or just dial *123# and then follow the instructions.

How to Migrate to MTN Beta Talk Via SMS

To migrate to MTN Beta talk via SMS, simply;

  • Text BT to 131

That’s how to migrate to MTN Beta Talk using the SMS method.

Now, let’s see other methods.

How to Migrate to MTN Beta Talk Via the MTN Beta Talk Code

This involves using code to migrate to MTN Beta Talk. So if you are interested in this method, *123*2*1# is the code to migrate to MTN Beta Talk tariff plan.

Alternatively, you can follow the steps below to activate MTN Beta Talk via SMS.

  1. Dial *123#
  2. Reply with the option for “Tariff Plans”.
  3. Select option 1 for Beta Talk
  4. Then select option 1 again to migrate to Beta Talk.

What is MTN BetaTalk Code?

The Beta Talk code is *123*2*1#. Alternatively, you can also text BT to 131 to migrate to MTN BetaTalk tariff plan.

How to Migrate to MTN Beta Talk Via myMTN App

The myMTN App is another channel through which subscribers can seamlessly migrate to MTN Beta Talk. The steps are very simple.

  • Download the myMTN App to your mobile device.
  • Login to myMTN App.
  • Select Other Plans
  • Finally, select BetaTalk.

If you follow the steps above, the system will migrate you from your current tariff plan to MTN BetaTalk.

How to Migrate to MTN Beta Talk Via MTN Web

There is also the option of migrating to MTN Beta Talk plan via the MTN website. Again the steps are very simple. But you would need an Internet-enabled device to do it.

  • Visit
  • Enter your phone number.
  • Enter OTP and select ‘Proceed’.
  • On the top right corner of the home page, click your name.
  • Select My Plan.
  • Thereafter, select Other Plans.
  • Then click on MTN BetaTalk.

That’s all there is to it. So if you followed the steps above, the system will migrate you to MTN Beta Talk.

Benefits of MTN Beta Talk

The following benefits await you when you migrate to the MTN Beta Talk plan.

  1. You will get a 250% airtime bonus and 250% data bonus on every recharge less than N100.
  2. You will also get a data bonus of 20MB and above in addition to the 250% airtime bonus on recharge of N100 and above. The data bonus will be in multiples of 20MB.
  3. You will have the privilege of buying special data bundles of 40MB for N50 and 250MB for N200.
  4. Free 10MB Monthly Data Bonus on the First Recharge or First Call of the month.
  5. Bonuses are valid for 7 days.

MTN Beta Talk Call Rate

I’m aware that my of my reader would be waiting for this section. Yes because call rate is what most people consider most important.

So they want to know what the MTN BetaTalk call rate is like.

How much does it cost to make call on MTN Talk tariff plan per second?

The call rate on MTN Beta Talk is 42 kobo per second (42k/sec) or 25.2 Naira per minute (N25.2/min).

This means that for every 1 second of a call you make on the MTN Beta Talk tariff plan, you will be charged 42 kobo. This also implies that if your call lasts for up to 1 minute, you will be charged approximately 25 Naira.

That’s that about MTN Beta Talk call rate. If you are interested in knowing how long a N100 airtime may last for you on call using the MTN Beta Talk plan, I don’t mind working it out for you.

If you recharge N100, you will get bonus of N250 (i.e. 250% airtime bonus) making a total of N350.

Since N25 gives you 1 minute call time,

N350 will give you 14 minutes call time.


So here’s where we end this very informative article. I trust that it is helpful. Really thanking you for visiting this website. I want to encourage you to bookmark this site on your browser. By so doing, you will be able to access other information without hassle.

Also remember that you can use the comments section to ask questions in case there’s something you don’t understand. You may as well drop a comment if you encounter any challenge trying to migrate to MTN Beta Talk Tariff Plan. Or just share your thoughts with us.

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See you on the next article.

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