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How to Check MTN Data Balance for all Bundles [Updated]

Hello! Welcome to your favorite website, You are on this page probably because you are one of the millions of customers using MTN – the largest network in Nigeria and many other African countries. If you are here because you need to find out how to check MTN data balance for your daily, weekly or monthly bundle, you are on the right page. On this page, I’m set to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to check the data bundle balance on your MTN SIM through different channels.

How to check mtn data balance for all bundles

What is MTN Data bundle?

MTN data is what the common man on the street refers to as MB. It is what gives you access to the Internet if you have a smart phone or any other internet-enabled phone. On the other hand, MTN data bundles are the different plans the company created in order to meet the internet-access needs of their customers regardless of the nature of their business or lifestyle. So they are normally within a defined unit of bytes (MB), definite price and period of time.

I understand that you are probably not here to learn the meaning of data or bundles. You are here because of the recent changes made by the NCC to the short codes used to subscribe to data bundles and to check data balance. But you don’t have to worry. On this post, I will show you difference ways and channels by which you can check your MTN data balance. I will also give you the most important data codes for MTN so that you don’t face any challenge while using the internet.

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6 Channels to Check Your MTN Data Balance

There are five channels through which you can check your MTN data balance. They include the following:

  1. SMS
  2. USSD
  3. myMTN App
  4. myMTN Web
  5. Customer care
  6. Zigi

How to Check MTN Data Balance Through SMS

A very easy and convenient way to check your data balance on MTN is via SMS. It’s free of charge and does not involve any hidden fees or charges.

If you want to check your MTN data balance via text message, here are simple steps to follow:

  • Open the messaging app on your mobile phone.
  • Create a new message.
  • Type “2” in the message field.
  • Send the message to 312.
  • You will receive a notification from MTN showing your data bundle balance.

How To Check MTN Data Balance Using USSD code

Using the approved USSD code is about the quickest way to check your MTN data balance. You can do this by simply dialing the MTN data code which is *323*4# directly on your phone. When you dial the ussd code, your data balance will display on your screen and MTN will also send you an SMS containing your data balance.

Here are the simple steps to follow to check your data balance on MTN using the USSD code:

  • Dial *323*4# on your MTN phone.
  • A pop-up will display your current data balance.
  • Shortly after the pop-up message, you will also receive an SMS with your data balance.

Alternatively, you can dial *310# as if you want to check your airtime balance. When you do, MTN will send your data balance along with the airtime balance.

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How to Check MTN Data Balance Using myMTN App

Another channel through which you can check your data balance on the MTN network is through the MTN Mobile App. The mobile app is otherwise referred to as MyMTN App.

Here are simple steps to follow in order to check your data balance using the MyMTN App:

    • Text myMTN to 5018 to download and install the app. Otherwise, just visit MTN Mobile App from the App Store or Google Play Store.
    • If you are using the app for the first time, validate it through an OTP.
    • Then log in with your MTN phone number.
    • When you log in, you will see your data balance and other information on your dashboard.

How to Check MTN Data Balance Using myMTN Web

How to Check MTN Data Balance Using myMTN Web

MyMTN web is an online platform where MTN renders all manner of services to their customers. So customers can use the MyMTN web page to  check their data balance. Good enough, the process to achieve this is very simple and easy.

Here’s how to check your MTN data balance using the MyMTN web page:

  • Visit the MyMTN web platform or just click here for quick access
  • Enter your username, password and phone number.
  • MTN will send an OTP to you, just go ahead to input the OTP numbers.
  • Scroll to my subscription, select data bundle and check your balance.

This process will automatically display your MTN data balance.

How to Check MTN Data Balance Through a Customer Care Agent

It’s possible that you read till this point because all the methods mentioned already did not work for you. If that’s your situation right now, don’t worry. There’s one or two more ways via which you can get help with checking your MTN data balance.

The first is by reaching out to an MTN’s customer care agent, the second is by chatting with Zigi on social media.

So you can reach out to MTN’s customer care by just dialing the number, 300 on your phone. When you dial it, follow the prompts to check your data balance.

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Checking your Data Balance Via MTN Chat Bot – Zigi

Zigi is the name of the MTN chatbot designed to help customers with various tasks. For example, Zigi can help you to check your data balance, buy airtime, bundles, and so on.

You don’t need any form of registration to chat with Zigi.

However, if you want to make purchases, you will need to register and receive an OTP for authentication.

You can access and chat with Zigi on various social media platforms like Telegram, Facebook, WhatsApp, or even the MTN website.

Here’s how to check your data balance using Zigi (the MTN chat bot):

  • Open your phone browser and visit the MTN website at
  • Navigate to the contact section and click on it.
  • Chat with Zigi on your preferred channel (WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, or web).
  • Send “Hello” or “Hi” to initiate the conversation.
  • Then provide your correct MTN phone number when asked.
  • Finally, click on the “Enquiry” menu, then select “Data Balance” to view your MTN data balance.

How to Check MTN SME Data Balance

For customers that are into MTN SME data packages, there are two ways to check data balance i.e. for both beneficiaries and sponsors.

Here’s how to check your SME data balance:

For sponsors (those sharing data):

  • Dial *461*2*3# to check your data balance.
  • You can also type the words, “Data Balance” and send as text message to the short code 323.

For beneficiaries (those receiving shared data):

  • Type the word “SHAREBALANCE” and send as a text message to the number 323.
  • Your MTN shared data balance will display on the screen.

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Updated List of All MTN Codes

The table below gives a list of all MTN USSD codes as recently updated. Make a note of each code and their functions.

S/no MTN Code Function
1. *303# for borrowing either airtime or data
2. *305# for managing active value-added service (VAS) subscription and checking out new VAS.
3. *310# for checking the account balance
4. *311# for airtime recharge using pin
5. *312# for subscribing to an MTN data plan
6. *321# for sharing data with friends and family
7. *996# for retrieving your National Identity Number (NIN) on your MTN phone
8. *323# for checking data balance

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I check my remaining data?

There are two main ways to check your remaining data balance on MTN, they are:

  1. USSD code: dial *323*4# and your remaining data (balance) will pop up on your screen
  2. SMS: text “2” as an SMS to 323 to receive reply with your data balance.

What is the code for MTN balance?

The code for MTN Airtime balance *310# while that for data balance is *323#. Once you dial the code, your airtime or data balance will be displayed on your phone screen.

What is the code to check my data balance?

The code to check your data balance on MTN is *323#. When you dial the code on your MTN phone, you will receive a message showing your current data balance.

Can I Check My MTN Data Balance Through the MyMTN App?

Yes, you can check your data balance through the MyMTN App. MyMTN App is one of the convenient channels through which you can check your data balance and stay informed with your data usage in real time. Download the app, log in with your MTN number, and get every information you need on the dashboard.

Final Thought

Checking MTN data balance is very easy regardless of the bundle you are subscribed to. All you need to do is to use any of the channels exposed in this article.

Thanks for reading till this point.

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