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12 Books to Read While Preparing for GCE

Get GCE Recommended Textbooks for all Subjects here. This is both for WAEC GCE and NECO GCE.

GCE Recommended Textbooks for all Subjects | WAEC & NECO

If you are getting ready for the forthcoming GCE, you are on the right page. On this post, we are going to arm you with the GCE recommended textbooks for this year’s examination.

Recommended Textbooks for GCE

The West African Secondary School Certificate Examination popularly known as G.C.E is an annual exam. However, it is organized for students who are currently not in secondary school that want to re-write their WAEC. Adults who want to further their studies also sit for GCE. Nowadays, it is categorized into WAEC-GCE usually held in August and NECO-GCE held in October.

Based on the interests of the student, various subjects amounting to 8 or 9 courses will be registered before the exam commences. Here are the recommended textbooks you can read if you are writing this year.

GCE Recommended Textbooks for Mathematics

If you are having a hard time understanding mathematical concepts and solving calculations, you are not alone. Many students around the world view Math as a very challenging subject. So you might need to double the time you spend in studying the subject if you must become good at it. For the sake of your forthcoming GCE, here are the recommended textbooks.

  • New General Mathematics for West Africa,
  • New Concept Mathematics for senior secondary School 3,
  • Progressive Mathematics for SS 3.

GCE Recommended Textbooks for English Language

Failure in the test for Use of English is the primary reason why many students repeat SSCE. They fail because they don’t have a firm grasp of the basics of the subject. Some don’t even know that the English language requires serious study and practice just like most other subjects. Little wonder they fail.

You must map out adequate time to study and master your Use of English. Here are the recommended textbooks.

  • English Grammar & Lexis and Structure with a supplement on Oral English for Secondary school and Colleges by J. A. Adekunle
  • Mastery English by M. O Odiaka.

GCE Recommended Textbooks for Physics

Physics is a major subject for most science students. This is because it is a basic entry requirement for most science courses in the university. So you must take it seriously. Here are the recommended textbooks to help you prepare very well.

  • Senior Secondary School Physics by Okeke P. N and Anyakoha M.W.
  • New School Physics for SSS by M. W. Anyakoha.
  • Comprehensive Certificate Physics by Olumuyionwa A. and Ogunkoya O. O.

GCE Recommended Textbooks for Chemistry

Just like Physics, Chemistry is also a major subject for science students. It also forms part of the basic requirements for most science courses in the university. A credit pass in Chemistry is a requirement whether you want to study a medical, paramedical or pharmaceutical course. You also need it if you want to join Engineering or Health Science faculty. So, taking Chemistry seriously is not an option, it is a necessity.

Here are the GCE recommended textbooks to help you prepare well.

  • New School Chemistry for Senior Secondary Schools by O. Y. Ababio.
  • Essential Chemistry for Senior Secondary Schools by Odeshina I. A.

GCE Recommended Textbooks for Biology

Biology is also one of the most important subjects for science students. It is one of the core five subjects for science students; the other four being English, Math, Physics and Chemistry. A credit pass in Biology is a must for any candidate who wants to further their studies in courses under the medical, pharmaceutical and biological sciences.

Even those who intend to study Psychology are required to credit Biology. Although some universities may overlook this.

Here are the GCE Recommended textbooks for this very important subject.

  • Modern Biology Senior Secondary Schools by Ramlingam.
  • Essential Biology for Senior Secondary Schools by M.C. Michael
  • Exam Focus Biology A. Egunyomi et-al

GCE Recommended Textbooks for Government

Most Arts and Social Sciences students offer Government in their secondary education. For Arts students, Government is the most-registered subject in SSCE and JAMB, apart from English. This underscores the importance of the subject. It forms part of the entry requirements for most courses under the Arts, Social Sciences and even Commercial faculties.

Below are the textbooks recommended for candidates planning to take Government in their GCE.

  • Essential Government by C. C. Dibie.
  • Government for Senior Secondary Schools by Oyediran et al

GCE Recommended Textbooks for Economics

The recommended textbooks include

  • Fundamentals of Economics by R.A.I. Anyanwuocha
  • New Curriculum Economics for Schools and Colleges by Ojunta, Reginald Elesie.

GCE Recommended Textbooks for Literature-in-English

Recommended textbook for students writing Lit-in-English in GCE is Exam Focus by J.O.J Nwachukwu-Agbada, Tunde Omobowale, Sunday Enessi Ododo and Kazeem Adebiyi.

The book provides detailed analysis of plots, theme, style, characterization, major events and their significance. It also highlights the significance of each major character.

Further more, the book exposes candidates to the skills required to tackle unseen drama, poetry and prose passages. It also provides authentic biographical information on each writer whose work is analyzed.

GCE Recommended Textbooks for Agriculture

The recommended text is Comprehensive Certificate Agricultural Science for Senior Secondary Schools by L A Are, E M Igbokwe, C L A Asadu and G S Bawa. The book is organized to reflect basic concepts in agriculture: agriculture ecology, farm mechanization, crop production, animal production and agricultural economics and extension.


In Conclusion, don’t forget to get and study past questions on every subject you will be writing. This is so very important. Yes, because they test your knowledge and prove how ready you are for G.C.E.

Best wishes!

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For information WAEC as an examination body, visit the Board’s Official Website

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