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Peter Obi Net Worth 2023

This post is just about Peter Obi net worth. So if you are searching to know how rich this politician than Nigerians have come to love very dearly, read through this post.

peter obi net worth

Peter Obi Net Worth

Peter Obi net worth is the totality of his wealth, company and household, taking all his financial assets and liabilities into account.

This definition is necessary because a lot of people do not know the real meaning of net worth as it applies to individuals.

But we have seen from the definition above that an individual’s net worth accounts for their assets and liabilities.

So what is Peter Obi net worth?

The true net worth of Peter Obi as at 2023 is estimated at $10 million. This is worth over ₦4.5 billion today.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone because Peter Obi has multiple investments both within and outside the country.

His numerous achievements in business and politics contribute greatly to his staggering net worth.

But he didn’t just start from the blues. Rather, by divine providence, he is from a family with a rich background. He was the heir apparent to his family’s business at the demise of his father. The family business was a chain of grocery stores in Anambra, Lagos and Abuja.

More so, Peter Obi has many mansions and manors in states across Nigeria and the United Kingdom. He also has investments in banks and a variety of other financial services firms.

Pandora Papers also reveal that Mr Peter Obi has secret investments in properties in the U.S. Virgin Islands. His investments here are worth millions of dollars.

Peter Obi has companies that produce and distribute malt drinks and beers in Nigeria. He is also into import and export.

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Summary of Peter Obi Net worth and Bio-data

The table below gives a summary of Peter Obi’s net worth and bio-data:

Full NamePeter Gregory Obi
Date of birth19th July 1961
State of OriginAnambra, Nigeria
OccupationBusinessman, Politician
WifeMargaret Brownson Usen
Net worth$10 million

Currently, Peter Obi is one of the richest politicians in Nigeria. He is learned and well exposed.

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