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How to Become a Yahoo Boy and Start Cashing Out

This post is about how to become a yahoo boy. So we will be giving you complete yahoo boy orientation and the hookup format for yahoo boy. And as a bonus, we will share the Yahoo Boy’s WhãtsApp Group link to enable you join any group you choose. At the end of the day, you will see easy answers to your questions about how to be a yahoo boy. Continue reading if you are willing and ready to become a lazy smart hustler cashing out big time.

yahoo boys whatsapp group

We want to promise you something about this article. And that is the fact that we are going to do our best to be as detailed and explicit as possible. So we are going to take it step by step and line by line till you learn how to become a yahoo boy.

How to Become a Yahoo Boy

Below is an outline of how to become a yahoo boy:

  • Find out who is a yahoo boy. That is, learn what yahoo is all about.
  • Get yahoo boy orientation.
  • Know the necessary tools for yahoo business.
  • Learn how to join a yahoo group and other social media platforms.
  • Learn how to choose the best nickname for yahoo boy.
  • Have an idea of the various hookup formats for yahoo boy. This is how yahoo boys make money.

There is more to this and we shall discuss them one after another. Let’s begin by finding out who exactly is a yahoo boy.

Who is a Yahoo Boy?

In recent years, the term Yahoo boy has become a generic name for anyone who does fraudulent businesses on the Internet. So a yahoo boy does not necessarily have to be a boy. Rather, the boy there may refer to a man, woman, boy or girl. The most important thing is that they are con artists who carry out their stock of trade via Yahoo and other online platforms.

Sometimes, these yahoo boys also go by the name G-boys.

There are different levels to the yahoo business. There are those operating just as yahoo boys while there are some others who have taken it to a higher level. These are the ones into yahoo plus. They also go by the name G+ guys.

The business of yahoo boys is called “yahoo yahoo” in Nigeria. Their business became popular in the year 2000 when Yahoo Messenger was still the reigning app for online messaging services.

Interestingly, laptops and mobile phones were not even accessible then. However, that was when the cyber café business was in vogue. So the boys went to cyber cafés and paid for all-night browsing to access the Internet.

But nowadays, you can easily become a yahoo boy just with your phone and Internet connectivity.

The Yahoo Boy Orientation [How to become a yahoo boy]

Yahoo boy orientation is the process of preparing or conditioning the minds of intending G-guys for the business they are about to join.

In so doing, the boys learn the do’s and don’ts of the business. This will ensure their safety and guarantee a steady flow of income.

The yahoo boy orientation covers

  • how to be a yahoo boy
  • the best platforms for yahoo business and the working formats
  • hookup format for yahoo boy
  • how to select the best nickname for yahoo boy
  • how to receive payments to your local bank account from abroad

and so on.

Importance of Yahoo Boy Orientation

Yahoo boy orientation is very important and we advise anyone interested in becoming a successful yahoo boy to pay attention to it. If you miss out on proper orientation you will not last in the game even if you start earning money here and there.

This is why you need the Yahoo Boys WhatsApp Group Link to join and meet others who are older in the business. They will teach you the current and best platforms to look for clients and also coach you on the best hookup formats. More so, you will need to learn the best practices with regards to receiving huge amounts of money from foreign countries. Otherwise, you will soon be a meat for the anti-graft agencies in your country.

How to Become a Yahoo Boy: The Necessary Tools for Yahoo Business

Just like going into any other business, you need some tools and materials to become a yahoo boy. I will list the basic ones here so that you can acquire the ones you don’t have already. To succeed in anything in life, adequate preparation is an essential key.

Here are the basic tools and materials you need to equip yourself with before venturing into the yahoo business…

  1. A good laptop
  2. Smart phone
  3. Fast Internet connectivity and data
  4. Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  5. Power generator or backup.
  6. A conducive location

In addition to the tools listed above, you need to learn how to read and write very well in the English language.

1. Get a Good Laptop

how to become a yahoo boy

From some of the things we have said so far, it’s easy to discover that a good laptop is one of the most essential working tools of a yahoo boy.

To be successful in this business, you need a very high configuration laptop. You especially need a laptop with a large RAM size and processing speed.

The laptop will also need to have a reasonable battery capacity that can keep the system running for at least 3 extra hours after power outage. The reason for this is obvious. There would be times when you will experience power outage in the middle of a transaction.

Ensure that your laptop has WiFi connectivity. You would have need for that also.

Alright. Let’s leave this point for now.

If don’t have enough money to acquire a good laptop for now, don’t worry. You can make do with your smart phone.

2. Get a Smart Phone

how to become a yahoo boy

A good smart phone is even more expedient for yahoo business than a laptop. So whether you have a laptop or not, you still have need for a smart phone.

Yes, a good laptop can do virtually everything for you. But for the sake of convenience, you need a smart phone. With a smart phone, you can conveniently hookup with potential clients and interact with them via voice calls or instant messaging apps like Whatsapp, Messenger, Twitter, Snapchat, Tinder and so on.

This means that you can start your yahoo business already while you are working towards acquiring a laptop.

3. Fast Internet Connectivity and Data


Yahoo boys are online people. They spend a huge chunk of their day surfing the Internet because they need to keep in touch with clients. They also need to be current with news, events and formats in locations of their choice.

Your case will not be different. You need to make inquiries about the Internet service providers in your area and select the one with the reputation of having the fastest Internet connectivity.

Select the data plan that gives you benefits for both night and day time because you need to be online almost 24/7. But remember to do so according to your budget.

4. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPNs serve different purposes for different people. It is used to either hide the IP address of a person or to change his actual location to indicate another country. This make it difficult, if not impossible, to trace a yahoo boy.

5. Power Generator or Backup

how to become a yahoo boy

You will need this depending on how steady the power supply in your area is. If the electric power supply in your area is epileptic, consider going for a generator or power bank.

With that, you can be online whenever you need to even if there is power outage where you live.

6. Stay in a Conducive Location

This is very important if you must succeed in yahoo business. Success in the yahoo business is largely a function of deep creative thinking and smart moves.

On account of that, you can’t work from just any location. You need a nice, comfortable and conducive location that will provide the necessary serenity for deep creative thinking.

7. Learn How to Read and Write Well

how to become a yahoo boy

Things have changed and the world has become a lot wiser. Gone are the days when yahoo boys succeed anyhow. These days, you need to have good communication skills in order to appear legit. Otherwise, potential clients will perceive you as unserious or even offensive.

Depending on your format, if you claim that you live and work in the United States but cannot make simple and correct sentences, success will be far from you.

You have to know when and where it’s appropriate to use slangs, simple words or mouth-breaking vocabularies. You must master how to sound like you are truly from where you claim to be.

Friends, this is very important. There are people that as soon as you hear their voice, you can tell their tribe and country of origin. You need to guard against that once you begin to communicate on voice calls.

So you need impeccable communication skills in order to be able to convince your clients.

In your quest to learn how to become a yahoo boy, you need to answer the question of grammar. How good are you with grammar?

If you are not confident in this area, here are some helpful tips….

  • Learn to read and read a lot.
  • Join online forums with users from English-speaking countries. Read their posts and comments on burning issues.
  • Watch good English movies with subtitles.
  • Listen to Cable news and other programs.

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How to Become a Yahoo Boy by Joining a Yahoo Group

Yahoo group is an online community where you can meet people with different needs, interests and hobbies.  As a prospective yahoo boy who is interested in learning how to become a yahoo boy, you can also hookup with potential clients there.

So here’s how to join the group…

1. Create a Yahoo account

The first step that would give you access to Yahoo Groups is to create a Yahoo account. You can do so by visiting and clicking on “Mail.”

You will need to choose a username and a unique password. Remember to choose a username that does not really reveal your identity. (Hope you understand why?)

Once you create an account, you will be using your username and password every time you want to log in to Yahoo Groups.

For your own security,

  • avoid using your real name as username.
  • do not use your phone number, birthday or consecutive numbers or letters as password.
  • don’t share your password with anyone or write it where other people can access.

2. Find Groups to Join

You can always find a group by browsing. Log on to and select from the different categories listed on the main page.

There you can find categories like Business & Finance, Family & Home, Romance & Relationships, and so on. You decide the ones you feel you can get potential clients.

When you have decided to join a group, you have to ask to join. For restricted groups, the group owner or admin will need to approve your request before you can join. But for open groups, your request will get automatic approval.

3. Participate in Yahoo Groups

Be sure to participate in the groups by clicking on “Conversations”. You can create new topics or reply to the conversations initiated by others.

If you don’t participate in the conversations, no potential client will take you seriously when you eventually try to hookup.

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How to Become a Yahoo Boy by Picking the Best Nickname for Yahoo Boy

how to become a yahoo boy

This is another place where you need to sit down and do your due diligence. For very obvious reasons, you must go by a nickname.

But you must choose a nickname that does not sound childish or outright stupid. You must not choose a nickname that will make your clients to perceive you as a clown or an unserious fellow.

So you need to come up with the best nickname for a yahoo boy because a lot also depends on it.

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How to Become a Yahoo Boy by Learning the Hookup Format for Yahoo Boy

There are many hookup formats that yahoo boys are using to get clients and cash out from them. Some of the hookup format for yahoo boy are…

  1. The real estate agents format
  2. ATM machine format
  3. Phishing
  4. Low prices format
  5. Web freestyle format
  6. Unsolicited email format

There are still many more yahoo boy formats you need to learn if you are serious about learning how to become a yahoo boy. I will list more of them though I may not have time to explain all of them. Below are more formats of yahoo boys…

  • Hook Up Format for Client Pdf
  • Phone Billing Format for Client
  • Sickness Billing Format
  • Fake Medical Bills Format
  • Accident Billing Format for Client
  • Fake Online Banking Format
  • Love and Trust Format for Client Pdf
  • Online Banking Billing Format
  • Format to Collect Credit Card from Client
  • Format to Collect Driving License from Client
  • Menstruation Billing Format
  • Hookup Format for Yahoo Boy
  • Female Dating Format for Yahoo
  • Yahoo Dating Format Copy and Paste
  • Shemale Yahoo format

1. The Real Estate Agents Format

The real estate agents format is one of the working formats of yahoo boys. All you need to do is to do things that will portray you to potential clients as a real estate agent. You can go as far as creating websites and uploading fake pictures of luxurious houses and claim to be selling them. The houses may not actually be for sale or may be in locations outside the country.

Lure unsuspecting buyers by the pictures and get them to pay into your account. Thereafter, shut down the website or block the client.

2. The ATM Machine Format

Yahoo boys use this format to target old people or semi-illiterates with reading challenges. They hover around an unmanned ATM machine and pretend to offer help to those have difficulty using the ATM machine. In so doing, they can swap the ATM card.

3. Phishing

Phishing is a more advanced format that some yahoo boys use. So you may need to undergo some trainings in order to use the technique.

However, phishing has to do with illegally acquiring a client’s private data such as credit card data, username, password and so on.

4. Low Prices Format

Using this format, yahoo boys take advantage of the fact that people love to buy products with discounted prices. So what they do is to create websites for products like cars. Thereafter, they upload pictures of different models of cars attaching prices that are significantly lower than the average market prices.

Unsuspecting clients who call are asked to pay half the price to book the car of their choice so that other customers will not be able to buy them. Once the client pays, the rest will be history.

5. Web Freestyle Format

This is a very simple format that is very common among newbies in the yahoo business. It involves creating a fake profile on popular dating sites. Then the yahoo boy poses as an accident victim, a needy student or a divorcee. Some may pose as single mothers suffering to raise two kids. The goal is to weep up the emotions of the client and get him to fall in love. Once that happens, the client may start sending money even before planning to meet his or her lover.

6. Unsolicited Email Format

The yahoo boys gather numerous email addresses belonging to foreigners. Thereafter, they bombard them with numerous emails notifying them that they have won one promo or the other.

When the clients respond, they are asked to send a small amount of money as ‘processing fee’ for the award. As soon as they send the money, the yahoo boy cuts off all channels of communication.

There are several other hookup format for yahoo boy. Beyond knowing what they are all about, you need to know which one to use.

So Which Hookup Format for Yahoo Boy Should you Use?

This is a very good question that you need to answer so that you don’t mess up your chances. But before you can accurately answer this question, you must take some time to study your potential clients well. Know their gender, background, age bracket and social status. Then try to understand their needs, interest, natural inclinations and so on.

This research on your potential client may not be easy and may be time-consuming. But just keep at it. That’s the only way you can determine the right format to apply to cash out from your client.

Who is the Richest Yahoo Boy in Nigeria?

We really wish it is possible to write the following words with some real name…

The richest yahoo boy in Nigeria is Mr abc a.k.a comrade xyz.

In recent times, it has become very difficult to identify the richest yahoo boys. Many years ago, it was very easy to identify them because of their flamboyant, exotic and lavish lifestyle. More so, yahoo boys were easily known for the fact that they were normally extremely rich without any identifiable business.

Today the case is different. Many top yahoo boys are on low key. But more importantly, many of them project one or two very flourishing businesses and use them to divert attention from their real source of income. You may never know that they are into yahoo if they don’t tell you.

They do this so as not to call the attention of anti-graft agencies.

Concluding the “How to Become a Yahoo Boy” Article


Seems like we are gradually coming to the end of this article. But before we end it, we’d like you to share your thoughts with us in the comments section. What do you think about Yahoo Boys? What’s your sincere take on doing Yahoo business? If you learn how to become a yahoo boy, do you believe you can find true wealth, lasting joy and happiness by causing heartache for others? Do you think that the risks and dangers of Yahoo Business are really worth it?

Don’t you think that there are other safe, profitable alternatives to yahoo yahoo? Have you thought about alternatives yet?

Yes, there are viable safe alternatives to choosing to become a yahoo boy. I’m going to show them to you in the next section.

How to Become a Yahoo Boy [THE VIABLE ALTERNATIVES]

You have read a lot about how to become a yahoo boy and start cashing out. But the truth remains that there are other methods to do business online and become a millionaire in dollars. These methods are legit, tested and trusted.

That means that you can make your money in an upright way without causing another person pain. And as for you, you will live with a conscience free of guilt and self-condemnation; move freely and cash out any amount at any time without fear of harassment from the anti-graft agencies.

So here are the how to become a yahoo boy alternatives:

Affiliate marketing

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Social Media marketing
  • Start a blog or Youtube channel.
  • Do comedy skits if you have the talent.
  • Graphic designing
  • Amazon KDP
  • Whiteboard Animation
  • Web designing
  • Video editing
  • Programming
  • Copy writing
  • Freelancing


The list of legitimate sources of sustainable income goes on and on. Yes, the process of learning the required skills might be tasking and tedious but nothing good comes easy. The truth is, if anybody can learn them, you too can learn them. All it takes is genuine interest and unflinching dedication.

There is a sense of nobility that comes with knowing that your businesses and sources of income are legit.

Disclaimer on the article title, “How to Become a Yahoo Boy and Start Cashing Out.”

This article titled, “How to Become a Yahoo Boy and Start Cashing Out.” is for general information and education purposes only. We make no warranties of any kind, express or implied, about the completeness, accuracy, reliability and suitability of the information passed. Be informed that you are completely responsible for any use or application or reliance on the information. There would be no event in which would be responsible for any loss or damage including without limitation, indirect or consequential loss or damage, or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from loss of data or profits arising out of, or in connection with, the use of this article or any other on this website.

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