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21 Easy and Profitable Businesses You Can Start with 50k

Economically speaking, Nigeria is at a crossroads, with the citizens facing severe poverty and uncertainties. Many young graduates are roaming the streets without jobs despite the high cost of surviving in Nigeria today. The ongoing economic hardship has sparked questions like these all over the Internet lately:
1. What business can I start with 50k in Nigeria?
2. What business can I start with 50k as a lady?
In fact, the condition of the country is so dire that you also get the same kind of questions from students on campus who have managed to save up their pocket money. They ask questions like, “What business can I start with 50k in Nigeria as a student?”

40 Easy and Profitable Businesses You Can Start with 50k

The above questions show the resilience and self-reliance of Nigerians, and their undying determination to navigate the present trying times.

It is in view of these that I’m embarking on writing this article to give you ideas of businesses you can start with as low as 50,000 or even less — whether you are a student, graduate, man or lady.

List of Profitable Businesses you Can Start with 50k in Nigeria

To begin with, here is a list of profitable businesses you can start with 50k in Nigeria as a lady, man, student, graduate:

  • Fast-Food, Mini Food Stand or Food Delivery Business
  • Liquid Soap Business
  • Okirika Clothing Business
  • Charcoal Business
  • Home-Tutoring or Coaching Business
  • Perfumes and Jewelries Business
  • Ice Block Production Business
  • Hair Salon or Barbing Business
  • Barbecue Fish/ Shawarma Business
  • Baking & Snacks Making Business
  • Juice/ zobo/ smoothie Making Business
  • Real Estate Agent Business
  • Vintage Scarves Business
  • Recharge card vendor
  • Smoked Fish Business
  • Buying and Sharing of Food Stuff
  • Plantain Chips Business
  • Popcorn Production
  • Distribute Original Honey
  • Pure Water Distribution Business

There are so much more businesses you can start with 50k in Nigeria beyond what you have in the list above. You will see more business ideas in the following sections as we begin to explain what they are all about, what you actually need to start them and how to go about every process.

1. Fast-Food, Mini Food Stand or Food Delivery Business

food vendor

“There is no sincere love than the love of food.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

There is one important fact about food. That is, food is one thing that human beings cannot do without. So no matter the state of things in the nation, no matter the financial condition of people as families and individuals, they must eat.

That makes the market an ever-green market.

Another interesting reality is that people are becoming too busy to do the actual cooking by themselves. Many workers leave the house too early and do not eat break fast at home. More so, most of the families that eat three square meals per day, do not cook three times a day. People buy cooked food to help themselves every day.

Therefore, if you know how to cook very well and you have as little as 50k, you may consider setting up a small food stand. There, you can begin to prepare fast foods and even the real foods. With time, you can introduce food delivery services where you offer to deliver to offices, houses and so on.

But to succeed in this business, you must be hygienic and very good at preparing delicious meals because most people don’t joke with what they eat.

You may choose to cook and sell all kinds of meals or focus on just one or two that you are very good at.

From your 50k, buy cooking utensils, food stuffs and ingredients for cooking. Also secure a stand in a busy or industrial area. Find an alluring name and design banner advert to inform potential customers about the mouth-watering delicacies you are offering. You can also leverage the use of social media platforms, like Instagram and TikTok, to promote your business.

2. Liquid Soap Business

Liquid Soap Business

There’s no shame about any honest calling; don’t be afraid of soiling your hands, there’s plenty of soap to be had. ~ Charles Spurgeon.

As long as human beings bath, wear clothes, cook and eat food, drive cars and so on, soap would remain an essential commodity.

The simple reason is because the human body gets dirty and needs washing; the clothes get dirty and need washing; the dishes get dirty and needs washing and the list continues.

Nowadays, people do most of their washings with liquid soaps. And you can imagine the millions of people washing different items every minute of the day. The market for soap is so huge and the demand for it continues to grow with every passing day. So much so that companies are unable to keep up with orders.

If you have 50k or even less, consider starting liquid soap business because it is a fast moving business that will give you returns quickly.

Don’t say you don’t know how to make liquid soap in this Internet age. Just make a few YouTube videos your companion for few days and you are a champ at Making Business liquid soap.

You can start with Making Business laundry and washing soaps. Publicize your business on your social media handles and leverage on the power of the Internet. Also find big supermarkets, restaurants, bakeries, caterers, offices, and become their supplier.

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3. Okirika Clothing Business

Okirika Clothing Business

“Clothing is like eating. You shouldn’t stick to the same menu” ~ Kenzo Takada.

Again, as long as people are alive and sane, they must wear clothes. Because of the economic situation of the country and several other reasons, may people do not go for already-made clothes or foreign wear. They rather go for fairly used clothes, otherwise referred to as Okirika.

The Okirika Clothing business is one business you can start with as low as 20–30k. So you don’t even need all the 50k to get started.

Whether you are a stay-at-home mum looking for a business to start or a graduate looking for a lucrative business to venture into with low capital, the okirika clothing business is for you. You can deal on children jeans and polo, children mix, ladies polo tops, body hugs, bum shorts, and so on.

For this business, you can buy in bales or slots depending on your capital. All you need to get started is your money and one or two contacts. Getting contacts is easy. Just go to the nearest okirika market in your area and connect with the dealers there. For a start, you can book slots of 100 pieces from their bale or buy complete bales through them.

Take them to your own location and sell them off. The sales are always easy and fast because of the durability of the clothes and low price.

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4. Charcoal Business

Charcoal business in Nigeria

Nigerians are transitioning to alternative sources of energy like charcoal and that is creating businesses across the nation. ~ Mr HD

Because of the high cost of cooking fuel (gas, kerosene) in Nigeria today, many families and companies that cook or bake are scampering for alternative sources of energy. Currently, there is an unusual boom in charcoal business owing to the recent removal of fuel subsidy. The fuel subsidy removal caused an over 300% hike in fuel price from about N135/litre to over N600/litre. The hike in price also affected cooking gas and kerosene.

Because of this hike in price of cooking gas and kerosene, there has been major shift away from them to the use of other alternatives like charcoal and firewood.

The result is an increase in demand which has also lead to an increase in the price of charcoal in keeping with the laws of Economics.

This increase in demand and price of charcoal has made the business of Buying and Sharing charcoal a profitable and lucrative one. With as low as 50k, you can start a charcoal business and start smiling to the bank in a very short period of time.

Who Can you Sell Charcoal to?

Currently, charcoal is being put to a lot of uses and the demand for it is ever on the rise. So if you have up to 50k (or even less) in your account and are thinking of which profitable business you can start, I strongly recommend charcoal business. When you get your stock of charcoal, you can sell to:

  • families that use it as an alternative to cooking gas.
  • roadside food vendors who use it as a source of fuel for cooking and frying.
  • bakeries who use it as a source of fuel for baking bread, meat pie and so on.
  • poultry farmers who use it as a source of heat or warmth for their brooding chicks during cold season.
  • restaurants and bars.
  • suya and bean cake (akara) sellers

With time, you may even start exporting charcoal outside the shores of Nigeria. That’s when you will start Making Business money in hard currencies.

Where to Source Charcoal From?

I know the next question you’d be asking now is where to source charcoal from in commercial quantity. Well, that’s not a problem at all. There are several places in Nigeria that are known for the production of charcoal in commercial quantities both for our local market and for export.

The following are three examples of the major places you can source your charcoal from:

  1. SAKI Local Government Area in Oyo State about 2-3hrs from Ibadan.
  2. ITESIWAJU Local Government Area in Oyo State approximately 3hrs from Ibadan.
  3. ISEYIN Local Government Area also in Oyo State.

Most of the major producers of charcoal only sell in bulk which translates to truck loads. As a beginner, you may need to pair with other buyers to buy and share a full truck load. Or just be buying at wholesale quantities from other dealers till you can afford to order a truck load. And that wouldn’t take time.

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5. Home-Tutoring or Coaching Business

Home-Schooling or Coaching Business

Tutoring is the art of unlocking potential and igniting curiosity.” – Unknown

Home tutoring or coaching business is another lucrative business you can start with very low or no capital depending on the proximity of the venue. Otherwise, the money is need to start this business in Nigeria is just your transport fare and maybe money for snacks.

The reason why home tutoring or coaching business is ever lucrative with increasing demand is because most parents are just too busy to attend to the academic needs of their children at home. Parents are out there trying to make ends meet, and therefore need home tutors to guide their children through assignments and projects.

Another reason why home tutoring business is booming is the terrible security situation in Nigeria. So most parents are unwilling to sent their children to public lesson centers for fear of k!dnapping. Hence, they prefer the tutors to come to the house.

For you to venture into the home tutoring or coaching business, you must be sound academically. You must have a robust understanding of most of the on-demand subjects like Mathematics, Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning, English Language, Basic Science and Technology, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and so on.

If you have necessary academic prowess, then you can begin to market yourself via your WhatsApp status and other social media handles. You can also print and paste your contacts on street-by-street adverts for home tutorials and coaching.

Before you know it, the offers will start coming and money will start rolling into your account.

6. Oil Perfumes and Jewelries Business

Perfumes and Jewelries Business

A woman wears both jewellery and fragrance, and both recall happy moments of her life.” ~ Alain Boucheron

This business is especially for ladies who operate in cities dominated by young people, for example students. Many of those young people want to adorn themselves with jewelries to look good and they want to smell nice too. Many of them are students attending lectures almost on a daily basis. So they want to have different jewelries for virtually every dress. You can imagine the market that creates.

With a capital of 50k, you can start Oil Perfumes and Jewelries Business. All you need to do is to go to the main market and buy them in bulk. Let the dealers know that you are a marketer and would be reselling the goods for profit. They will give you discounts, and even more discounts depending on how frequently and consistently you place demands.

When you have the products in stock, begin to advertise and market them via your social media handles. You can do so with your contacts on WhatsApp, then Facebook and other platforms. Don’t forget to paste adverts in your neighborhood so that people will know that they do not need to go to the market to get these things.

7. Ice Block Production Business

Ice Block Production Business

Temperatures can get very high in Nigeria and people will always want to drink something cold. The vendors of Pure Water Distribution , soft drinks and juices are always itinerant and need to cool their ware on the go. So they always have need for ice block.

With your 50,000 naira, you can get the necessary equipment and materials for ice block production business. For example, your 50k can cover the cost of a small local freezer, molds of different sizes, water and electricity.

Once you have all the necessary equipment ready, the next thing to do is to pour water into the molds. Then put them in the freezer and let them cool. Soon, that water will all get frozen and ready for sell to the people in need of them.

Apart from small shops and vendors of Pure Water Distribution and soft drinks, you can sell ice block even to people throwing parties, wedding reception, meetings and so on. Chemist shops and other drug vendors also need ice block for cooling and preserving certain kinds of drugs.

Reasons Why Ice Block Production Business is Always Booming in Nigeria

Ice block production business is both indispensable and lucrative in Nigeria for the following reasons:

  • Nigeria is located in one of the hottest regions of the world.
  • A large percentage of the Nigerian population engage in labour-intensive jobs to make ends meet.
  • Heavy traffic under hot weather, Making Business people to crave for chilled soft drinks, beverages and so on.
  • A high percentage of the sachet water people drink every day are cooled with ice block. Now imagine the number of sachets consumed per day.

8. Hair Salon or Barbing Business

Barbing Salon

To make a fine gentleman, several trades are required, but chiefly a barber. ~Oliver Goldsmith

Every business you can establish around the human hair must be profitable. Many people don’t know this but it’s true.

Whether it is washing, dressing or plaiting of ladies and children’s hair, or barbing the guys, hair business will keep you smiling to the bank.

However, hair salon or barbing business requires some level of training for skills acquisition. The reason is because every time people want to make or barb their hair, they need an expert touch. And the good news is that people always do something on their hair almost on a weekly basis.

So to venture into this business, you need to take some time to learn the art. Thereafter, you get the necessary equipment and get started.

You may not necessarily need to have a shop or salon at first. You can advertise your services on Social Media like TikTok. Offer to render home services and watch customers come rushing in.

9. Barbecue Fish/ Shawarma Business

Barbecue Fish/ Shawarma Business

Barbecue fish and Shawarma business is one of the most profitable and easy businesses you can start with low capital. Some people run the barbecue fish business and shawarma business separately but you may choose to run both businesses simultaneously because customers are usually in for both. The foods are on high demand because people eat them regularly. More so, if you market yourself very well and have the right contacts, you can make Shawarma and Barbecue fish at home and deliver them to offices, eateries, or restaurants. Otherwise, just get a space in front of a bar or club and sell to people drinking.

How to Start your Barbecue Fish / Shawarma Business

1. Find a fish farmer to partner with to guarantee you a steady and robust supply of fish. With this arrangement, your customers will be guaranteed of eating farm fresh fish every time they visit your stand.

2. Purchase shawarma bread and other ingredients you need for Making Business this snack. As a beginner, buy the quantity of bread you think you can sell off for the day to avoid wastage. As your customer base increases, you can increase the quantity of bread you buy per day.

3. Buy a grill from Jiji, Jumia or Konga. If their prices are too high, you may wish to order it fairly used from the market. A good grill should cost around N30,000 to purchase.

4. Get the preparation tools, for example knife, chopping board, plate and every other utensils you’ll need to prepare the meals and also serve your customers on the spot.

5. For the sake of your customers who would like to eat at the spot, you need to get a good location. For example, you can set up your shop in places like outdoor bars, car washes or any other place with high human traffic.

As you progress and make money from the business, you can buy and install necessary equipment like gas cylinder, microwave oven and so on.

10. Baking & Snacks Making Business

Baking and Snacks

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy snacks, and that’s kind of the same thing.” ~ Unknown

Baking and snacks Making Business is a hot and profitable business in Nigeria because our people love to eat baked products. More so, the business rakes in profits like there’s no tomorrow.

However, to be frank with you here, baking and snacks Making Business business is a high-cost venture, requiring equipment like oven, refrigerator, mixers, baking pans, racks and baking sheet, blender, flour sifter and so on.

But since your budget is 50k, you don’t need to immerse yourself too much into equipment buying. Rather, you can start with the kitchen utensils you currently have in your house. Improvise a local oven using your stove. Get the necessary ingredients and begin baking.

Choose a good location where you’ll be selling your products, and also explore the online marketing options.

Equipment you Need for Baking & Snacks Making Business

When the business starts picking up and you have saved up some money, it’s time to buy the equipment you need to take the business to the next level. Here are some of the equipment:

  • Oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Mixers
  • Baking Pan
  • Racks and baking sheet
  • Blender
  • Flour sifter

With the above equipment in your custody, you already have a mini bakery. Next is to buy ingredients like flour, sugar, eggs, margarine, baking powder, vanilla essence, nutmeg, sugar, milk and all the flavors you need to make your baking super delicious.

With time, you will need to register with NAFDAC and CAC and obtain necessary approval to produce, because you are producing food that people consume.

11. Juice, Zobo and Smoothie Making Business

Fruit Juice & Smoothies

“Nothing is better than a good smoothie from healthy ingredients as your morning meal.” ~ Unkown

Juice, Zobo and Smoothie Making Business is a lucrative venture because the drinks are on high demand. Many people are beginning to pay closer attention to their health, meaning that they now watch what they eat and drink.

Many people now know that carbonated and caffeinated drinks are not healthy for the body in the long run. So they are seeking for healthy alternative to these carbonated and caffeinated drinks. Fresh juice, zobo and smoothie are healthier alternatives.

You could start this business with less than 50k by making fresh drinks and selling them to clients in plastic bottles. You can then grow your business with time.

If you can prepare Juice, Zobo and Smoothie very well, you can supply them to gyms, hospitals, restaurants, dieticians, supermarkets, small shops, and individuals who are on weight loss journey. Once they get your contact, they will always call to place demands on your products.

To boost your sales and make more money, take great pictures of your products and advertise on social media. If you do that long enough, you will become a household name in the business.

Tips for a Sustainable Juice, Zobo and Smoothie Making Business

  1. Get a Local Fruit Supplier
    In order not to run out of materials for production and disappoint your teaming customers, you must partner with one or two local fruit supplier(s). They must be ones dealing on a variety of fruits. As the going becomes smoother and trust is established, you can take delivery of fruits and pay up at the end of the month depending on agreement.
  2. Learn How to Preserve Fruits
    Take some time to learn the different preservation methods for different types of fruits, so that they can last longer and not spoil before you can use them. You can also get a store where these fruits can be kept at an optimum temperature.

12. Real Estate Agent Business

Real Estate Agency Business

“If you don’t own a home, buy one; If you own a home, buy another one; Íf you own two homes buy a third. And lend your relatives the money to buy a home.” John Paulson

Real Estate business is one of the most lucrative businesses in Nigeria today. Interestingly, you can become a real estate agent with zero capital!

As a real estate agent, your job would be to help house owners, businesses and investors, to buy, sell or rent property, buildings, homes or lands.

All you you need to do is to attach yourself to a reputable real estate firm, get pictures of their properties, locations and price list. Then get to work seeking for clients to make purchases through you. You can advertise the available properties on your Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp status. You can also print posters and paste around your town.

When a client makes a purchase of any property through you, your earn a commission (usually 10%) of the total amount paid for the property.

Here is an example of how it works: A client who wants to rent a house contacts you, firstly you take the client for inspection of the available properties you have in your catalog. If the client eventually settles for a house which costs N150,000, you would earn about N15,000 as commission. An so on. Now imagine bringing a client to buy a piece of land. Your story will begin to change at the end of the transaction.

Another good thing about real estate business is that once you get involved, you can start making money even before any property is successfully sold through you. You collect inspection fee from potential clients who you take to inspect properties, even if they end up not purchasing. Some real estate agents charge as much as 20k as inspection fee in places like Abuja or Lagos.

13. Vintage Scarves Business

Vintage scarves business

”A scarf has to be the most beautiful thing ever invented to wear!” ~ Sonia Rykiel.

Vintage Scarf Business is another low cost but lucrative business as far as the Nigerian landscape is concerned. It’s all about blending the charm of the past with the vibrancy of the present.

With much less that 50k, you can dive into the world of vintage scarves in Nigeria? Here’s a quick guide to kickstart your scarf business:

  1. Go to thrift stores and garage sales to hunt for unique vintage scarves with character. Always try to find patterns, colors, and textures that scream vintage charm.
  2. If you have a reasonable social media presence, you can share vintage scarf collections on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Engage your audience and take orders from them.
  3. With time, you can set up a small shop in local markets or pop-up events. Let customers touch and feel the scarves. Engage with them and where necessary, offer special discounts and sell.
  4. You can also establish an easy-to-navigate website using platforms like Shopify or Etsy. There, you can showcase your scarves and reach out to a wider audience.
  5. Some customers may be too far from you and may require the scarf to be shipped to them. In such cases, always ensure a positive shipping experience with reliable local couriers. This would help to keep your rating high and bring you more customers via recommendations.

14. Recharge Card Vendor

We all know what recharge cards are and what they are used for. With your 50k, you start recharge card vending business in a strategic location. For example, you can choose a densely populated neighborhood or a market area where a lot of people are doing business.

In such locations, you can sell a substantial quantity of recharge cards on a daily basis. Just ensure that you purchase different denominations of recharge cards in bricks from different network providers.

Sell to people who need airtime to make calls, send text messages or subscribe for data packages.

As the business grows, you can set up a small shop where you can start selling phone accessories and other related things.

15. Smoked Fish Business

Smoked Fish Business

For just 50,000 naira, you can purchase the essential equipment venturing into smoked fish business. For example, you could get a specialized oven and other tools you need to boost the flavor of your smoked fish. More so, you need to create an inviting workspace, whether it’s a small shop or a mobile food truck.

But why choose smoked fish, you may wonder? Fish, known for its health benefits, is a universally enjoyed food. The distinct flavor of smoked fish has garnered widespread appreciation.

By offering this delectable product, you may find customers returning for more, which is a fantastic outcome for your business.

With an investment of 50,000 naira, you can kickstart your venture.

16. Buying and Sharing of Food Stuff

Foodstuff buying and sharing business

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” ~ Virginia Woolf

This is another lucrative business you can start in Nigeria with 50k. You can do it with part of your money and other people’s money. Most people, especially ladies, who are currently doing this business in Nigeria are doing it through a WhatsApp platform.

To begin, you need to form a WhatsApp group and start adding mothers, especially the working class busy ones. Add all the mothers too busy to go to the market to buy foodstuffs by themselves. When they join your group, encourage them to also add their friends.

All you need to do is to decide on a food stuff to share, go to the local market and survey the price. Come back to your group tell them the price after adding the cost of transportation and your profit. Divide the price by the number of interested members and get them to pay up. Once they have all paid for their slots, you gather the money and go to the market to purchase the foodstuff. Share equally to all members that took slots.

Note that there is no limit to the foodstuffs you can buy and share. For example, you can deal on sweet potatoes, yam, tomatoes, salad ingredients, stock fish, smoked fish, and so on.

At the end of the day, you smile to the bank with your profit and your customers would go home happy because they can never get the quantity of foodstuff you give them at your price if they buy from retailers even in the market.

17. Plantain Chips Business

Plantain Chips Business

“For a snack that’s crisp and clean, reach for plantain chips” ~ Unknown

Starting a plantain chips business with 50,000 naira is a good idea because it provides you with the opportunity to acquire all the essential items required to produce and vend your chips.

To initiate a plantain chips business, you’ll require certain necessities such as equipment for slicing and cooking the plantains, a suitable location for production, and appropriate packaging to maintain their freshness.

If you excel in the production process and the public appreciates the flavor, you stand to generate profits and potentially expand your business progressively.

18. Popcorn Production Business

Popcorn production business

“Popcorn is one of the only situations in which you eat the result of an explosion. I’m a popcorn fanatic. No matter how full I am, I can eat popcorn.” ~ Unknown

Popcorn production business is both a low cost and profitable business especially for people doing it in student-dominated areas. So, with your 50k, you have more than enough to start popcorn production business as long as you already have a place to situate the business.

For the business, you will need a cheap popcorn frying box, some nylon bags or containers to package the popcorn. If you choose to produce the popcorn on site, you will need to buy a small camp gas to power your stove. In fact, it is advisable to produce your delicious popcorn on site so that the mouth-watering aroma would be inviting customers to buy from you.

You can also advertise your popcorn online via your social media handles. Put great pictures of your yummy popcorn on your status updates and inform family and friends about your business.

Before you say Jack your business will start flourishing because popcorn is a snack that numerous people adore. With time, you can package it well and begin to vend it at events like fairs and movie nights.

19. Distribute Original Honey

original honey distribution

“The sweetness of life lies in usefulness, like honey deep in the heart of a clover bloom.” ~ Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Honey is a very important commodity. It is used for different purposes, especially in the field of medicine. It is also used as an alternative to sugar by diabetics and other people who like to avoid synthetic sugar. More so, honey is put to many other uses including:

  • cosmetic industry because it nourishes the skin.
  • treatment of victims of fire accidents as it fastens wound healing.
  • use in food and beverage industries for making food and snacks.
  • professional singers take honey to soothe their throats before performances.

And so on.

Because of the numerous uses of honey, it sells very fast with demands constantly on the rise. If you are selling honey, you will never run out of business.

But to make money in honey distribution business, you must ensure that you source for original honey because most of the things people are selling as honey are adulterated.

If you can be selling original honey from genuine source, you will never lack patronage.

How to Know Original Pure Honey

This is how to know original pure honey that is not adulterated with sugar and other similar substances:

  1. Dip a finger into the honey and allow to drop to the ground. If it’s pure honey, it will go down like a thread without breaking.
  2. Pour some honey into a glass of water. If it’s pure honey, it will go down to the bottom of the cup without mixing up with the water except you stir it.
  3. Dip a match stick into your honey and strike it. If it’s pure honey, the match stick will burn with the honey on it acting as a fuel.
  4. Pure honey does not attract ants and insects.

Packaging and Marketing your Honey

When you source pure original honey, you need to package it very well to make it look genuine by getting nice bottles and printing branded stickers or labels.

You can sell your well-packaged honey anywhere. You can market your product by supplying to hospitals, schools, hostels, offices, supermarkets, churches and mosques.

20. Pure Water Distribution Business

Pure Water Business

Since your budget is 50k, I am not going to bug you with pure water production business. The amount of money you have cannot carry the investment.

I will rather advise you to start a pure water distribution business. In case you don’t know, pure water distribution business is a fast moving and profitable business. The reason is because millions of people consume sachet water every day.

To start this business, you need a small shop, a refrigerator and shelves for the bags of water. Then start purchasing bags of pure water in bulk. That way, you say money and increase your profit margin.

21. Online Marketing and Sales

Online Marketing and Sales

“Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.” ~ Joe Chernov

If you have 50k and you are looking for a profitable business to start with it, here’s another idea. Use about 5k to buy an online course that will teach you how to run Facebook/Instagram ads. After learning it, invest another 5k to practice the lessons by running awareness ads to your page.

I know by now you must be asking, “So what’s the business in all of these?”

Here’s the business…

Do some research to discover one or two products that people either consume or use on a daily basis. Go out and look for the major dealers of the products in your locality. Negotiate the price of the products with them and also make a deal with them with respect to helping them to sell their products. When you get home, add your profit to the original price; go back to your page online and start creating content around the products. You can also start running Facebook ads.

Before you run out of your 50k capital, you must have started Making Business sales and Making Business profits. Keep on reinvesting your profit until you have a strong audience and grow big.

What You Need for Online Marketing and Sales

For effective online marketing and sales, you need:

  • A good Smart Phone
  • Data (Internet access)
  • Social media pages
  • Technical know-how.

Table Summary of Profitable Businesses You Can Start with 50k or Less in Nigeria

S/No Name of Business Capital Requirement (N)
1. Fast-Food, Mini Food Stand Business 50k Takeaway plates, stove, pots, cutlery sets, etc
2. Liquid Soap Business 20 – 30k
3. Okirika Clothing Business 30 – 50k
4. Charcoal Business 50k
5. Home-Tutoring or Coaching Business 20 – 30k
6. Perfumes and Jewelries Business 20 – 30k
7. Ice Block Production Business 50k Local freezer, molds, water and electricity.
8. Hair Salon or Barbing Business 50k
9. Barbecue Fish/ Shawarma Business 50k Fish, bread, grill, knife, chopping board, plate and so on
10. Baking & Snacks Making Business 50k Oven, Refrigerator, Mixers, Baking Pan, Racks and baking sheet, Blender, Flour sifter
11. Juice/ Zobo/ Smoothie Making Business 30 – 50k
12. Real Estate Agent Business 20 – 50k
13. Vintage Scarves Business 20 – 30k
14. Recharge card vendor 20 – 30k
15. Smoked Fish Business 50k
16. Buying and Sharing of Food Stuff 50k
17. Plantain Chips Business 50k
18. Popcorn Production Business 50k
19. Distribute Original Honey 50k Plastic container, labels
20. Pure Water Distribution Business 50k
21. Online Marketing and Sales 50k A good Smart Phone, Data (Internet access), Social media pages, Technical know-how.

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Final Thoughts on “21 Easy and Profitable Businesses You Can Start with 50k”

Here is where we end the this insightful article. In this post, I have not bugged you with unrealistic ventures considering that your budget is 50k. I have not bothered you with businesses like mini importation, dropshipping, graphic design, website design, digital marketing, affiliate marketing, freelance writing and so on. Most of the businesses, you need several months of premium skill acquisition before you can start.

The business ideas I shared on this page are both realistic and practical. They can all be started with 50k. So go ahead and make a choice.

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