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20 Low-Cost Businesses You Can Do As A Nigerian Student On Campus

Learn low-cost businesses you can do as a Nigerian student on campus. Also in the article are easy online jobs for students and how to start earning money as a student. At the end, you should discover businesses a student can do in Nigeria.

20 Low-Cost Businesses You Can Do As A Nigerian Student On Campus

This post is inspired by the calls and messages we have received over time from students. Most of them are newly admitted students who want to know if there are businesses they can do while on campus in order to sustain themselves while they study.

The truth is that the economic situation in Nigeria is harsh and unbearable and students are not spared. Little wonder, when you come on campus, you see all manner of vices perpetuated by students who have been battered by lack. Many parents can hardly pay the exorbitant school fees and accommodation rents, not to talk of providing enough pocket money for their children on campus.

So you see students getting involved in stealing of phones and laptops, yahoo+, prostitution and sugar daddy deals, all in an effort to make some money to keep body and soul together. Many are not aware that there are several lucrative and legitimate small businesses they can do on campus, on part time or weekend basis and still have ample time to study and make good grades.

If you desperately want to start making money on campus, if you have been searching and asking what you can do to be making cool cash, if you are tired of depending wholly on your poor and aged parents for every dime you spend on campus, If you want to kick start your dream of building a financial fortune, …. this article is for you as I’d be giving you business ideas and opportunities in Nigerian campuses.

Reasons to find a job while you are a student:

  • You will be comfortable throughout your stay on campus.
  • It is a very good preparation for life after school. Your student job will give you a lot of important experiences  and afford you the opportunity to learn the personal skills required to run the business on a larger scale on the future. And very importantly also, the experiences will be used to boost your CV in the future when you start looking for a full-time job.
  • More so, you will get to discover your hidden potentials and become more confident in your abilities to make money.

20 Low-Cost Businesses Ideas for Nigerians Student On Campus

Below are well-researched and workable low-capital business ideas and opportunities available for a Nigerian undergraduate regardless of the nature of their institution – university, polytechnic or college of education.

1. Tutoring

You can teach one or two O’level subjects, maybe those in line with your course of study. Find WAEC and JAMB lesson centres around your campus and join as a teacher there. Depending on their time-table, you can work there two or three times a week, and during weekends. Some of the centres will pay you per hour or per week or month depending on your agreement with them.

You can also print and paste your contacts on street-by-street adverts for home tutorials and coaching. This can put a lot of money in your account, especially if you can teach subjects that students find difficult e.g. Mathematics. When the offers start coming, remember that you are still a student. Don’t accept more than necessary so that you can still have time for studies.

2. Freelance writing

There are many well-established websites and blogs that are in need of constant inflow of articles. Such websites and blogs need skilled and creative writers and content developers. If you are one, you can, even from the comfort of your hostel or lodge, become a registered freelance writer and get paid for just writing. There are many websites to get registered as a freelance writer. Once you get registered, you will start getting orders from various blogs and when you start delivering articles to them, bank alerts will follow.

3. Graphic design

During your holidays or the periods of waiting for admission, you can learn a graphic design package like Coreldraw and become a graphic designer. You can get jobs or partner with programmers who design websites for companies and organisations. You may be required to create logos, banners and other such things. As you become more skillful and popular, you may start getting get contracts to design business cards and brochures. If you posses the requisite graphics skills and a passion for designing, you can earn so much using your lecture free hours in the comfort of your hostel or lodge.

4. Assignment, Term Paper and Project Typing

There are lots of Students who do not have the time to do their own assignments, they would rather copy than go through the stress of searching for answers. Offer them your services and charge them a token. If they do well in those assignments they will come back for you; this time charge them MORE.

The same applies to term papers and projects. You can offer to type and format those documents and get paid for your services. If you are within the school hostels and can deliver a work in the shortest possible time, you will make a lot of money from this business.

5. Selling Past Question Papers

This is a very profitable business as far as Nigerian higher institutions are concerned. New students taking a particular course would normally need to have an idea of what the exam questions look like; and the best ways to answer them and make good grades. Such students would normally not have the time to search for and gather the past questions or compile on their own. You can do the compilation and sell to them on a yearly basis.

More so, you can get involved in marketing and distribution of Compiled Post-UTME Screening Past Questions for aspirants for your school or any other neighboring school if there is such demand. Reach out and contact the producers of such materials and see how to join their distribution network. You can contact us through this link if you are interested in marketing/distributing SureSuccess Post UTME Past Questions.

6. Selling of Clothes / Foot Wears / Jewelries

If you are a female student, then you are more advantaged in taking up this Biz. Go to the main market and get cheap FINE clothes, shoes and jewelries; visit different hostels and lodges on campus. Trust me when I tell you that girls don’t get tired of wearing clothes, shoes and jewelries as long as they can afford them.

So, you will always have market. Make sure you have a business card or just have your contacts printed on paper and be sure to drop it with people that buy from you because they and/or their friends will definitely need your goods later.

7. Hairdressing business

Are you good at and passionate about making hair, styling and fixing of weavons? Please start immediately in that your hostel or lodge. You can always promote yourself on social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and generate as many clients as you desire. Post the best examples of your work, and you are guaranteed to gain people’s interest in your skills.

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8. Manicure, Pedicure and Make-up

This business is extremely relevant these days because so many women and girls want to wear beautiful make-up with perfect nails especially for their weekend outings. If you possess the required skills already, hit the social media and promote yourself.

Print adverts and paste at strategic locations in your school especially faculties with very high population of female students. Always remember that there is a lot of competition nowadays among the manicure/pedicure/make-up artists, so always endeavor to make your works stand out and attract the potential clients.

9. Blogging

These days, it is very easy to become a blogger. You may not necessarily need a laptop computer, once you have a smart phone, you are good to go. Hear me, blogging can give you a lot of money as a student if you will pay a little attention to learn the basics. You should be willing to learn and become a blogger to have something to show for the time and data you waste every day online.

If you have an area or subject or niche that interests you, if you are knowledgeable in such area – education, fashion, science, technology, fiction, news – then start a blog. You’ve got a great chance of your blog becoming popular and paying you a lot of money sooner than you can imagine. You can start a free blog on the WordPress or Blogspot platforms and start learning your way to financial independence.

10. Become a Jumia agent is one of the most popular online shopping platforms in Africa. This huge and highly successful platform is always in need of agents, who can work either full-time or part-time. Of course, the responsibility of the agents is very simple – they help customers to order and purchase whatever they need. So your work will be letting people know that you are a Jumia agent, and promoting their offers on various social media platforms.

The good news is that it does not require any starting capital, and if you are a student, it will not take much of your time. To learn more about the agent work, you can visit the website. When you are done learning, you can decide whether you want to work for them or not. Don’t forget that there are other very good  online shopping platforms like You can also search them out.

11. Baking and pastries

If you are skilled in baking, then you have a huge opportunity to earn. Lots of Birthday Parties go on everyday on campuses. Don’t wait for them to come to you and order for it. No! Once you hear someone’s about to have their birthday, visit and wish them a “Happy Birthday in Advance,” then throw in “that you can make them a yummy cake just for a token.

If you get the job and deliver really beautiful and delicious cake, they will announce you to their friends. But beyond that, advertise your business on social media by posting photos of your pastries. Work on getting contracts to supply cakes to celebrants during matriculation and convocation ceremonies.

12. Kerosene retail

Because of the strict ban on the use of gas cookers and electric stoves by students living in school-provided hostel accommodations, more and more students use kerosene stoves to boil water for early morning bath and to prepare their meals. And most of these students don’t want to stress themselves going too far to purchase Kerosene.

This is why kerosene retail can be a really profitable business on campus and it doesn’t require huge capital to start. So, invest in this business and be sure to constantly turn over 100% of your investment within a very short period.

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13. Photography

Many students do not know that they can earn big with photography. If you have a good professional camera and a great eye when it comes to capturing the most interesting moments, then start going to lecture with it. Take pictures of people while in class, during rallies, sports, hangouts or any other activity.

Take random pictures of people – let’s say someone is coming out of lecture hall or school gate, give them a shot and show them – some of them can go ahead to request for a printed copy because these things are memories. You can even try this at church after service has ended. You can also post your photos on stock websites to make money off them. Now go and get that money!

14. Bead making

I know many students who supply big boutiques and fashion shops their well-crafted bead works. There is no limit to the wonders that can be created out of beads – necklaces, bangles, rings, bags, foot wears, flower vases. That’s why it is a very lucrative business that any student can do at their own convenient and spare time. If you can create great stuffs out of beads, try to package them well and start approaching high-profile shops for business. Very soon, you will start making the kind of money that will WOW you.

15. Stand-up comedy

Littered in all Nigerian tertiary institutions are lots and lots of massively talented stand-up comedians who have no idea that they could make money off their natural abilities. Do you have a great sense of humor? Do you possess a distinct voice? What about unusual aura and endless charisma? Maybe you should consider venturing into the stand-up comedy business. Start from getting a slot to perform in friends’ birthday parties and get-togethers.

Ensure that you plan and rehearse very well before appearing on any stage no matter how small the gathering is. With time, you can start organizing your own shows within your campus or off-campus. If you are really good at what you do and people love your shows, you can become rich in no time.

16. Ushering Services

If you are capable of sharing food, drinks and making sure that an event has a taste of service, you can take this up. Find an ushering group in your area and join; otherwise, create your own ushering group and open it up for others to join you. Ushering agents work at birthday parties, orientation grounds, dinner nights, get-togthers, and so on.

From this, you can expand to begin to undertake event planning. Build a team of people who have great organizational skills, flexibility and active personality. Get the jobs, plan the events, execute them and make your money. Don’t worry about interference with your lecture schedules, usually the majority of events fall on weekends.

17. Catering business

This business is for students who love cooking and it’s regardless of gender. It’s all about the desire to make some extra cash. So if you are in need of money and would not mind working in the catering service, you can search for and join a team that provides the cooking for some big occasions and events.

Believe me when I tell you that this can be very lucrative but you’ve got to be someone that loves and enjoys cooking, and also very good at it. The only reservation I have for this is that it can be stressful cooking for big events but with a very good and active team, you won’t feel the stress.

18. Personal Sports Trainer

This job would be nice especially for those students who are athletic and always keep up their physical shape. Nowadays, many people, especially the female folks, are obsessed with their body weight and are struggling to lose weight and become physically fit. You can use the notice boards to advertise and promote yourself as a personal sports trainer; and start a personal training service to help your clients. If your campus has a sports facility, you can discuss with the management and make use of it for your training sessions.

19. Laptop and Phone Charging Business

If you stay around off campus lodges where there is epileptic power supply, you can get a small generator and construct an extension with many sockets. Once you do this, you are ready to start business. You can charge people’s phones and laptops for little fees. This is a very good and profitable business because of people’s need to stay online to connect with family, friends and loved ones.

20. Mine and Earn Bitcoins for Free Using CryptoTab Browser:

Like I pointed out earlier, a lot of students have devices – phones and laptops. They subscribe monthly or weekly for Internet access to browse for news and use the social media. But they don’t ever realizing that they could earn money at the same time without doing anything extra. And because they are not aware, the earning-capacity of their laptops and phones remain unused most of the times. Now that you have read this post, you can start using your devices more efficiently and earn at the same time.

Just download and install CryptoTab browser on your computer, tablet or phone and it will mine bitcoins in the background while you are just surfing the Internet. That is, as you do your normal everyday browsing and visit your favorite websites as you are doing now, you earn Bitcoins. I use CryptoTab browser for all my online activities and it’s paying off. Just follow the provided link to download and install it, and start earning right away.

Download CryptoTab Browser Here

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