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13 Profitable Businesses to Do as a Student on Campus

On this post, you will learn profitable businesses to do as a Student on Campus. You will also find the best ways to earn money as a student. And how to earn extra income while studying.

Best ways to earn money as a student

13 Profitable Businesses to Do as a Student on Campus

Getting an extra source of income apart from the monthly pocket money that comes from home, is definitely a difficult thing for many students . But Here are various businesses you can do and earn Big on campus.

Working on Assignments

There are lots of Students who do not have the time to do their own assignments, they would rather copy than go through the stress of searching for answers. Offer them your services and charge them for a token, if they do well in those assignments they will come back for you; this time charge them MORE.


If you are skilled in Baking then this is your opportunity to earn. Lots of Birthday Parties go on everyday on campuses. Don’t wait for them to come to you and order for it , No! Once you hear someone’s about to have their birthday, visit and wish them a “Happy Birthday in Advance” then throw in “that you can make them a yummy cake just for a token”. Don’t be surprised, if you’re good they will announce you to their friends.


Once new Materials are released in your Department, tell everyone that you can help them get their own copy. Charge them cheap, visit a photocopy center and tell them you will be getting work for them on daily basis and wish to have a commission for all the works you bring. You will be signed to it and money will start flowing.

Phone Repair

If you are good with Phone repair then let everyone know. Don’t ever keep quite with what you can Do. Anytime you introduce yourself, introduce your business/skill too.


If you are a female, then you are more advantaged in taking up this Biz. Get cheap clothes and Visit Different Hostels and Lodges on Campus. Girls don’t get tired of wearing clothes, make sure you also have your contact on a printed paper; drop it with people that buy from you they might need your goods later too.

Laptop and Phone Charging

If you stay around areas that power supply is a problem, get a generator and constructed extension with many sockets, and business has started already! You can charge phones for 50 Naira and Laptops for 100 Naira as the case may be. Test the market and see how it goes.

Compilation of Past Questions

Get Past Questions of any Level and course you want, compile and solve them, and start selling few weeks before exams.

Ushering Services

If you are capable of sharing food, drinks and making sure that an event has a taste of service, then take this up; join an ushering group or create your own. Ushering agents work at birthday parties, orientation grounds, dinner nights, get-togethers, meet-ups and others.

Web Development/Design

Can you build websites? If yes, join fiverr or upwork and put up your portfolio. You can make as much as 100USD if you’re very good. Meet small business owners and help them move their businesses online for a token.


If you can design fliers, handbills or other graphic works for individuals or companies, then you’re made ! Incase you don’t know how to start, check figma or try Adobe photoshop.

Hair Dressing

Are you good in making hair, styling and fixing of weavons? Please start immediately.

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This business does not require any training, anyone can do it. You can outsource anything and still earn big. Example : let’s say you’re a 200L student, and know a few people who are graduating soon…. Meet with their course representative or coordinator ; tell them that you can make jackets, Hoodies and sign-out shirts for a token. Show them samples, get the job and outsource to a good fabric brand that can sew well. Business is done and you still get your commission/percentage. Other things to outsource include laptops, project work binding etc.


Do you know you can earn big with this? If you have a good camera, start coming to lecture with it. Take pictures of people while in class, during rallies or any other activity. Take random pictures of people “let’s say someone is coming out of lecture Hall or school gate, give them a shot and show them”,some of them can go ahead to request for a printed copy because these things are memories. You can even try this at church after service has ended. Now go and get that money!

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I will stop here for now, if there are other businesses you’ve tried on campus; do well to mention them in the comment section.

Till I write you again.

Thank you.

© Esther Ebere (UNN)

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