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2024 WAEC GCE Registration Form for 2nd Series

My dear esteemed reader, are you planning to take the WAEC GCE in 2024? This is to let you know that the West African Examination Council (WAEC) has recently announced the registration details for the second series of the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) for private candidates. But this year is witnessing some newly introduced features that you need to come to terms with to ensure successful registration. So what’s new this year? Biometric features and a hybrid of CBT and paper-based exams are the new innovations by WAEC. Get more illuminating details in the post.

2024 WAEC GCE Registration Form for 2nd Series

The West African Examination Council, WAEC GCE is normally an opportunity for private candidates to partake in the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) and obtain an O’level certificate. So whether you are a business man or woman, or you did not attend secondary school but now wish to further your education, this is your best opportunity.

Because of the importance of getting it right, in today’s post, I am going to be dealing with everything that pertains to WAEC GCE Registration: Is WAEC GCE form out, What is WAEC GCE about?, How much is WAEC GCE form this year?, Is WAEC GCE Timetable out for 2024 Exam?, when is GCE second series starting?

A Quick Table Summary

A robust understanding of important details and answers to salient questions will engender a seamless registration process for you. Let me first of all give you a quick summary of some of the key points about 2024 WAEC GCE registration:

 Currently Open Registration
WASSCE Private Candidates 2024— 2nd Series
Registration Start Date December 18th, 2024
Registration End Date (Deadline) January 22nd, 2024
Exam Registration Fee NGN27,000 + N500 Bank/Agent Commission
Walk-in Registration NGN45,000
Exam Dates (Schedule) January 31st to February 17th, 2024
Exam Format Hybrid (CBT and Paper-Based)
Mock Exam Online Platform Familiarization
Biometric Feature For Validation at Exam Centres
 Examination Towns Aba, Enugu, kano, Dopemu, Egbe, Ijegun, etc.

An Overview of WASSCE for Private Candidates

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) conducts the West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE). However, the WAEC GCE (General Certificate Examination) refers to the examination for private candidates. It allows individuals who are not in regular school programs to take the WASSCE and obtain a certification that is equivalent to the one obtained by students in regular schools. So, WAEC GCE provides an opportunity for private candidates to earn a secondary school certificate.

WAEC conducts WASSCE for secondary School leavers and this is otherwise referred to as WAEC May/June exam. It is for candidates already passing through a secondary school. But the one students without any association to a school register and sit for is WAEC GCE or WAEC for Private students. Anybody can register for this GCE Exam.

Bi-annual Series for Private Candidates (WAEC GCE)

WAEC conducts the WASSCE for Private Candidates in two series annually. These include the First Series (Jan/Feb) and the Second Series (Aug/Sept). This structure provides flexibility for private candidates to choose the series that best fits their preparation schedule.

Integration of Biometric Features

In the 2024 WAEC GCE registration, there’s a significant change – now, they’re using biometric features. This new method is all about making sure everything is legit and secure at the exam centers. It shows that WAEC is serious about keeping the whole examination process honest and safe.

Transition to Computer Based Exams

In the 2024 WAEC GCE, they’re mostly going digital with a Computer-Based Test (CBT). All the Objective papers will be done on the computer. But for essays and practical tests, it’s a mix – questions will be on screens, but you’ll still jot down your answers on paper.

2024 WAEC GCE Registration Requirements and Available Subjects

Here’s a helpful guide for signing up for the 2024 WAEC GCE. It breaks down the process into simple steps and gives you all the important info you need for a smooth registration. This guide aims to make sure candidates know exactly what’s required and how to successfully enroll in the 2024 session.

Requirements To Register For GCE WAEC

If you wish to get WAEC registration form for Private Students, then you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Biometric Data Capture software
  2. BIO DATA; Gender, Disability, Marital Status, Maiden Name (if applicable), Date of Birth (DOB), Nationality and State of Origin. Note that your name must not be more than 40 characters, this includes spaces between the surname, first name and other name.
  3. WEBCAM; Preferably the Microsoft LifeCam HD 3000 Webcam (Note that the picture taken is what will be printed on your photocard and certificate, so you may want to look nice).
  4. Each candidate must have a National Identification Number (NIN) to complete the registration.
  5. Money For Registration i.e. a non-refundable fee of Twenty-Seven Thousand Naira (N27,000) only plus N500 Bank/Agent Commission)

WAEC GCE Registration Fee

For the year 2024, here’s WAEC’s position on fees:

  • Candidates must pay a non-refundable fee of Twenty-Seven Thousand Naira (N27,000) only.
  • Additional Bank Commission: A commission fee of Five Hundred Naira (N500.00) is payable to the banks/accredited agents.

Where To Get WAEC GCE Registration Pin

As you already know by now, you cannot get the registration pin for WAEC GCE registration through any school. The reason is simply because you are a private student. However, you can get the WAEC GCE registration pin from any of the following outlets:

  • WAEC Registration Centres.
  • Accredited Agents.
  • Banks.

If you choose to obtain your WAEC GCE pin from a bank, the following is a list of banks partnering with WAEC to dispense registration pin:

-Access Bank Plc
-Ecobank Plc
-Fidelity Bank Plc
-First Bank of Nig
-First City Monument Bank Plc
-Guaranty Trust Bank Plc
-Heritage Bank Plc
-Jaiz Bank
-Polaris Bank Ltd
-Stanbic IBTC Bank Plc
-Standard Chartered Bank Plc
-Sterling Bank Plc
-Union Bank of Nigeria Plc
-United Bank for Africa Plc
-Unity Bank Plc
-WEMA Bank Plc
-Zenith Bank Plc

Cashless Payment Options

Candidates can also obtain the registration token for GCE using credit/debit card. They can do so through:

  • Bancwize Limited, Paga, Coralpay, Cyberspace Ltd, Brinq Africa, Palmpay, Etranzact, Fidelity Bank, Broadshift Technologies Ltd, Paycom, IQ Pay, Itex, Citiserve Ltd, System Specs Ltd, Unified payments, UBA, Xpress payment, Interswitch, Capricorn Ltd, Kuda.

After obtaining the GCE Registration PIN, the next thing to do is to proceed with online registration. But if you need to use the GCE certificate later to further your education in a tertiary institution, you must know the SSCE subjects required for the course you’ll wish to study. You need to know the 9 WAEC Subjects for the course you have in view. With that, you know the subjects to select on WAEC website for your GCE.

But just in case you don’t know the subjects offered in WAEC Second Series GCE Exams, I will give you the full list of subjects in the next section.

Approved Subjects for WAEC GCE Examination

For GCE, WAEC allows a minimum of Seven (7) subjects and a maximum of Nine (9) subjects. However, English Language and Mathematics must be part of your subjects selection.

The table below give the list of all the available subjects together with their codes:

11 ARABIC 301
13 FRENCH 304
14 HAUSA 327
15 IGBO 328
16 YORUBA 329
20 BIOLOGY 504
24 PHYSICS 512
35 MUSIC 705

This table above shows the list of subjects that private students can offer in WAEC.

How to Apply for the WAEC GCE 2024

If you have all the registration requirements and now know the subjects you want to sit for, you can then proceed with the following steps to kick start your registration.

1. Open Your Web Browser And Visit

On your Computer, open your Web browser and visit to start the registration

2. Enter Your Username, Password and Other DATA and click ‘Continue’

For the next step, get ready to input your Username, Password and Pin on the upcoming page. Make sure your chosen username is unique – the system will check and let you know if it’s available.

Once those are filled in correctly, hit Continue. After that, you’ll need to provide some more details like your Email, surname, first name, and any other names. Easy, right?

3. Capture Biometrics (Passport and Finger Prints)

Now, it’s time to enroll your fingerprints and input other personal details using the Biometric Data Capture software. If you have a fingerprint scanner, you can download the software for the scanner or head to a Registration Centre equipped with this technology to scan your fingerprints.

Crucial tip: When capturing biometrics, make sure to use the exact same username, password, email, surname, first name, and other name that you previously entered. The system gets picky, and if there’s any discrepancy, it’ll let you know by complaining that the username has already been used. Keep it consistent!

4. Picture Capture Using Web Cam

For the next step, you need to snap a picture using a webcam that meets specific requirements. Make sure your webcam has a minimum Camera Specification of 2.0MP, supports 720p, and operates with USB 2.0. It should be a High Resolution RGB camera that’s Hi-Speed USB 2.0 certified, equipped with a 2.0-megapixel sensor, and capable of up to 30 frames per second.

If you’re looking for a suggestion, the Microsoft LifeCam HD 3000 Webcam comes recommended for this task.

5. Enter Your Contact Information

Time to provide your contact details! Make sure to provide your telephone number, email address, residential address, city, and state. If you have a postal address, don’t forget to include that too, along with the respective city and state.

These details are crucial, especially the telephone number, as it will be used to reach out to you if necessary. Keep everything accurate and up-to-date!

6. Select Preferred Examination Town

Select your preferred state and town for the examination. The system will then automatically assign you to a specific center. It’s important to note that once you submit your choice, you can’t change your examination town later on. So, choose wisely and make sure it’s the most convenient option for you.

7. Select Subjects To Sit For

Good news – English Language and Mathematics are already in the bag for you because they’re compulsory. Now, it’s your turn to choose the other subjects you want to register for in this examination. Take a moment to select the ones that align with the course you want to study if you have plans of furthering your education.

8. Tick The Checkbox in the Declaration Page

Don’t breeze through this part! Take some time to carefully read the declaration section. Make sure to tick or check the checkboxes to confirm your understanding and agreement. It’s a crucial step, and you can’t move forward without doing this. Your acknowledgment here is key before submitting the form. So, check the box and proceed!

9. Submit Registration

Almost there! After filling out the registration form, hit the ACCEPT button. This action will trigger a preview of your details.

Take a good look at it. If you notice anything that needs correction, click the EDIT button to make those changes. If you’re satisfied and just want to save your progress, hit the SAVE button. This way, you can always come back later to make modifications if needed.

10. Print Admission Photo Card

Congratulations! Once you’ve successfully filled out and submitted your registration form, the system will do its magic. It’ll assign you a center and generate your examination number. Your next move? Print out the admission notice/photo card. Remember, this document is your ticket into the examination hall, so don’t forget to have it in hand everyday you go for exam!

Important Notes for Candidates of 2024 WAEC GCE

  • Candidates with special needs should register online like others.
  • They must specify their impairments (e.g., visual, low vision, spastic, speech, hard of hearing).
  • Registration must be completed within two weeks of first accessing the website during the registration period.
  • Candidates must verify their names, gender, passport photographs, dates of birth, and subjects.
  • They must print the Admission Notice as proof of successful registration and use it as identification during the exam.
  • The Admission Notice will include the Result Checker PIN.

WAEC GCE: Online Mock Examination for Candidates

An Online Mock examination will be available for registered candidates. This initiative aims to familiarize you with the testing platform, ensuring you are well-prepared for the actual examination. Details regarding the date and modalities of the Mock test will be communicated in due time.

General Information

  1. Computer-Based Examination (CBT):
    • Objective papers will be entirely CBT.
    • Essay and practical exams will be hybrid: questions on screen, answers on paper.
  2. Online Mock Examination:
    • Available for candidates wishing to familiarize with the testing environment.
    • Details about the mock exam will be sent via SMS, email, and social media.
  3. Non-Refundable Registration Fee:
    • Candidates should note that the registration fee is non-refundable.
  4. Examination Timetable:
    • Candidates are advised to regularly check the website for the exam timetable.
  5. Passport Photograph Requirements:
    • Photographs must be taken with a Microsoft HD 3000 digital camera.
    • Acceptable formats: Black & white or color JPEG, 275×314 pixels, 72 dpi resolution.
    • Size limits: Minimum 7kb, maximum 15kb, with a contrasting background.
    • No obstructive items; poor quality photographs may invalidate the entry.
    • For more details, visit
  6. Study Materials:
    • Regulations and syllabuses can be downloaded from using the Registration PIN.
  7. Dress Code for Examination Halls:
    • Candidates must wear mufti, no professional uniforms.
    • Weapons are strictly prohibited.
  8. One-Center Rule:
    • Results will be cancelled if a candidate sits the exam in more than one center.
  9. No Smoking Policy:
    • Smoking is not allowed in the examination hall.
  10. Prohibition of Electronic Gadgets:
    • Bringing mobile phones or any electronic gadgets will result in cancellation of results.
  11. Accuracy of Entry Information:
    • Ensure correctness of entry details; errors cannot be amended post-registration.
  12. Requirement of Original Photocard:
    • Candidates must bring their original Photocard to the examination hall.
  13. Consequences of Malpractice:
    • Results will be cancelled and candidates may face prosecution for exam malpractice.
  14. Valid Contact Information:
    • Provide accurate email and telephone numbers during registration.

WAEC GCE Registration Deadline

Mark your calendars! The deadline for registering for the 2024 WAEC GCE is set for January 22, 2024. If you’re keen on taking part in this examination, make sure to wrap up your registration by this date. It’s the key to ensuring you’re eligible for the 2024 session of the West African Examinations Council General Certificate Examination. Time is ticking, so don’t miss out!

Walk-in Candidates

Students who wish to register after the close of entries may be accommodated, but only as “Walk-in-Candidates” and pay a fee of NGN45,000, provided the registration is done not less than 24 hours to the scheduled time of the paper(s) they intend to write.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Will WAEC GCE Form Come Out?

For the 1st Series Jan/Feb WAEC GCE, the sales of the form would start on December 18th, 2023. It’s crucial to note that the availability of the form may vary for different series – for example, the Nov/Dec series is typically out in July.

There’s always a three-month window for sales of WAEC GCE form which gives students who faced challenges in the recent WASSCE exams a chance to register. It’s all about creating opportunities and ensuring everyone has a fair shot at taking the exam.

Is WAEC GCE Form Out?

Yes, the WAEC GCE form for the 2024/2025 first series Jan/Feb is now available. If you’re eager to apply for WAEC GCE Jan/Feb, go ahead and get your online registration Pins/codes. These codes will be your key to initiating and completing the online registration process.

How Much Is WAEC GCE Form 2024?

o secure your registration for GCE WAEC in 2024, you’ll need to budget NGN27,000. This amount covers the cost of the registration pin, and you can obtain it from specified sales banks or any approved sales agent designated by the board. Make sure to get your registration pin from the right sources to ensure a smooth registration process.

Can I Register For WAEC GCE Myself?

Absolutely, you can take charge of your WAEC GCE registration, but make sure you have all the necessary tools and requirements at your disposal, like a webcam, computer, fingerprint scanner, and sufficient browsing data.

Is WAEC GCE Harder than WASSCE?

WAEC GCE is not inherently harder than WASSCE; it’s more about how ready you are for the exam. So your level of preparation determines the difficulty level of the exam.

Can I Use WAEC GCE to Study Abroad?

Yes, just like WASSCE, WAEC GCE for private students is recognized and accepted abroad, opening doors for your educational journey beyond national boundaries.

Final Thoughts on WAEC GCE Registration

In summary, if you’re a private candidate gearing up for the WAEC GCE 2024, staying informed and following the guidelines is key for a successful registration and exam journey. This step not only leads you through the examination process but also opens doors to future academic and professional opportunities. For the latest and detailed information, keep an eye on Good luck on your academic endeavors!

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For information WAEC as an examination body, visit the Board’s Official Website

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