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How to Do Yahoo on WhatsApp Phone

In our previous post, we shared Yahoo Boys WhatsApp Group Link and how to join any group you choose. We also enlightened you on what happens in Yahoo boys Whatsapp groups. On this post, we would show you how to do yahoo on Whatsapp and also how to do yahoo on phone generally. So you will get to learn the yahoo boys format for whatsapp and phone. Continue reading if you are a lazy smart hustler.

How to Do Yahoo on WhatsApp and How to do yahoo on Phone

Who is a Yahoo Boy?

In recent years, the term Yahoo boy has become a generic name for anyone who does fraudulent businesses on the Internet. So a yahoo boy does not necessarily have to be a boy. Rather, he may be a man, woman, boy or girl. The most important thing is that they are con artists who carry out their stock of trade via Yahoo and other online platforms.

Sometimes, these yahoo boys also go by the name G-boys.

There are different levels to the yahoo business. There are those operating just as yahoo boys while there are some others who have taken it to a higher level. These are the ones into yahoo plus. They also go by the name G+ guys.

Platforms Where Yahoo Boys Operate

Real Yahoo boys take their hustle to any available platform where they can find clients. So Yahoo boys are everywhere, especially on various Social Media platforms.

Yahoo boys do yahoo business on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, Snapchat and so on. They are not limited to any grade of phone. So those who can already afford iPhones are fine with it but those with Android phones and even small phones still hustle hard with them.

How to Do Yahoo on Phone

Like you have read above, yahoo boys use two basic tools: Personal Computers (PCs) and phones. The very successful ones who are already cashing out big time use high configuration laptops. With their laptops, Internet connectivity and Light, they are good to go.

But there are many other yahoo boys who use phones. While most yahoo boys prefer iPhones due to its peculiar features, others make do with Android phones and other smaller phones.

How to do yahoo on phone as a G-guy?

  • Choose a country where you want to get a client.
  • Acquire a functional phone number with the country code.
  • Create social media accounts with the phone number.
  • Access groups and communities on social media where potential mugu’s are.
  • Take some time to establish relationship with clients.
  • Take the relationship beyond the social media. Begin to communicate on calls.
  • Use the right formats to convert deals on the client’s head.

How to Do Yahoo on WhatsApp

The WhatsApp instant messaging app is one of the several platforms where Yahoo boys tidy businesses and cash out big time. If you are a lazy smart hustler looking for a correct platform to do business, WhatsApp is the platform.

Wondering how to do Yahoo on Whatsapp? Here are some steps you can take to begin…

  1. Choose a target country.
  2. Acquire a functional mobile phone number of that country.
  3. Download the Whatsapp messaging app to your phone.
  4. Thereafter, enter your phone number to receive a confirmation code.
  5. Then copy and paste the confirmation code if it’s not automatically detected by your phone.

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More on How to Do Yahoo on WhatsApp

After you have downloaded the Whatsapp messaging app, here are some things you can do to jump-start yourself.

  1. Join Yahoo boys Whatsapp groups. You can as well use this Yahoo Boy’s WhatsApp Group Link to join. There, you will begin to get formats from other experienced G-guys.
  2. Thereafter, join Whatsapp groups where your potential clients are.
  3. Take some time to establish relationship with clients.
  4. Take the relationship beyond Whatsapp. Begin to communicate on Whatsapp calls and then graduate to normal calls.
  5. Use the right formats to convert deals on the client’s head.

Once you follow the steps above, you are ready to start doing Yahoo on WhatsApp.

But we’ll like you to share your thoughts with us in the comment section. What do you think about Yahoo Boys? What’s your sincere take on doing Yahoo on WhatsApp or any other platform? Do you really think that yahoo yahoo is a good business? Do you believe you can find lasting joy and happiness by causing heartache for others? Have you given a careful thought about the grave dangers of this so called business?

We will be glad to hear from you.

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