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Top 5 Ways to Make Serious Money from your Blog

It is not uncommon to find millions of individuals surfing the Internet in search for genuine and legitimate ways to make money online. This is owing partly to the high rate of unemployment in many countries around the world. People are in serious search for something that can get them engaged while they earn a living. Blogging is one of the many legitimate ways to make cool cash on the Internet. In this article, I will be looking at the meaning of blog, the types of blogs, what blogging is all about and how to make serious money as a blogger. So journey with me.
5 Proven Ways you can Make Money Blogging

What is a blog?

Many people are new to this word and it’s not out of place to ask questions. In its original form, a blog is a type of online diary. It is actually truncated from the word ‘weblog.’ As the name implies, these weblogs allowed users to ‘log’ or enter the details of their day in diary format.

Blogs usually allow readers to comment on the contents and interact with the bloggers. So as blogs became more and more common and popular, communities of users began to grow around them making them to become very lucrative businesses through which the bloggers make money daily.

So far, you have learnt the meaning of blog. I’m sure you have also been able to grasp the fact that the owner of a blog or blogs is called a blogger. Now let move on to discuss the meaning of blogging.

In very simple terms, blogging refers to writing, photography and video that are self-published on the Internet. Like I already pointed out, blogging was initially designed to make daily entries of life experiences and activities, write about arts, poems and other forms of writings primarily for fun on the Internet.

Today blogging has come a very long way as it now has a widened scope. Many companies, businesses and organizations now incorporate blogs in their websites. This creates a platform which offers them the opportunity to make frequent updates using either formal or informal language as they choose, and to engage their readers, potential clients and customers in a conversation.

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Four (4) Common Types of Blogs

There are many types of blogs but I am going to share the four most common types to you on this article. These four include: Personal blogs, Business blogs, Niche blogs, and Affiliate blogs.

I will take a little space to discuss each of these four types of blogs. The full details will come in my next article.

1. Personal Blogs

The blogging industry was pioneered by personal bloggers. When blogs emerged and people started blogging in the late 90s, all we had were personal blogs. Individuals just created their own blogs and wrote down their thoughts, opinions, experiences, ideas and advice on a wide range of issues with which they are concerned, including their political views and/or a cause that they support.

These make personal blogs the most conventional and traditional forms of blogs.

2. Business Blogs

I’m sure you already have an idea of what business blogs are all about. They are blogs that are geared towards businesses. The business bloggers solely write on topics related to the job they do for a living. The aim of a business blog is to generate, on a daily basis, enough leads for the blogger’s business(es) and make as many potential customers and clients as possible.

Unlike personal blogs, the contents in business blogs are presented in professional ways following industry rules with the aim of promoting specific business(es).

3. Niche Blogs

Generally speaking, a niche is a place which is particularly appropriate for something, possibly because it is very specific and different from other things. Niche blogs target and cover specific topics in very specific areas, for example food, drugs, music, basketball, sports car-racing, content marketing, movies, health & fitness, and so on.

If you dream of becoming a professional blogger, and of course, earn money blogging, a niche blog is a perfect way to start your journey. All you need to do is to find something you are passionate about and build a niche blog around it.

4. Affiliate Blogs

Affiliate blogs are the type of blogs that people create to generate commission through affiliate marketing. In affiliate marketing, the affiliate marketer gets paid a small percentage of the price of the products he sells. In order to make sales, an affiliate blogger writes product reviews and enjoins or persuades his readers to purchase those products through his affiliate links. Once a transaction is successfully completed, the affiliate blogger gets a commission from it.

What are the Top 5 Ways to Make Serious Money as a Blogger?

Having done the necessary preliminaries, let’s quickly delve into this topic. I want to assure you that everything I’m going to be dropping for you here are proven and working fine.

1. Affiliate Marketing

This is the name given to the online business which involves a person (called an affiliate) making money by marketing, selling and profiting from another person’s (or company’s) product. Affiliate marketing and sales create for bloggers a huge source of revenue as commissions. Note that commissions vary from seller to seller and from product to product and also depend on the kind of affiliate program you sign up for.

2. Blog Advertisements

Blog advertising is another way through which a blogger can make money. It involves allowing people to advertise their products, business or services on your blog. If you have a fairly decent traffic on your blog; there are many advertisement programs that could sign up for to enable your blog to earn money. The chiefest of all the programs is Google Adsense. If you meet all the policy requirements of Google Adsense, they will give you an account and monetize your blog.

3. Sponsored Posts

The ways in which you can make serious money as a blogger is not limited to ads alone. If you can write sponsored posts for deserving and reputable companies, you can also make money. As a beginner, this would not be possible. But as your blog’s relevance and popularity grows, you will receive multiple requests from businesses, companies and organizations to create sponsored posts each day.

Normally, sponsored posts are made to look like blog articles written about a product or service of the company sponsoring the post. The reader or potential client/customer might not realize that he is reading a sponsored post.

4. A Business Directory

You can also make money from your blog by creating a business directory. This is not difficult to create. All you need to do is to check the type of products or services your readers often asks for recommendations on. Create a comprehensive list based on their requests and then approach key businesses to sign up for your business directory.

The most popular way to monetize your directory is by selling listings to local businesses. I hope you are getting the point I’m making so far? This is all about helping small businesses which cannot afford a website to have an online presence if they need to. You meet this need by simply creating a list of businesses, the services they offer, and their contacts.

5. Premium Content

In the blogging business, content is everything. If you can create awesome premium contents, you can make serious money from your blog. Create contents like: e-books, a downloadable guide, software files, tutorials, online courses, etc.and charge for them.

When you create these contents, you need to put them behind a paywall so that your readers would not be able to access them except they pay you. Payments could be one-off or monthly or yearly, depending on the type of content and the various packages you are creating.

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