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UNEC: The real Den for real lions and lionesses

Welcome to UNEC; the first daughter of a mothering Nsukka campus, birthed in 1961 in a serene corner of the very heart of Enugu city; a professional training hub for bright intellectual minds on an unwaivering quest for academic conquest. Interestingly whenever a story of UNEC is told, a metaphoric …

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Top 4 Money Drainers in Every University Campus

Top 4 Money Drainers in Every University Campus Below are things that keep you perpetually broke in school despite the money your parents sweat their association off to make and send to you. Read Also: 15 Types of Students you will Meet in every Campus 1. GAMBLING This practice has …

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8 Books to read in your 20’s

20-29 are years we make mistakes and learn every day. Reading books make us smarter as we navigate through our lives with the wisdom of those before us. These are 8 books that will give you a head start towards the right path. How to Win Friends and Influence People …

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