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Top 4 Money Drainers in Every University Campus

Top 4 Money Drainers in Every University Campus Below are things that keep you perpetually broke in school despite the money your parents sweat their association off to make and send to you. Read Also: 15 Types of Students you will Meet in every Campus 1. GAMBLING This practice has …

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8 Books to read in your 20’s

20-29 are years we make mistakes and learn every day. Reading books make us smarter as we navigate through our lives with the wisdom of those before us. These are 8 books that will give you a head start towards the right path. How to Win Friends and Influence People …

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My Feminist Library: 10 Books every Woman Should Read

There are books that only women can relate to. The issues peculiar to women include work ethics, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse,  Gender inequality and social prejudice amongst others. Americanah by Chimamanda Adichie tells the story of a young Nigerian woman who emigrates to the United States for a university …

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MARRIED IN SCHOOL, SINGLE AT HOME Thinking about this topic, I’ve been wondering who the focus of this post should be – girls or guys or both. In almost every tertiary institution in Nigeria, you find ‘undergraduate couples’ living as husbands and wives. You find a lot of these misguided …

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THOSE UNN Dreams….. . And I listened to his own part of the great Lion story, back then in july 2014, with so much rapt and enthusiasm….. Stories of long years of Dreams which finally came into reality in 2006… Telling the story with so much professionalism and Nostalgia…. . …

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UNN is Naturally Ahead of Others

UNN Students be like: “UI,B.Sc(Ibadan), ABU,B.Sc(Zaria), UNILAG, B.Sc(Lagos), FUTO,B.Sc(Owerri), ESUT,B.Sc(Enugu), ABSU,B.Sc(Uturu) UNIZIK, B.Sc(Awka) OAU, B.Sc(Ife) …….etc . But UNN, B.Sc(Nigeria). Did u notice any difference??? Naturally ahead of others!! They call it pride, But we call it class, Lions don’t thread with cats….. It wasn’t on our own making…. That’s …

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