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How to Lose Stomach Fat without Exercise or Workout

On this article, we would answer the following. what to drink to get a flat stomach fast. how to lose stomach fat without exercise or workout. how to get a flat tummy in 2 days. remedies for flat tummy and small waist. how to get a flat stomach in a week without exercise. how to lose belly fat in 1 day without exercise. and how to lose belly fat in 3 days at home.

Top 10 Flat Tummy Secrets: How to Deflate your Tummy without Exercise or Workouts

Top 10 Flat Tummy Secrets: How to Lose Stomach Fat without Exercise or Workout

You are welcome again to blog. In this article, I will be showing you the top 10 flat tummy secrets. If you have been battling fat around your stomach and direly need to lose fat, keep reading till the end because this post was prepared with in mind. The truth is that there are a number of factors that cause and affect stomach fat and these range from your diet to the level of physical activities you engage in to the amount of sleep you get and the amount of stress you take.

You can see littered on the Internet the various ways by which you can monitor and regulate your weight with the help of a good diet and regular exercise. But the question is, what if you have very busy daily schedules to the point that you hardly ever find time to workout? Is there a way to fight stomach fat or any factors that can help apart from exercise or workout?

The truth is that general exercise and workouts and good balanced diet are very important factors in any weight loss program. But beyond these factors, some very simple changes to your lifestyle and intakes do help in the weight loss journey. Actually, they make it quicker to attain your goals.

How to Lose Stomach Fat without Exercise or Workout

Below are 10 points that explain how to lose stomach fat without exercise or workout:

  1. Get enough sleep time
  2. Avoid late dinners
  3. Chew your food thoroughly
  4. Learn proper table manners
  5. Drink plenty of water
  6. Stop chewing gums
  7. Ditch the salt
  8. Don’t skip meals
  9. Stay away from beer
  10. Tame your tongue

1. Get Enough Sleep Time

This is as true as it is important. Lack of sleep is an important contributing factor to weight gain. So, as an adult, make sure you get your full eight hours a night. When your body does not get enough sleep, the level of cortisol (the stress hormone) increases. Part of the job of cortisol is to tell your body to save energy and get you through the day. Conserving energy means hanging onto body fat rather than burning it off, and that translates to a podgy stomach.

More so, sleep deprivation may make you eat more high calorie foods than you actually want to or should be eating. That can also lead to the accumulation of fats in the tummy area. If you are not getting enough sleep time per day, find out what the problem is and sort it out. Don’t fail to check out the condition of your mattress, it might be the source of the problem. One more thing on this: practice and cultivate the habit of going to bed early. It helps you to get enough rest.

2. Avoid Late Dinners

Make it a habit never to eat late dinners. Do not eat anything 2 to 3 hours before sleep.  Your body slows down its rate of metabolism when you sleep. This prevents the body from digesting the food in your stomach properly. More so, human organisms are relatively less active in the evenings than at night. The implication of this is that your body is more likely to store the calories you consume late at night as fat, rather than burning them as energy…

3. Chew your Food Thoroughly

Growing up, your elders must have scolded you to chew your food properly. There is a very important reason behind it. If you eat too quickly and just swallow your food without chewing properly, it would take more time to breakdown. Therefore, it hinders your digestion which may lead to excessive fat accumulation and weight gain.

More so, it takes about 20 minutes for the satiety signals to reach the brain. So, take your time, eat your food a bit more slowly and give your brain ample time to send out the signals of being full.

4. Learn Proper Table Manners

Do not chew food with your mouth open. This is not only disgusting to the people around you but ‘unhealthy’ for you. Chewing food while breathing through your mouth can make you swallow as much air as food. This certainly causes your stomach to inflate. Learning proper table manners will not only help you keep a trimmer tummy but will also make your friends and family much happier.

5. Drink Plenty of Water

The importance of this rule cannot be overemphasized as it does much more than just quenching your thirst and keeping you hydrated. Starting your day with a glass of warm water cleanses the digestive system, and improves your metabolism. But beyond improving your digestive system, drinking a sizeable portion of water on regular intervals flushes toxins out of your system and keeps your bowels moving, both of which are essential for a flat tummy.

Another advantage of drinking lots of water throughout the day is that it prevents the consumption of extra calories. With regular intake of water, you feel fuller and thus, don’t eat as much. So grab a water bottle, fill it as a ritual every morning and carry it wherever you go. Finally on this point, pay attention to your body’s signs. Your urine should be a light yellow or clear color; dark yellow with an odor could be a sign that you are dehydrated.

6. Stop Chewing Gums

Many people, especially ladies, chew gum as a way to stifle cravings or prevent mindless eating or even maintain fresh breath but this tactic may have an unfortunate side effect: belly bloat. Everyone naturally swallows a small amount of air when they chew but it is significantly magnified for people who chew gum, which causes gas and bloating.

It tricks your body into thinking it’s about to be fed and it starts to prepare itself for food – when there’s no food for it to process, there’s an excess of stomach acid which again, causes bloating. So it might be time to ditch that seemingly innocent, minty habit.

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7. Ditch the salt

Cut down on your salt intake to help beat bloating tummies. According to experts, reducing salt to just 3g a day by avoiding all processed foods, will help your body release water it has been retaining to help dilute high salt levels in your body.

Don’t ever add extra salt to your food – not only is this bad for your heart and your blood pressure but also because salt actually increases the water-retention capacity of your body. If you do need to use salt, try to make it natural sea salt; teaspoon to teaspoon, it is lower in sodium than table salt.

8. Don’t skip meals

Many people who are trying to lose weight make the mistake of eating nothing at all between breakfast, lunch, and dinner. While you might think that starvation is most effective, in essence it could do permanent harm to your body as well as make it hard to keep off the weight.

Having a small, healthy snack every three to four hours and not letting yourself go hungry is a much healthier and more effective system.

9. Stay away from Beer

People with tummy fat often shown by their protruding stomach are called “beer belly” and that is for a reason. Alcohol can lead to an overgrowth of bad bacteria in your stomach, leading to gas. Not to mention all the empty calories that are going straight to your waistline.

If you want a flat tummy, avoid alcoholic beverages. But if you can’t, limit yourself to one serving per day.

10. Tame your Sweet Tongue

Sugary foods, snacks and beverages are obviously delicious but they are not very good for your body—and that includes your tummy.

Actually, sugar is one of the worst things you can do for your stomach. The added calories add inches to our waistlines. But beyond that, sugar overload leads to insulin resistance, which tells the body to store extra fat around the waist.

But that is a long-term effect. Sugar also bloats your tummy in the short-term by feeding the bad bacteria in your gut, leading to extra gas. When it comes to flattening your belly, drastically reducing your sugar intake or avoiding it entirely is one of the best things you can do.


The end.


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