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UBA National Essay Competition 2024 – Apply Here

What is the role of technology in educating the African youth ?

Eligible Countries


About Award

Now in its 11th edition, the National Essay Competition, targeted at senior secondary students in Nigeria is organized annually, as part of UBA Foundation’s education initiative which is aimed at promoting the reading culture and encouraging healthy and intellectual competition amongst secondary school students in Nigeria and across Africa.

Selection Criteria and Eligibility

  • Be a Secondary School Student
  • Must submit a handwritten essay (750 words MAX)
  • Must submit a passport photograph
  • Must submit a copy of a birth certificate, National ID or passport

Selection procedure:

  • Entries received for the competition will be reviewed by a distinguished panel of judges made up of professors from reputable Nigerian Universities, who will then shortlist 12 essays for further assessment.
  • Following this, a second round of competition will involve the 12 finalists who will write a second supervised essay from which three best essays will be selected as the overall winners from the 12 finalists emerged from the first round of the competition

How to Apply:

  • Applicant must submit their completed contact information (Name, Age, School, Address of school, Telephone Number, Residential Address and Email Address).
  • Applicants must attach photocopies of their original birth certificates or international passport data page.


The first prize for the UBA National Essay Competition is a N3 million educational grant,
while the second and third prizes are N2.5 million and N2 million in educational grants to any African University of their choice.

Number of Scholarships: 3


Application Deadline: October 29th, 2024

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  1. Sir, the final and second batch of the competition is scheduled for november 20 which is past…. So who are the winners?

  2. Who are the 12 finalists for this year2021essay wuiz

  3. Why is the space to upload the essay not working,I have filled everything but the space to upload the essay itself is not working

  4. please if I submit my essay on 29th October, will it be too late?

  5. Good afternoon!
    Please what of those that have finished school, haven’t enter university,but wait to write the essay?

  6. Pls what date will our uba essay results be released. Thanks I mean the first batch

  7. If your essay is more than 750 words what should I do

  8. Good evening sir,sir am done writing the essay and I counted the words it is more than 750 should i live it like that or i should reduce it.

  9. Esther Mojisola Abiodun

    Hi! Concerning the UBA 2020 Essay Competition,is it both junior and senior secondary school students that can apply for it?

  10. pls when we are asked to write an essay of not more than 750 words is it true I can still write up to 810 words because someone told me so thanks

  11. Ibekwe Ijeoma Favour

    The lock down pandemic was an essential measure inspite of the hardship it brought economically.
    What would I have done and why?,A very good question to start with.
    Firstly, a pandemic is a disease that spreads over a whole country or the whole world.
    In other words, the lock down was essential to curb the spread of the deadly disease in other to avoid the increase or the discovery of new cases.Though it wasn’t easy economically especially for the daily workers who put food on their table with what they get from daily salesE.g, the market traders, hawkers etc.
    The question still remains what would I have done and why, i would obey the federal government order “stay home and stay safe” and that’s because I don’t want to come in contact with anyone that has the disease, I will also urge everyone to do same in order to assist the government to prevent and curb the spread of the pandemic

    • That’s a good one.

      But if you want to participate in the contest, take some time to read the post well. The essay should be handwritten and submitted via the link provided in the post.

  12. The 750 handwritten essay
    Will it be our personal topic or the one you gave us
    And where are we to submit the requirements

    • You are to write on the given topic.

      The Essay Application and Submission link is the green button at the bottom of the post.

      Let me know if you have further questions.

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