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20 Most Repeated Topics in JAMB Chemistry Exams 2024

This post is about the most repeated topics in JAMB Chemistry. It is part of my JAMB Preparatory Series geared towards helping UTME candidates get their dream score in JAMB Chemistry exam. So here, I’m going to help you understand what JAMB most repeated topics in Chemistry are all about. I will also tell you the importance of knowing and studying the most repeated topics very well. Thereafter, I will give you the full list of the most repeated topics in JAMB Chemistry to facilitate your preparation.

20 Most Repeated Topics in JAMB Chemistry Exams 2024

What Are the Most Repeated Topics in JAMB Chemistry?

The most repeated topics in JAMB Chemistry are those topics in the Chemistry syllabus that JAMB sets questions from every year. They are the topics in Chemistry that JAMB seems to consider very essential. They are the bedrock, core or foundation of Chemistry. So JAMB examiners cannot finish setting Chemistry questions in a year without picking one or two from each of those topics.

Now that’s what this post is all about — to give you insight into those very essential Chemistry topics.

Importance of Knowing and Studying the Most Repeated Topics in JAMB Chemistry

Adequate preparation is key to passing Post UTME excellently. A black girl reading.

There are two key examinations students take prior to their admission into tertiary institutions. One is the Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) while the other is the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME).

Out of the two exams, candidates fear the UTME more. Some of the reasons for this fear may be…
1. The exam is on CBT mode.
2. The syllabuses are rather vast.
3. Time for preparation is always too short.
4. The questions are technical and a bit advanced.
5. It is UTME that largely determines whether a candidate would gain admission or not.
6. And so on…

Considering points number 2 and 3 above, we see why candidates need to know the JAMB most repeated topics in all their subjects.

Reasons Why Candidates Need to Know the Most Repeated Topics in JAMB Chemistry

Candidates need to know the most repeated topics in JAMB Chemistry for the following reasons…

1. Knowledge of the most repeated topics in JAMB Chemistry will give the candidate an idea of the topics UTME questions are likely to come from in the current year as far as Chemistry is concerned.

2. That would enable the candidate to pay more attention to the Chemistry topics that JAMB examiners are really interested in.

3. Focusing on and reading the most repeated topics in JAMB Chemistry will save the candidate’s limited time and also boost his confidence towards the exam.

4. A thorough study of JAMB most repeated topics in Chemistry increases a candidate’s chance of scoring above 70% in the Chemistry paper. And so on.

I cannot overemphasize the need for every science student preparing for UTME to know the JAMB most repeated topics in Chemistry and study them back to back.

In the following section, I will give you the full list of the most repeated topics in JAMB Chemistry. Make a note of these topics and begin to study them extensively as you prepare for the forthcoming exam.

List of the Most Repeated Topics in JAMB Chemistry

The following are the most repeated Chemistry topics in JAMB…

  1. Elements, compounds and mixtures; Separation techniques
  2. Stoichiometry, laws of definite and multiple proportions, law of conservation of matter, Gay Lussac’s law of combining volumes, Avogadro’s law, the mole concept and Avogadro’s number.
  3. Kinetic theory of matter and Gas Laws
  4. The periodic table and periodicity of elements.
  5. Atomic structure and electron configuration.
  6. Chemical bonding, Electrovalency and covalency.
  7. Nuclear Chemistry, Radioactivity, Nuclear reactions.
  8. Solubility, solvents, false solutions. Unsaturated, saturated and supersaturated solutions.
  9. Sources and effects of pollutants. Air, water and soil pollution.
  10. Acids, bases and salts.
  11. Oxidation and reduction
  12. Electrolysis
  13. Air
  14. Water
  15. Energy Changes
  16. Rates of reaction and Chemical equilibra
  17. Non-metals and their compounds
  18. Metals and their compounds
  19. Organic Chemistry
  20. Chemical industries, raw materials and Biotechnology

How to Study the Most Repeated Topics in JAMB Chemistry in 2024


The first secret to getting a very high score in JAMB Chemistry is setting a very high target for yourself with respect to Chemistry paper.  For example, you can target scoring 80+ over 100 in your Chemistry. You can also do same for your remaining three subjects. If you do, you will end up targeting 320+ over 400.

When you make up your mind to get a very high score in Chemistry, you need to begin to work towards it right away.

To score 80+ in Chemistry, you must study hard in preparation for your Chemistry paper. Of course, this would entail getting the Official JAMB Chemistry Syllabus. You will also need to get one or two of the JAMB Recommended Textbooks for Chemistry and the Past Questions and Answers PDF.

You see, there are several information that if a JAMB candidate accesses, they will automatically have an edge over others. But here are 7 important JAMB success secrets you must never joke with…

7 Secrets to Passing Your JAMB Chemistry Paper in 2024

jamb secret - early preparation is key

  1. Target scoring high your JAMB exam, dare to dream big.
  2. Break down that target and spread it among your four JAMB subjects. In other words, also target scoring high in your Chemistry paper.
  3. Everything in life has a price tag and that high score you desire to get in Chemistry is not an exception. Therefore, there is a price you must pay to get it. That price is hard work and unflinching dedication to your studies.
  4. Don’t just read aimlessly, be smart and intentional while you study. Check out the JAMB most repeated topics in Chemistry, use the JAMB recommended textbooks and devour them.
  5. Come to terms with the fact that over 40% of the questions you will see on your Chemistry paper will be repeated from the past questions.
  6. So it’s very important that you get a good JAMB Chemistry past questions and answers. By good past questions and answers, I mean the one with a complete coverage of the past questions. It should start from the inception of JAMB exams till date. It must also have error-proof and comprehensive answers.
  7. Study extensively and pray for the best outing on your exam day.

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Here is where we come to the end of this post on the Most Repeated Topics in JAMB Chemistry. I sincerely trust that it satisfies your search intent. I remain committed to furnishing you with so much educational resources that JAMB exam would literally become a walkover for you.

Always remember that adequate preparation is key to academic success. So you must do your best to go over these topics again and again till you master them.

Also let me know your thoughts via the comments section. Just scroll down to drop a comment. I’d be glad to read from you.

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See you on the next article.

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