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5 Reasons Why Lady Ibiam is The Best Hostel in UNEC

5 Reasons Why Lady Ibiam is The Best Hostel in UNEC

Lady Ibiam which is the biggest female Hostel in UNEC is named after Francis Akanu Ibiam. He was a distinguished medical missionary who was appointed Governor of Eastern Region, Nigeria from December 1960 until January 1966 during the Nigerian First Republic.

Here is why you should stay in Lady Ibiam

1. Proximity: Lady Ibiam which is strategically located in the heart of the campus offers unrestricted proximity to various Lecture theaters, Access Bank ATM Gallery, Fellowship venues, shuttle park, food vendors, and most importantly IJ Port where you get academic materials for studies. Any where you are on Campus, her glory sings forth.

2. Entrepreneur: Lady Ibiam being the largest female Hostel offers entrepreneurial students the ability to make their goods and services to meet a very large audience. No wonder the biggest business Hub in UNEC is located at Lady Ibiam. Are you a makeup artist, Hairstylist, Caterer, etc Lady Ibiam is definitely the best place to stay.

3. Sport/Wellness: For the sport lovers, Lady Ibiam is definitely the hostel to live in because of the mini stadium located beside the hostel and at the front of IJ Port. No other female Hostel in UNEC can boast of a football pitch.

4. Social Life:  The social life in lady Ibiam is top notch. Due to the large number of students occupying the hostel, there is never a dull moment here. Lady Ibiam is the only hostel in UNEC that has a love garden where students can enjoy and appreciate the beauty of nature. The positive vibe of the hostel occupants is way exhilarating. During the evenings, you can mistake the hostel for a shopping mall.

5. Politics:  If UNEC is going to produce a female SUG President, she is definitely going to be from Lady Ibiam. The hostel has the most robust political support system evident in her voting capacity. This is why during school elections you will mostly find politicians hovering around the hostel looking for political endorsement.

All Hail the Ibiam Ladies

Lion O.B.O
MLS 0’23
4th December 2019


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