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Orji Uzor Kalu Foundation Offers Another Scholarship Opportunity to 650 Students to Study Medicine in Selected Nigerian Universities

Orji Uzor Kalu Foundation has announced additional scholarship for 2022 academic year to 650 students who have interest and passion for medicine and surgery to study in 12 selected Nigeria universities.

The Foundation which has strong interest in education and health, in collaboration with Venezuela Embassy in Abuja had earlier announced scholarship for 50 undergraduate students to study medicine in Latinoamerican Medicine School, Venezuela.

Read here: Orji Uzor Kalu Foundation in Collaboration with Embassy of Venezuela Announces Scholarship for 50 Students to Study Medicine

Unlike the Venezuela scholarship program which the foundation takes care of all funds including tuition fees, accommodation, feeding and monthly stipends, the foundation’s national scholarship covers tuition fees, accommodation and stipends only for the entire seven years of study.

The  scholarship fund will be deposited in a designated bank.

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The Foundation has strictly chosen 12 universities for the scholarship.

1. University of Nigeria Nsukka – 50 Students

2. Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria – 50 Students

3. University of Ibadan – 50 Students

4. University of Calabar – 50 Students

5. University of Maiduguri – 50 Students

6. University of Jos  – 50 students

7. Abia State University – 100 Students

8. Enugu State University – 50 students

9. Anambra State University – 50 Students

10. Ebonyi State University – 50 Students

11. Imo State University – 50 Students

12.  Rivers State University – 50 Students


● The Foundation shall pay the JAMB fees and Post-UTME fees of all selected applicants.

● Upon gaining admission into any of the preferred universities, the Foundation shall deposit the tuition fees and accommodation fees directly to the universities up to seven years of study and pay stipends directly to the students.

Table of Contents

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● Should be an undergraduate who is willing to gain admission into the university in the 2022/2023 academic year.

● Should have good grades in West African Examination Council (WAEC) or National Examinations Council (NECO). ‘A’ grades in Biology, physics and Chemistry is added advantage

● Should be a citizen of Nigeria

● Should take responsibility of gaining admission in any of the  selected universities.  The Foundation pays for the JAMB and POST-UTME (if applies) and expects the student to send his admission letter to the Foundation when shortlisted by any of the universities. The Foundation shall not influence any of the admission process.

● The Foundation promotes academic excellence and believes that students with ‘A’ grades in the three major science subjects will perform excellently in JAMB and finish up the entire seven years in the school of medicine.


● Photocopy of West African Examination Council(WAEC) or National Examination Council (NECO).

● Self introduction letter of maximum of 200 words.

SUBMISSION TIMELINE: August 20th,  2021 — September 20th, 2021. 

Documents should be mailed to

For more information visit


Rev (Mrs) Jemimah Ola Kalu 

Executive Secretary, Orji Uzor Kalu Foundation 

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  1. Sir..please have some people been selected for the scholarship already ?

  2. So does it mean even direct entry for 2022/2023 can apply?

    • Please note that the submission timeline for this announcement was August 20th, 2021 — September 20th, 2021.

      Do stay in touch for a fresh offer if you are interested in securing a scholarship from the foundation.

  3. Please Sir, we haven’t heard anything about selection in this scholarship application. Jamb is already around the corner. Pls update us. Have they awarded some candidate?

  4. Please Sir, we haven’t heard from anything concerning this scholarship yet. Jamb registration is almost here. Pls have they selected people yet?

  5. Good afternoon sir. Please can you still apply if you are not going to one of the selected universities?

    • You can apply, but you won’t be selected.

      The foundation is already in touch with the selected universities, so you don’t have to go outside the prescription.

  6. How do I know that am selected as one of their candidate?

  7. Sir am trying to get access to the portal so that I can apply for the scholarship is not really working sir
    I have A’s in my waec

  8. Uwandu Glory Chimechefughim

    It have been my zeal to be a medical doctor, owing to the fact that my parents are not handy to sponsor me. So as God has made it through this foundation to sponsor those who passed their WAEC and NEcO examination, I wish to be one of those it will favor. Through Christ our Lord.
    Am still writing my WAEC as it stands now, and my NECO result awaiting.

  9. Please sir what of people that want to write there waec next year hw can them apply for it

  10. Pls HW can I apply for it

  11. Please sir where can I submit my details

  12. Pls sir, What type of later does the foundation wants,how do they want the later to look like? or what matters is that I have introduced myself that’s all…

  13. Good day sir
    Is the scholarship program only for students aspiring to study medicine and surgery from any state?

  14. Good day sir please can someone who doesn’t hv an A in chemistry physics and biology still apply??

  15. Pls, I have wrote my waec but still awaiting result, should I apply?

  16. Sir please help me
    How will I apply??

  17. Good morning, pls do we need to write an address for the letter and if so how will we write the foundation’s address.

  18. Wobunezi Christian victor

    Pls I just sent my now and my GCE and I have receive any message to show that it has been received what should I do


    Good day sir , My name is ANYANWU FAVOUR,
    I have scanned and send my letter of introduction and s
    SSCE results but I didn’t receive any notification showing that it has been received

    • If you have checked your inbox and didn’t see it, try checking your spam folder. It may have delivered there.

      • I have sent the required documents but didn’t receive any response showing it has been received, I checked both my inbox and my spam, didn’t see any response, should I resend it.

      • Sir I have done all necessary but no reply yet
        To know if it is received or not
        Please sir how can I contact the foundation

        • If your mail has been delivered from your end, it means that it has been received. You can contact the foundation on +2348060399485.

  20. It would have been a pleasure to be able to submit the required document but I am still writing my waec and the result will not be out by 20 sept
    Please can I also apply

  21. Agbata Nkolika Ngozi

    Am so glad for this opportunity and I pray that I Wii be among the privilege and it will be an opportunity for me to achieve my goal in life

  22. Agbata Nkolika Ngozi

    Am so glad of this and it is also involved with the upcoming and newly writing wAEC studeuts.
    Am so happy if I will privileged to have this it will be my happiest pleasure.

  23. Please sir am among the candidate, who is next in line for April next year waec and Neco exams involving my jamb too,how do I do about it should I still apply for it ..?

    • Don’t apply for this offer. Stay in touch with this website to know when the next offer would come.

      • Good afternoon sir. Please sir, can someone with waec result from 2011 apply for the scholarship, or is it meant for those who just wrote waec. Also, can a holder of BSc apply too?

        • Someone with a WAEC result from 2011 can apply. The one with a bsc can also apply.

          The condition is that you must be willing to gain admission into medicine and surgery in any of the selected institutions in 2022.

  24. Ani Ijeoma Florence

    Good day Sir, I have submitted my documents already and my self introduction letter is typed and not handwritten. Is it acceptable Sir?

  25. But sir my physics was cancelled in my last year results and I am sitting again this year for the exams
    So I was hoping probably I could use my neco results or I should wait for my waec results to be ready


  27. Okoro Mary Ekeledirichukwu

    Please Sir, how can I submit the photocopied document to the e- mail address?

  28. Please sir when shall we be notify
    If we are among the beneficiary


    God bless Nigeria.
    We need a better world.The world needs to be healed.we are suffering alot.

  30. What about people that are writing WAEC now
    Because we’ll not be done by then

  31. Is this scholarship for those that wrote Jamb this year or it’s just for 2022 aspirants?

  32. Please am very interested and i will be very happy and grateful if this wonderful opportunity is granted to me
    Please how do i apply for it

  33. I will be very happy and grateful if this opportunity is granted to me
    I can’t wait to fulfill my goals

  34. Alo Ifeoma Nwachukwu

    Am of the waec student who is wishing to gain admission into the 2021-2022 University. My results. Biology C6, chemistry C6 and physics C5. I wish to be among the ojiuzokalu scholarship.

  35. Please can I use waec GCE for this ?

  36. Is the scholarship just for science related courses?

    • Not just for science-related courses, it’s for medicine and surgery.


      Good evening sir. Am ANYANWU FAVOUR I have checked my spam folder and for the reply on the document I scan and sent, I have even resent it yet I didn’t get any reply too

  37. Cynthia Ifeoma Nwanosike

    I will be so grateful if this opportunity is given to me

    • Ajaye Tolulope Esther

      Please is the scholarship meant for only mecidine alone what of other coursed

      • This particular scholarship opportunity is for medicine and surgery alone.

        I will inform you on this website if and when the foundation gives opportunity for other courses.

      • Can I type and snap a copy of my WAEC result with my phone and send it through email or I need to go to the cyber cafe

  38. I want to study pharmacy

  39. Ursula Chinwendu Eronini

    How do I apply,am not seeing anything similar to apply, Please help me oh

    • Apply by submitting the required documents to the scholarship foundation.


      ● Photocopy of West African Examination Council(WAEC) or National Examination Council (NECO).

      ● Self introduction letter of maximum of 200 words.

      SUBMISSION TIMELINE: August 20th, 2021 — September 20th, 2021.

      Documents should be mailed to


      • Please how are we to submit the neco or WAEC results and please sir..does that mean we are to rewrite Jamb and put medicine? Cause most of us changed course due to low jamb score.


        If those that have A’s in o-level have better chance how will the team know that verily, the candidates really got the grades with his encephalon and not through malpractice.
        I wish good score in UTME should be given preference so far there is a great scrutinization over malpractice in JAMB unlike other exam bodies .
        Thank you sir


      Good morning sir. Am ANYANWU FAVOUR I have checked my spam folder and for the reply on the document I scan and sent, I have even resent it yet I didn’t get any reply too. J just want to be sure that it has been received. Thanks

  40. Hello sir that letter of self introduction am I the one to write it or is it a king will write it because some people are telling me that is from my king and after that I go to my L.G.A., to get my identification letter as an indigene please sir am confused here another one is that someone with b grade in waec can he apply

    • It’s a letter of SELF introduction. Please write it yourself.

      You can apply with A, B or C grade in your SSCE subjects.

  41. Ezeudeka ebube sandra

    Thank you for the information

  42. Sir good morning , I have my WAEC result at hand but I didn’t register for jamb this year , how do i go about it ?

  43. Am one of the waec candidate of this year who start exam on 17th of August.

  44. Egbuna Chioma Faith

    It would have been my pleasure to be among the favoured ones because it has been a long dream of mine of becoming one of the beneficial medical doctor for this our country and beyond, but God knows the best, am still writing my WAEC as it stands now, and my Neco result is awaiting-is well blessed are those it will favoured,A very big Thanks to this foundation for this charity work!

  45. I shall be the happiest if only I’m considered. I honestly wish to excel academically, but I do not have a sponsor.
    I’m glad to witness this. Thanks for blessing the less privilege.

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