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LASU school fees 2024/2025

The post is about LASU School Fees. I’m going to tell you how much is LASU school fees for freshers and Post Graduate students in general. Then, I will discuss LASU school fees for indigene and non indigene. Of course, the article will also cover LASU school fees portal and how students can make payment on it. So join me and read through.

LASU school fees

Lagos State University School Fees 2024

You ought to know by now that LASU stands for Lagos State University. This means that the university is owned and run by the Lagos State Government. And that’s a major factor in determining how expensive LASU is relative to other federal and private universities.

In discussing LASU school fees, I will cover acceptance fees, part-time fees and postgraduate fees. So that no matter the programme you are running or intend to run in LASU, you won’t be left out.

Researching and gaining knowledge of the school fees of your prospective institution is very important. By knowing the school fees schedule of a school, you will ascertain if it fits your budget. Of course you know that attending a school whose fees fall within your pocket size goes a long way in determining your comfort and effectiveness as a student.

LASU School Fees Portal

The LASU School-Fees Portal is the online platform where fresh and old students of LASU pay their school fees. So all LASU e-payments take place on this portal. But beyond payments, there are other things that students are to do on the LASU portal. They include course registration, application for hostel accommodation, checking of semester results and so on. Now let me point out that you cannot do these things on the LASU Portal without paying your school fees. It is, therefore, very important to pay your school fees and on time too.

LASU Acceptance Fee

LASU students during matriculation

LASU Acceptance Fee is solely for the fresh students of the university. This includes both UTME and Direct Entry students. It is a non-refundable fee of ₦20,000 and it’s to be paid together with a medical screening fee of ₦10,000.

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LASU School Fees for Indigene and Non Indigene

LASU is one of the most affordable universities in Nigeria in spite of the steady and rapid developments taking place in the school. Actually, in the past few years, the school has become the second best university in the country. For these reasons, there is a high patronage of the University as seen in JAMB application statistics. Indigene and non indigene of Lagos state apply to attend LASU. And many would like to know the LASU school fees for indigene and non indigene.

How Much is LASU School Fees for Non Indigene

As you are going to see in the following section, there is no significant difference in the LASU school fees schedule for indigenes and non indigenes. However, after payment, the university has the culture of refunding indigenous students some part of the funds while non-indigenous students don’t enjoy so privileges.

How Much is LASU School Fees in General?

Like I already pointed out, it is very important to be in the know when it has to do with the school fees of your institution. Therefore, in this section, I will outline the LASU school fees for various courses under the available faculties in the school. Go through the tables below.

Note that LASU does not offer the students the option of paying school fees in installments. The school fees are to be paid in full.

LASU School Fees for Faculty of Social Sciences, Law and Art

Faculty of Social Sciences  Amount
Industrial relations and personnel management N113,250
Insurance N113,250
Accounting ₦113,250
Management N113,250
Finance N113,250
Business Administration ₦113,250
Economics N113,250
Mass Communication and Journalism N113,250
Political Science ₦113,250
Social Works N113,250
Psychology N113,250
Sociology ₦113,250
Public and international affairs N113,250
Transport Planning and Management N113,250
Faculty of Law  
Commercial and Industrial Law ₦115,750
Public Law N115,750
Islamic Law N115,750
Private and Property Law ₦115,750
Legal Studies N115,750
Jurisprudence and International Law N115,750
Faculty of Arts  
English Language ₦113,250
English Literature N113,250
Linguistics, African and Asian N113,250
Philosophy ₦113,250
History N113,250
Creative Art: Visual Arts N113,250
Creative Art: Theatre Arts ₦113,250
Creative Art: Music N113,250
European Languages (French and Russian)

LASU School Fees for Faculty of Engineering, Education, Sciences, Basic Medical Sciences and School of Clinical Sciences

Faculty of Engineering  
Chemical and Polymer Engineering ₦115,750
Electronic and Computer Engineering N115,750
Mechanical Engineering N115,750
Faculty of Education  
Guidance and Counseling ₦113,250
Adult Education Management N113,250
Adult Education N113,250
Adult Literacy and Non Formal Education ₦113,250
Biology Education N113,250
Chemistry Education N113,250
Integrated Science Education ₦113,250
Social Studies Education N113,250
Geography Education N113,250
History Education ₦113,250
Human Kinetics and Health Education N113,250
Exercise Physiology N113,250
Sports Administration/Management ₦113,250
Home Economics Education N113,250
Technology Education N113,250
Business Education ₦113,250
English Education N113,250
English Literature Education ₦113,250
French Education N113,250
Yoruba Education ₦113,250
Christian Religious Studies N113,250
Islamic Studies Education ₦113,250
Religious Education ₦113,250
Curriculum Theory N113,250
Educational Administration and Planning N113,250
Education Psychology ₦113,250
Physiology of Education N113,250
Sociology of Education N113,250
Faculty of Sciences  
Fishery Sciences ₦115,750
Biology N115,750
Mathematics and Statistics N115,750
Physics ₦115,750
Microbiology N115,750
Botany ₦115,750
Chemistry N115,750
Computer Science N115,750
Zoology ₦115,750
School Of Basic Medical Sciences (BMS)  
Physiology N115,750
Biochemistry ₦115,750
School of Clinical Sciences  
Medicine and Surgery N115,750
Dentistry ₦115,750

LASU postgraduate school fees

LASU postgraduate school fees for all courses is N150,000 for the session. However, the fee for subsequent sessions would be hundred thousand Naira only (N100,000).

LASU School Fees Payment Deadline

The school fixes deadline for payment of school fees and students are expected to pay before the deadline. Late payment of school fees and acceptance fee (for freshers) attracts extra charges. More so, late payment of school fees can deprive the student of the opportunity to sit for semester exams. In extreme cases, late payment can lead to forfeiture of admission.


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