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UNN Cut off Mark for Medicine and Surgery – 2021/2022

UNN Cut off Mark for Medicine and Surgery – 2021/2022. Get the cut off mark for Medicine and Surgery in UNN here. This is determined by the candidate’s aggregate score.

As soon as UNN concludes her Post UTME screening exercise for the year, the admission process begins. The admission committee begins to compile names of successful (qualified) candidates for the Primary (or Merit) Admission List. However, before the lists are published, departmental cut off marks for admission into various courses are released in the departments. It is the departmental cut off marks that tell you your admission chances.

UNN cut off mark for Medicine & Surgery


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What is the Meaning of Departmental Cut off mark?

Let’s answer this question using an illustration.

If your prospective department (say, Medicine) releases its cut off mark. Let’s assume it is, say, 280. It means that any candidate whose average is 280 or above is already admitted. (Of course, other admission success factors remaining constant.)

Departmental cut off marks are normally released in the departments before the publication of the admission lists. These cut off marks are determined by considering the following.

  • carrying capacity of the department (i.e. the number of candidates it can hold).
  • the number of candidates vying for the department in the year in question.
  • the overall performance of all the candidates vying for the department.

So, after the post UTME screening exercise, the departments begin to select successful candidates. A department that could admit 120 candidates on merit would start selecting from the highest scorer. They would go down and down till they get 120 students.

Once they get 120 students, others are “cut off”. The average score of the 120th student becomes the cut off mark.

Now, if the carrying capacity of such department is actually 200, the remaining 70 students may be admitted via ELDS, Staff Request, Shopping and so on.

Note that there would always be other candidates whose average may not be up to the exact cut off mark but who would be admitted on merit based on the “Catchment Area” grace.

Use this link to check UNN Merit (Primary) Admission List when it’s released: UNN Merit Admission List.
Use this one to read everything you need to know about Shopping for Supplementary Admission: A – Z of UNN Shopping.

So, do your best to see the genuine cut off mark for your prospective course. Check whether your average score is up to or above it. If it is, just put on your dancing shoes and starting dancing like David danced. You are already admitted!

Yes, because you were part of the people whose scores were considered before determining the departmental cut off mark. That’s how UNN and many other institutions do it. The only reason you may not be admitted is if you have wrong subject combination.

What is UNN Cut off Mark for Medicine and Surgery – 2021?

UNN merit cut off mark for Medicine and surgery is 314

To those who made it already, congratulations from yours sincerely, HD.

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  1. Can i study medicine and surgery with 246 in unilorin

  2. Sir ,I got 246 in jamb am I eligible for unn’s post utme for medicine and surgery, thanks

    • Yes, you are eligible.

      Start preparing in earnest. You need a much higher post utme score in order to get a high-enough average to be admitted into Medicine and Surgery in UNN.

  3. Is delta state part of the catchment areas for med surg ?

  4. Sir, please what is the cut off mark for business management?

  5. Good day sir, what of the cut off for delta state medicine and sugery?

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