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UNN Shopping for Supplementary Admission (All you Need to Know)

I want to begin this article by saying a BIG CONGRATS to all my people who made it in the recently-released UNN primary admission list. Many have called to say “thank you” for the diverse help and moral support they received from MY UNN DREAMS and the SureSuccess Project during the days of admission struggle. I want to thank you all for thanking me but don’t ever forget that the Almighty God is the One who deserves your greatest thanks. Yes, because He is the giver of success. Don’t fail to show your profound gratitude to Him.

UNN Shopping for Supplementary Admission (All you Need to Know)

For those who scored above the stipulated school cut-off mark but are yet to be admitted, just know that it is not over till the current UNN admission window is closed. Merit or primary admission is over but a few more opportunities are still available: shopping, staff request, etc. More will still be admitted through those windows. So don’t just sit passively and wait or hope to see your name in the 2nd or 3rd batch supplementary admission lists (it MAY not be there). Buy your supplementary form any time between now and the deadline, and fill it wisely. Some have called to ask whether they can buy more than one form to boost their admission chances. Please note that you can’t and it is not even advisable.
If you scored above the stipulated school cut-off mark and were not offered admission in the primary list, you can get in touch with a UNN staff if you are very closely related to one. See if you can get in through his/her official admission quota or staff request.

UNN has a carrying capacity of well over 9000. Only about 4,965 candidates have been admitted so far. You can still strive to fill in the remaining spaces.

If you are hoping to shop and be admitted through supplementary application, please be very careful. Bear in mind that the UNN supplementary admission (gained through application for Advertized Courses) is not given on first-come-first-serve basis. It is not the first set of candidates to fill the form that gets admitted. There are several factors that determine whether or not you will be admitted despite the N10, 000 you paid. So don’t rush it. Take your time to do your homework well so you don’t engage in a futile venture.
  • Don’t bother applying if you did not score up to 160 in your UNN post UTME screening. (Please note that the 160 here is only your post UTME score. Your average must be up to 160 also).
  • Don’t apply for a course you don’t have the right JAMB UTME subject combination for.
  • Don’t apply for a course with very low shortfall except you think your average score is high enough to guarantee your being admitted. Click here to view the advertized courses and their shortfalls.
  • Don’t apply for a course you don’t have the minimum entry requirement for. This point has to do with your O’level subjects/qualification.
  • Don’t…….
  • Don’t…….
A lot of don’ts to consider before filling the supplementary form for advertised courses. Do your best to avoid the pitfalls. I will be here to address whatever issues you may be having and to answer your questions. So you can use the comment section below to interact with me. Remember that there are a host of other aspirants in your shoes and everyone of them is currently strategizing for Admission Success. You can afford to be left out.

How to Shop for Supplementary Admission in UNN.

Before you think about shopping for any of the advertised courses for supplementary admission in UNN, you have to ensure that you are eligible. By eligible we mean that your average is equal to or above the school’s general Post-UTME cut-off mark and that you have the necessary O’level requirements, and have taken the correct UTME subjects in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination and PUTME for the year in question.

If you are eligible, follow the steps below to shop.
  1. Visit the University of Nigeria website or portal
  2. Log in your JAMB Number to generate and download a payment invoice which contain a Remita number, the invoice will enable you to make your payment at any commercial bank.
  3. With the payment invoice, pay Ten Thousand Naira (10,000.00) Advert/Shopping processing fee. Ensure that the invoice Number is keyed in appropriately at the Bank and obtain a confirmation slip containing your Confirmation number and Invoice number.
  4. To complete the Advert/Shopping form online, visit the University of Nigeria, website or portal and log in your JAMB and invoice numbers.
Best wishes from yours sincerely, HD

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  1. Eze ifeanyi bright

    Can I get admission through the shopping for I got 192 as my averay

  2. Sir what courses can I shop for with 236

    • Have you, by any means, seen the available courses for shopping?

      • Obinna eze emmanuel

        sir I got 189 in jamb
        and and 296 in putme computer science
        with an agregate of 210.4 and I’ve not yet gotten admission
        iplease will I be able to get admission into unn
        and what should I do to get admission

        • I’m sorry, your question is not very clear to me:
          1. How did you arrive at an aggregate of 210.4 from a JAMB score of 189 and a post utme score of 296?
          2. Did you write post utme or was it your O’level result that was used to get your aggregate?
          3. Which admission session is in question?

          Please help with answers so that I can respond to your question.

  3. Sir,can i get admission to study english and education after buying the shopping form with this score 214.4

    • Yes, you can get it.

      But do bear in mind that there are no guarantees with shopping for supplementary admission in UNN.

      Part of the reasons is because you cannot accurately predict how many other candidates will be shopping for the same course with higher scores.

  4. Sir what if after shopping one is not given admission is there still hope of getting admission

    • Please bear in mind that it is 100% possible not to be given admission after shopping. In fact, many who shop won’t be admitted. Some would be as a result of wrong subject combination. Others may be due to low aggregate score.

      So weigh your admission chances very well before you buy the shopping form.

  5. Can one get medical laboratory science with an aggregate of 281.5 through shopping

    • Yes, your average score is high but I still won’t advise you to shop for MLS.
      The course is very competitive and the shortfall is very low. Obviously, it would be over-shopped (if there’s any word like that in the English language).
      But follow your heart. Shop for it if you believe you will get it.

  6. How long will it take for other list (staff request) to come out

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