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How to Answer 2024 JAMB CBT Questions Successfully

The 2024 JAMB CBT examination is already very much around the corner. And as usual, the over 1.5M registered candidates are already doing some finishing touches to their preparations. Some are confident that they would scale through this year, while some a jittery, scared, not knowing what to expect. The later are feeling that way possibly because it’s their first time of sitting for a computer based examination. If you belong to that category of UTME candidates, continue reading as I show you how to answer the 2024 JAMB CBT questions successfully. Yes, you can get that score of your dreams if you pay attention to the things I will be sharing here.

How to answer JAMB CBT questions successfully

Important Information You Need About JAMB Examinations

Before I delve fully into what I intend to teach you in this post, let me give it a little more context.

Every year, JAMB registers close to 2 million admission seekers for both UTME and direct entry. For obvious reasons, fresh candidates from secondary school make up over 50% of this number. These fresh candidates are first timers without any experience of JAMB examination or the CBT mode.

Many of them a very intelligent but they are simply inexperienced. They are not abreast with the rules or secrets to acing the examination, so they don’t have any strategy. Yes, many of them are studying extensively. But reading alone is not sufficient to ace any standard external examination like JAMB.

From the foregoing, you can see that there are lots of information we need to pass across to candidates preparing to sit for JAMB in the next few days. So let’s get started.

The Basic Nature of JAMB Examinations

Understanding the basic nature of JAMB examinations is a potent weapon for conquering fear and successfully ‘destroying’ the questions.

Here are five things you need to know about JAMB examinations:

1. JAMB Examination is Computer-based

From inception to around the year 2015, JAMB examinations used to be done on the paper mode. Then the computer mode was later introduced to solve some of the challenges the board experienced with the former mode.

Now here’s the point. Most candidates are more used to the pencil and paper mode of examinations. They are more comfortable reading from a question paper and shading answers on an OMR sheet. So they fear the computer based mode of UTME.

But the CBT mode has come to stay and you have to come to terms with that reality.

Thousands of questions, which are already programmed in JAMB’s database or question bank, are automated and shuffled for each candidate. In other words, each UTME candidate will answer different questions for each of their subjects. This brings examination malpractice to the barest minimum.

At the point of submission, the examination is marked by the computer. This ensures that no human being can manipulate your score.

2. Candidates Have Limited Time to Attempt the Questions

This is another important thing you have to note as a UTME candidate. As far as JAMB examinations are concerned, time is an invaluable treasure.

Of course, one of the factors that make an examination standard is the limited nature of time. JAMB as a standard examination gives candidates very little time to attempt the questions. You are not expected to spend more than 45 seconds a particular question.

And the fact that the examination is CBT also suggests that the time is automated. So once you log in to start the exam, your time starts counting down. Once your time is up, the system will automatically submit your session and log you out. There’s nothing like extra time.

3. JAMB Only Sets Objective Questions

Unlike WAEC and NECO, JAMB questions are strictly objective. So you don’t have to worry about writing summary, essays and letters. But do bear in mind that JAMB can frame questions that are so technical that you wish to be given the opportunity to write and explain what you can. Calls for adequate preparation.

4. Some JAMB Questions May Look Simple But they are not

Make no mistakes about this. A good percentage of the times, you will meet JAMB questions that look very simple. But the truth of the matter is that they are usually not as simple as they look.Underneath the questions may be some technicalities.

So pay a good attention to every question you meet in JAMB CBT hall. If you don’t take time to read the questions well, you may be not understand what they demand and you will end up choosing wrong answers. And the worst is that you will think you did everything right, and be expecting a score that will blow away the roof. But you will be disappointed.

5. JAMB Repeats their Past Examination Questions

Candidates who have attempted UTME two or three times will attest to the fact that JAMB repeats their past examination questions every year.

But you don’t need to attempt UTME multiple times to discover this open secret. By religiously and sequentially going through the past questions, you will see questions repeated word-for-word.

You can already deduce from this point that one of the ultimate secrets to scoring above 300 in JAMB is to study the past questions.

How to Answer 2024 JAMB CBT Questions Successfully

Now that we have come to the main subject of this post, let me quickly say a few things you need to know.

First is that you don’t need to be much of a computer literate to comfortably write your JAMB CBT examination. You don’t elaborate ICT trainings. All you need is to know how to use the mouse very well.

When you enter the exam hall, the computer you will use to write your exam will be ON, so you don’t need to be the one to switch it on.

More so, the JAMB CBT software (of App) will be open on all the computers. As such, you don’t need to start searching through the computer programs to locate the JAMB software.

Finally, you don’t need to know how to type whether fast or slow. The only thing you will ever need to type on the computer your JAMB registration number, and that is just to gain access to your paper.

Every other thing you will be doing is just clicking answers and the NEXT or BACK button.

Here’s a valuable tip: since the mouse is about the most important tool for this examination, when you get to a system, ensure that the mouse is working perfectly before entering your registration number. How to know? Just move the mouse to see if the pointer is moving as it should.

The Examination Proper

Concerning the examination, please note the following:

1. You will need to log in before you can write your examination. The first page with a white and green background is where you enter your JAMB registration number and submit. Read the instructions on the first page carefully. When you are done, click on the START button. Immediately you click on the START button, the timer will commence automatically (counting down from 2 hours).

2. You will see your four UTME subjects showing on the screen. Depending on your preference, you can click on any of the subjects you want to start with. There’s no law that says you must answer Chemistry before physics, the choice is yours.

3. There are 4 important buttons on the JAMB CBT interface. They include:

    • P for Previous
    • N for Next
    • S for Submit
    • R for Reverse

The CBT software also gives candidates the option of skipping a question and returning to it later. So it’s not compulsory that you answer Question No 1 before No 2.

4. A red indicator will be blinking on any question you are yet to answer. This serves as a reminder in case you decide to skip some question and return to them later.

5. The comprehension passage will appear fully on each question of the comprehension. So there is no need writing down or trying to memorize the comprehension passage.

6. After answering and crosschecking all the questions, or when the timer gets down to about 10 secs, click on logout and click at SUBMIT.

Final Thoughts

This is where we end this important exposé. If you have any questions concerning what I treated here, you can ask in the comments section. Also feel free to ask any questions you have beyond what is covered on this post. I will be glad to provide the answers you seek.

Wishing you the best in your JAMB examination.

Go and conquer JAMB!

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