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8 Mistakes You can Correct After JAMB Registration

8 Mistakes You can Correct After JAMB Registration

Human beings don’t work with the precision of machines or computers. So there is always room for mistakes in everything done by man.

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) understands the above fact and have made provisions for correction of various mistakes on their registration portal. Sometimes, these mistakes may be the fault of the candidates who do not supply the accurate data to the CBT Registration Centre agent, or the fault of the agents who may make mistakes owing to the fact that they have too many candidates to attend to or out of sheer carelessness.

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Judging from the calls I receive on this particular issue, most of the times, the mistakes are from the CBT Registration Centre agents because the candidates always insist that they dropped their accurate details with the agents only for them to discover some mistakes or disparities in their data after registration.

Have you registered for this year’s UTME and for whatever reason wish to make corrections or effect some changes in your details? If your answer is YES, then you may be the one I prepared this article for. I don’t know the exact mistake(s) you intend to correct on your JAMB Profile but I want to assist you with information on the list of mistakes you can possibly correct so that you can take a decision on time and act before it is too late.

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So continue reading as I make the list of mistakes or errors you can correct on JAMB portal after registering for Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME).

As you make up your mind to make changes or correction on your data, I recommend that you go to a JAMB Accredited CBT Centre near you, and not just any business centre.

Errors You can Correct on JAMB Portal After UTME Registration

You can effect changes on your JAMB profile if the error was made in one or more of the following:

1. Names

Here you can correct any of your first, middle or last name.

2. Date of Birth

You can change any of the month, day or year as required.

3. Passport Photograph

If you feel that the passport you used is not good enough or that you want to use a more recent passport, you can change what you already uploaded.

4. Gender

Here is one of those places where candidates “ask for the head” of CBT agents. They don’t understand how someone will make mistake even in their gender! But not to worry. If they mistakenly chose male instead of female for you or female instead of male, you can change that.

5. State/LGA

There is provision for you to change either your state of origin or Local Government Area (LGA) or both.

6. Profile Details

You can also effect changes in some of your profile details including your email address.

7. Change of Institution/Course

The choice of Institution and course is one of the most difficult choices for UTME candidates to make because many factors need to be considered including (but not limited to) distance from home, family financial background and catchment areas of Institutions. Many times, candidates make choices here and later change their minds. JAMB understands this and also made provision for the possibility of changing course or institution. See 5 Reasons to Change Your Course/Institution and 14 Steps to do it Right

8. UTME Subjects

If for any reason you made the wrong choice in the area UTME subject combination, do not panic or lose hope. You can always change your UTME subject combination within the periods before the exam day. Once the exam has been taken, you would no longer be able to change your UTME Subject Combination.

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Remember that service charges would apply at the JAMB CBT Registration Centre. So ensure that you have money in your pocket when you go for any of the above-mentioned corrections or changes.

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  1. Ageeater Aondosoo Caleb

    How can I correct a mistake please

  2. Please sir my name was written as kolajo vincent instead of kolajo vincent opeyemi. can this be corrected?

    • Yes, it can be corrected.

      • Ageeater Aondosoo Caleb

        Sir, I wrote a subject that does not suppose to involve in the particular course
        I need to correct it please

        • @Ageeater

          I don’t know if I got your question right.

          Do you mean that one of your UTME subjects is not supposed to be part of the JAMB subject combination for your prospective course?

          Did you say you’ve written the subject (in UTME) already? If yes, does it mean your set is 2022/2023?

          If yes, then you cannot correct it. I’m sorry.

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