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How to Answer 2024 JAMB CBT Questions Successfully

The 2024 JAMB CBT examination is already very much around the corner. And as usual, the over 1.5M registered candidates are already doing some finishing touches to their preparations. Some are confident that they would scale through this year, while some a jittery, scared, not knowing what to expect. The …

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How to Gain Admission With Low JAMB Score 2023

How to gain admission with low jamb score.

Those searching for the following will find this post helpful. How to gain admission with low JAMB score. Also, those looking for universities that accept low jamb score. I will show you how to gain admission to university and how to gain admission into polytechnic. So just try to read …

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5 Reasons Students Choose the Wrong Career

In this short article, we shall be looking at career meaning. After defining what is career, we shall examine the reasons why students choose the wrong career. What is Career? A career is a person’s journey through education and work. However, this journey can cover other aspects of the person’s …

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