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4 Things You Must Get Right When Applying for JAMB 2024

From the statistics released recently by the JAMB Registrar, many candidates are yet to register for the upcoming 2024 UTME examination. If you are one of such candidates, here are a few things you must get right in your registration.

4 Things You Must Get Right When Applying for JAMB

4 Things You Must Get Right When Applying for JAMB 2024

1. The Course You Want to Study

Before you leave your house to visit that JAMB CBT centre around you, ensure that you have made up your mind on the course you want to study. However, you have to make this choice not based on popular opinion or peer influence, or any other flimsy reasons why others pick their courses; but based on your discovery about yourself and what you are configured to do in life. You have to make your choice based on your vision and aspiration in life. Once you have made that choice, you have to take responsibility for your choice and work hard enough to prove your worth in that area.

2. The subject combination for your course

Many don’t have a problem with choosing a course they want to study. Where the problem comes is in the right subject combination of the preferred course. Like I say every time, once a candidates makes a mistake here and nothing is done about it, such candidates can wave goodbye to admission for the current year.
For instance, if you Choose Mass Communication, your subject combination will likely include Use of English, Government, and Literature in English plus one other social science subject. You need to know these combinations before going ahead to register.

3. Be very sure of your email address

A valid email address is one of the requirements for UTME registration. If you have several email addresses, make up your mind on the one to use. And make a note of it. However, if you have just one, ensure that you enter it correctly. This is important because JAMB will be sending you messages before you write the exam. More so, if you sought admission the previous year without success, you may wish to create a new email account for 2024. It doesn’t cost anything. Or you can learn how to use your last year email for this year’s JAMB?

4. Preparation

It’s almost needless to begin to talk to you about preparation. But if you are seriously seeking admission, by now you must almost be fully prepared for the forthcoming 2024 UTME. If you haven’t been preparing, you are indirectly communicating that you are not yet ready to enter school.

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Best wishes from yours sincerely, HD.

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