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JAMB Change of Institution, JAMB Change of Course, Data 2024

This Post is about JAMB Change of Institution, JAMB Change of Course and JAMB Correction of Data 2024. So I will be showing you reasons why you may need to change your course or institution or both. Thereafter, I will show you how to go about it. In addition, you will learn the various data you can correct on JAMB Portal and what it takes to do so. Continue reading 

Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board -JAMB

JAMB Change of Institution, JAMB Change of Course and JAMB Correction of Data 2024

JAMB change of course and JAMB change of institution forms are normally available for candidates after the release of JAMB résult. The form offers opportunity for candidates who, for one reason or the other, need to makes on their JAMB profile. Candidates can effect these changes either after JAMB registration or even after writing the UTME examination. However, there are cases where students who are already undergraduate students need to make changes on their JAMB profile. You will learn all you need to learn by the time I go into details on this post.

In addition to JAMB Change of Course/Institution, there is JAMB Correction of Data Form. JAMB makes this form available because they now realize that many candidates make mistakes during JAMB registration. Although in many cases, the fault may not be from the candidates but from the CBT center agents.

The data that candidates can correct after JAMB registration include:

  1. Name
  2. Date of birth
  3. Passport photograph
  4. Gender
  5. State of origin
  6. Local Government Area

Of course, as I have already pointed out, JAMB candidates can also make changes to their choice of course and or Institution.

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JAMB Change of Institution

JAMB change of Institution and jamb change of course

JAMB Change of Institution is a process whereby candidates apply to change their original choice of institution to a new one. This may be due to one reason or the other.

One of the reasons why candidates decide to change their institution is poor JAMB result. Of course, we know that most institutions specify minimum scores for particular courses. These scores may be lower than what is required for the same courses in some other schools. So if a candidate’s JAMB score does not meet up in the chosen institution, they may need to change the institution in order not to waste one year.

More so, some candidate just register for JAMB without making sufficient inquiries. The inquiries may be about tuition fee, location of the institution or available courses. Later, such candidates may realize that the school fees is too much and they cannot afford it. Others realize that the location of the school is too far from their home or prone to insecurity. Still some other realize that the school does not even offer the course their course. So in order not to lose their admission, such candidates opt for JAMB change of institution form.

If you are interested, JAMB Change of Institution form will cost you ₦2,500 (Two thousand five hundred Naira). Candidates can do JAMB change of institution multiple times with separate payments. However, candidates must ensure that the new institution they wish to go for are yet to conclude their admission process for the year.

JAMB Change of Course

Jamb Change Of Course Slip

JAMB Change of Course is a process whereby candidates apply to change their original choice of course to a new one while maintaining the same institution. Again, this may be due to one reason or the other.

Poor JAMB result is also one of the reasons why candidates decide to change their course. Of course, we still remember that most institutions specify minimum scores for particular courses. These scores may be lower than what is required for some other courses in the same institution. So if a candidate’s JAMB score does not meet up in the initially chosen course, they may need to change the course in order not to waste one year.

Another reason why candidates may need to change their choice of course is insufficient O’level results. All courses require candidates to pass certain O’level subjects to qualify. For example, Chemistry is important to students hoping to study certain courses but is not needed for others. Where a candidate has a good JAMB score but fails an O’level subject required for a chosen course of study, it is wise to change the course to one they have credit passes in the compulsory subjects.

Furthermore, if your institution offers you admission into a course different from the one you applied for originally, you must apply for JAMB change of course.

So for candidates who wish to buy the JAMB Change of Course form, it goes for ₦2,500. You can do JAMB change of course multiple times with separate payments. However, you must ensure that the institution within which you are changing course is yet to conclude their admission process for the year.

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JAMB Correction of Data

jamb correction of data. jamb change of course. jamb change of institution.

JAMB correction of data is a process whereby candidates apply to adjust or correct certain information on their JAMB profile. Most of the times, this need arises as a result of mistakes made during online registration. These mistakes may occur in name, date of birth, passport, gender or state/LGA of origin.

Name correction allows candidates who have spelling errors or errors in the arrangement of their names to apply for correction. However, this correction can only be done once.

Also, correction of date of birth, gender, photograph and LGA can only be done once.

This JAMB correction of data is open to two categories of people. They are:

  1. JAMBites
  2. Undergraduate students

JAMB Correction of Data for JAMBites

JAMB correction of data for JAMBites is for candidates who registered for the recent JAMB examinations. So they can apply and correct any mistakes in their JAMB profile. However, this correction of data may not be done on mobile phones or at any random cyber cafe. Candidates must visit an accredited JAMB CBT center to apply for the corrections.

JAMB Correction of Data for Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students are those who are currently in University, Polytechnic or college of Education. Where there is need, they can also apply for JAMB correction of data at the JAMB portal.

JAMB Correction of Data Deadline

It is very important that I make it clear here. JAMB does not issue a deadline for correction of data. But JAMBites can apply for JAMB correction of data after the release of their UTME result.

However, undergraduate students can apply for JAMB correction of data any time they wish to do so.

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How to do JAMB Change of Institution/Course and Other Data Correction

We are gradually winding up this very informative article. But I cannot conclude without showing you how to go about everything I’ve discussed.

Remember that in one sweep, you can change your course/institution and your bio-data. That is, name, date of birth, gender, state and Local Government of origin.

So here are things you are to both ensure and verify before changing your course/institution or making data corrections…

  1. Be sure of the Course or Institution you want to change to. Verify if the course is available in the school using the JAMB Brochure.
  2. Also, verify that the school you are changing to does not usually have a cut off mark higher than your score.
  3. Ensure you select a Course/Institution that is in line with your subject combination to avoid being screened out during your school’s admission screening exercise.

How to do JAMB Change of Institution and Course and Other Data Correction

  1. Open the browsing app on your phone or PC.
  2. Go to JAMB portal at
  3. Log into your JAMB Profile with your Email and Password.
  4. Open the menu tab on your JAMB Profile.
  5. Click on Registration (For 2022 only).
  6. Under registration, a drop-down menu will appear.
  7. From the drop-down menu, select ‘2022 UTME Data Correction’ or2022 DE Data Correction’ as your case may be.
  8. Click it and follow the steps to pay either online or to a commercial bank.
  9. After paying N2500, proceed to a JAMB accredited center to complete the process. An additional fee will be charged for the service.

Note that you can carry out all of the above process at an accredited center.

How to do JAMB Change of Course & Institution / Data Correction for 2021 Downward

For 2021 and years below, follow the procedure below to change your data on JAMB portal.

  1. Visit JAMB E-facility portal at
  2. Login with your Email and Password.
  3. Click on ‘Application for Correction of Data (2021 Downward)’ from the list of services on the left side.
  4. From the drop-down, select the one you wish to correct, i.e. Course/Institution, Name, Date of Birth, Gender, State/LGA of Origin.

Important Notes on JAMB Correction of Data and Change of Course/Institution

Note the following carefully.

  1. You can change one or all your courses or institutions at the same time.
  2. Upon submission of form, you can no longer make any changes except for change of course and institution. This because only change of course and institution can be done more than once.
  3. There may be a limited number of schools or courses you can change to. So be sure to have 3 or 4 options in case the one you want to change to is not available.
  4. The cost for the change of course and Data correction is N2,500.
  5. You can use the one time payment of N2,500 to change your institution, course, name, date of birth, etc.


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Best wishes to you all…

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  1. Please sir/ma,am having challenges on how I can change my course because I have submitted my application form to the university am going to and I need to change my course before the closure of the screening and I tried changing it on my application but it didn’t work it brought out the course that’s was there before do I have to change from the jamb portal first

    • Admission process in Nigeria begins with JAMB. Your registration for UTME is done on JAMB portal. The school(s) you applied for will cull your bio-data and other details from JAMB database. If you want to change anything (course or institution), you should initiate the change on JAMB website.

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