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10 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) of Newly Admitted Students of UNN – Get Answers Here

Getting admission into the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) or any other Federal school is something to be proud of because, truly speaking, it’s not easy at all. The struggle for admission is an experience that no candidate wishes to repeat for more than one year. And here you are, already admitted into the prestigious UNN, a lion(ess).
University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN)

Now that you are admitted, you are warmly welcome to the world of freshers. It is a world characterized by excitement shrouded in lack of experience which gives birth to confusion and many questions.

I want you to bear in mind that it is absolutely normal to be unclear or unsure about some procedures. It is very normal to not know what to do before what and how to go about stuffs concerning the regularization of your admission, payment of fees and registration. My dear, it is ok to ask questions where you are in doubt of what, where and how to go about one thing or the other. Ask questions about anything including direction to lecture venues or halls. You will never miss your way asking questions.

As part of my own contribution towards your academic success in this journey of tertiary education in UNN, I would try to simulate the most frequently asked questions by lions and lionesses newly admitted into the den and proffer answers to them.

So let’s get down on them.

Que 1: My name came out in the recently released admission list but the school is still telling me “YOUR NAME IS NOT IN THE DATABASE OF THOSE ADMITTED.” Does it mean that my admission is invalid? Please what should I do?

Ans 1:
Note first of all that it does not suggest by any means that your admission is invalid. It only means that the school ICT department is still in the process of uploading the data of admitted students and it has obviously not reached your turn. In this case, all you have to do is to stay calm, exercise a little patience and keep checking back at intervals. Before long, your details will be uploaded and you would be able to create your UNN STUDENT’s PROFILE. Scroll down to see the provided link to the post that explains how to create UNN Students Profile on the school portal.

Que 2: I have been admitted but my JAMB CAPS is still showing “Not Admitted.” Please what can I do?

Ans 2:
One omission that is likely to be the reason behind this case is failure to upload O’level result to JAMB portal either during registration or later (for those with awaiting result). But if you are sure (because many candidates are not even sure) that your O’level results were properly and successfully uploaded on JAMB portal, then you need to be patient with JAMB. Your admission status will definitely change to “ADMITTED” as soon as possible. But if it begins to linger unnecessarily beyond what you consider normal, it may be an indication that something is wrong somewhere. Quickly raise a Support Ticket and make a formal report to JAMB.

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Que 3: If my admission status does not change on JAMB CAPS, will it prevent me from doing my clearance in UNN?

Ans 3:
If your name truly appeared in any of UNN’s admission lists, meaning that the school has offered you admission and you have successfully uploaded your O’level results both on UNN Portal and JAMB Portal, just make arrangement and go to school (whichever campus where your faculty is).

Meet your faculty officer and s/he will tell you exactly what to do in order to do your clearance. The faculty, and by extension, the school recognizes the fact that your admission status has not yet changed on JAMB CAPS and that’s the reason why you haven’t accepted your admission there. So the school will not terminate or withdraw your admission.

Que 4: When is the deadline for payment of Acceptance Fee?

Ans 4:
In the sense that many of you think about deadline, we can say that there is no deadline for the payment of acceptance fee. As long as the final admission list for the year in question has no been released, there will always be room for payment of acceptance fee for those already admitted. Once the school releases the final list and admission is closed for the session, you are very close to the deadline for payment of acceptance fee.

After several weeks, the school portal will be open for late payments and registration (extra charges/penalty may apply), thereafter, the portal will be closed. I know you don’t want to get to that point. So do your best to pay your acceptance fee on time as that is what permits you to pay your school fees and carry out other necessary registrations on the school portal.

Que 5: The portal is not open for hostel application, where do I stay during my clearance?

Ans 5:
If you have a friend or relation living within or around the school premises, you can put up with them during your clearance or rent a room off campus. If you wish to stay in the school hostels, then note that the school will definitely open the hostel portal before school resumption. When that happens, you can apply, secure a bed space and pay for hostel online from anywhere you are. Please note the order. You must apply and get a bedspace before you pay for hostel.

Que 6: My JAMB CAPS is still showing “Not Admitted,” can I go ahead and pay my acceptance fee and school fees?

Ans 6:
Yes, you can go ahead and create your UNN Students Profile, after which you can pay your acceptance fee and school fees. See How to Create UNN Students Profile before Paying Acceptance Fee...

Que 7: I lost my RRR (Remita) number, how do I retrieve it please?

Ans 7:
Your RRR is there on the invoice you generated for your Post-UTME registration. If you have lost the document, you can retrieve your RRR from the e-mail account you used for registration. Just get to your email and type RRR in the search box, it will come up. Otherwise, report to UNN/UNEC ICT for assistance. They will sort it out for you.

Que 8: My name appeared under two departments in the admission list, what should I do?

Ans 8:
It’s an incredible feeling to be given admission (a scarce commodity) into two different courses by the same school in the same year. It’s such a “desirable problem” and the solution is very simple. If you have created your Students Profile and the course showing there is not the one you want, then take a trip to UNN Admissions Office for prompt assistance.

Que 9: I was admitted on JAMB CAPS and I have even accepted the admission. But my name did not appear on any UNN Admission list. What can I do?

Ans 9:
Quickly go to UNN Admissions Office and lodge a formal complaint. They will help to sort out the issue.

Que 10: There is a mistake in my name in some of my documents. The year of birth on my birth certificate is different from the one on my other documents. What can I do?

Ans 10:
Visit a court of competent jurisdiction and obtain an affidavit using your correct data. This will cover for the ones with disparities and inconsistency.

It’s a wrap.

I hope you got the answers you are looking for. Feel free to use the comment box below to ask any other questions you have. I will be there to attend to you as quickly as possible. Remember to navigate this website for other educational resources. Knowledge is light. Knowledge will shield you from unnecessary mistakes.

Yes, freshers make too many avoidable mistakes. You don’t need to make those. Get adequate knowledge about accommodation before seeking one. Should you go for off campus accommodation or stay in the school hostel? What are the merits and demerits? Know the courses you are to offer before registering them.

You are welcome to the Den.

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  1. pls how can I get suresuccess PDF. for medicine aspirant

  2. Good evening sir, there was a mistake in the arrangement of my name . sir, plz will it stop me from gaining admission

    • You did not tell me where the mistake was made.

      Do you have your three names on your SSCE and the same three names on your JAMB profile but with different arrangement of surname and other names?

      If that’s the case, it won’t stop you from gaining admission.

  3. Good evening sir,I have a problem
    My middle name isn’t in my jamb and my student profile but it’s in my other documents
    Please what can I do?

  4. Good day sir,

    Please MUST I do a change of course before my caps will change to admitted? I shopped for a course, my name was on the list but my caps is still showing ‘sorry, you’ve not been given admission yet’. Thanks.

    • No, you must not do change of course on JAMB portal before your admission status will change. The truth is that many other candidates admitted into new departments in the supplementary list didn’t have to go through that process for their admission status to change. It just changed on it’s own and some even changed before the supplementary lists were released.

      So I suggest that you give it some time. If it doesn’t change, you can then make a formal complaint.

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