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Deadline for Payment of UNN Acceptance Fee

Deadline for Payment of Acceptance Fee. UNN Acceptance Fee Deadline. When is the deadline for payment of UNN Acceptance Fee? See all you need to know, including link on “How to Pay UNN Acceptance Fee”.

UNN Acceptance Fees

It is a natural thing to find curious and desperate admission seekers asking a lot of questions about many things they don’t understand with respect to admission procedures. You even find those who are already admitted still curious and agitated.

I always advise and encourage candidates to stay calm and follow events as they unfold. The key to staying safe is to always get the right / genuine information and to take the necessary actions at the right time.

Online scammers always cash in on your desperation and curiosity and make away with your money.

Many newly admitted students have been calling to ask when is the deadline for payment of acceptance fee? Others ask if they will lose their admission if they don’t pay their acceptance fee immediately.

Do you know the funny thing?

Unscrupulous individuals now call and bulk-sms freshers telling them that their names have been removed from the recently-released merit admission list because they have not paid their acceptance fee. Then, they go ahead to offer to help to put the names back on the list if the student would pay a certain amount of money.

Please, this is pure scam. Don’t fall for it. Don’t pay anybody. No one is removing your name from the admission list. If your name appeared on the admission list, follow the Steps in this Guideline to Regularize your admission. Begin by logging into your JAMB Profile to accept your admission on CAPS. Then, go ahead to pay your acceptance fee.

If your CAPS is still showing “No Admission Yet,” keep checking back till your status changes. It won’t be long before that happens. Also bear in mind that Payment of Acceptance Fee will continue till several weeks after the release of the final supplementary list.

Hope you now see why you need to calm down and be more careful? Stop posting your username and password online. Stop releasing your details to people you don’t know and trust. Scammers now log into people’s profiles and change their passwords. If it happens to you, you may no longer be able to access your profile until you pay the one who changed your password whatever amount they demand from you.

There is serious hunger in town and many folks are desperate. Don’t lose your money.

If you’ve got some questions, feel free to use the comment box below.

It’s still yours sincerely, HD.

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  1. Chiamaka Blessing

    Local government and strategic studies

  2. Sir please when is the clareance date for business management freachers

  3. Chiamaka Blessing

    Please sir will they still admit people in the newly added course??

  4. Pls I haven’t been able to create portal account successfully for my sister. Her name was on the supplementary list. Pls what should I do.
    After filling the form and uploading her passport it will say select year of study, but when I click the year of study it won’t open up again. But once u refresh and the uploaded picture goes then the stuff comes up and I select 100lv and up load picture then it goes again…pls I need assistance.thank u

    • It’s likely to be a problem with the website. Maybe many people are trying it at the same time. You may wish to be patient and try it at a later time. Or do it around 1 am.

  5. pls can I pay acceptance fee before accepting admission oncaps

  6. Please sir, uptill now my caps is still showing not admitted but my name was on the merit list I don’t know if is because of late waec upload to jamb

    • Very sorry about your experience. I can’t categorically say whether or not late WAEC result upload is the cause.

      I think you just need to be patient as you are not the only one having this issue. Some others who uploaded their WAEC result even during JAMB registration are also experiencing the same situation. Your admission status will soon change on JAMB CAPS. You can actively wait for that to happen by getting your clearance documents, acceptance/school fees and other things you need for school ready.

  7. pls sir i want to apply for unn sandwich but i have O’level only. can i apply

    Please how can I get it?

    • If you registered and wrote the post utme exam, I guess you have it already. It’s the printout you got after your post utme registration.

  9. I have paid my acceptance fee is there any other thing to be done

    • Yes, the next thing is to go to your Faculty officer for clearance. When it’s time for clearance, we shall inform you on this website.

  10. Sir,when I tried checking my jamb caps,I couldn’t find anything like jamb caps on jamb official website..Where can I find it sir?

  11. Is the school fees out!?

  12. Please sir, I have been offered admission but when I checked my admission status on CAPS all my details there Can I still go ahead and pay acceptance fee?