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How to Create UNN Students Profile before Paying Acceptance Fee

If you have been admitted into the University of Nigeria, this post is here to help you learn How to Create UNN Students Profile before Paying Acceptance Fee.

UNN Merit Admission List is out

If you are on this page, it’s probably because you just got admitted into the one and only University of Nigeria. I must say to big congratulations to you because it’s not easy to be admitted into UNN to study your dream course.

Now that you have been admitted into UNN, the next step is to create your UNN Students Profile and thereafter, proceed to pay your Acceptance Fee. Do bear in mind that UNN Acceptance Fee is N30,000 only. You can click on the provided link to see how to pay UNN Acceptance Fee.

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How to Create UNN Students Profile

For creating UNN students profile and carrying out other subsequent procedures on the school portal, it is highly recommended that you use a desktop computer. If you don’t have access to a desktop computer, don’t try to do it on your mobile phone. Just go to a business center and ask them to handle it for you.

Step One: Confirm Your Details on UNN Portal

  • Visit UNN Portal via (
  • Click on Undergraduate Students and click signup.
  • On the page that loads, choose “New Student”.
  • Enter your JAMB Reg. Number and RRR Number (the one you used during post utme registration) and click on “Submit”.
  • Your login details will display.


If you misplaced your Post UTME Application Remita Number, search for it in your email account or just send an email to or OR VISIT THE UNN ICT BUILDING.

STEP TWO: Create a New Password and Complete your Students Profile

Process flow for creating a new UNN Students Profile.

  • Visit UNN portal via (
  • Enter your login credentials and click “LOGIN” as shown in the photo below.
    unn portal login
  • Change your Password by entering “old password”, then “new password”, and confirm the new password.
  • Under Profile, Locate “student Profile details”. Update your Bio data. and click SUBMIT.
    UNN portal student details
  • Your welcome page will show. If it does, move to the next step.

STEP THREE: Generate Invoice and Pay Admission Acceptance Fee

Before you can pay your acceptance fee, you are expected to have filled and updated your bio-data. After updating your bio-data, follow the steps below to pay your acceptance.

  • From the menu items on the left, click on the drop down button “ACCEPTANCE”. Observe the dropdown menu under “ACCEPTANCE”.
  • Click on “Get acceptance invoice”. When the page loads successfully, choose 100level (for UTME) or 200level (for DE) ”entry level” and click on generate. On the page that loads, write down your Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) Number.

If you want to pay the UNN acceptance fee in a BANK Branch, then print out the page, proceed to the bank and make payment. After which you revisit the portal and continue. But if you want to make payment yourself, then continue with the next step.

  • Scroll down and click on “Click here to pay with your ATM/Web pay”. Enter your ATM card details. If you are using Visa card, make sure you have your Visa iPin.
  • Click on “Pay  Acceptance Fees”.
  • Enter the RRR number, choose session and click on submit. Your Acceptance fees receipt will appear.
  • Print out the receipt.

Remember to use the comment box below if you need to find out one or two things from us.

Hearty congratulations on your admission into UNN. Wishing you more Wins.

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Thank you so much…..

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  1. Thank You Henry. You were of great help to me 2011/2012.
    Here again to my cousin. Thank you. I will keep encouraging young admission seekers to search and follow your post. Thank you. Have lost your contact number.

    • Thanks for stopping by to drop a comment. Thanks again for the promise to refer young admission seekers to my website.

      Best of the day to you.

  2. Please, I have been trying to create students profile and generate remita for acceptance fee.. but they said I should put my remita used in registering my direct entry Screening…
    I can’t remember the remita number and I don’t know what to do…
    Please help me

    • It must have been sent to your email when you registered. Go to your inbox or spam folder to search for it. Otherwise, check if it is on your Direct Entry registration slip.

  3. I filled in everything on my student personal information but they keep on telling that my email isnt valid, please i dont know what to do (I’m a new student trying to pay acceptance fee)

  4. Sir the portal is telling me that my registration number is not found in the admission list what do I do

    • Sorry about your experience on the school portal.

      Don’t panic, it’s not a problem.

      Just keep checking back as details of admitted students are normally uploaded in batches in the portal.

      Your reg. number will soon reflect.

      Congratulations on your admission.

  5. Thank you very much sir,this was very helpful

  6. What’s the home town mean and the next of kin pls

  7. What’s the home town mean and the next of kin pls

    • Your home town is where you are from. That place you travel to during some festive periods.

      You can choose who to call your next-of-kin. If you are married, your next of kin is supposed to be spouse. Otherwise, you can use either of your parents or any of your siblings as your next of kin.

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